Lawmakers Pass Florida Chamber-Backed Fuel Infrastructure Bill

Lawmakers Pass Florida Chamber-Backed Fuel Infrastructure Bill

May 1, 2014

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. -The Florida Chamber of Commerce applauds the Florida Legislature today for passing a Florida Chamber-backed bill that invests in sustainable and reliable fuel infrastructure systems to help meet Florida’s long-term fuel needs at our 11 major ports.

Currently, Florida’s 39 terminals are located in, or are juxtaposed to 11 of Florida’s major ports. On an average day, Florida’s terminals receive and distribute 26 million gallons of gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel. Secure transportation fuel supplies are essential for tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing/trade logistics, as well as the day-to-day lives of citizens.

"This bill will protect the energy storage capacity in the state from aggressive land use regulations while protecting home rule issues," said Senator Lake Ray (R-Jacksonville), sponsor of the house bill.

SB 1070, sponsored by Senator Wilton Simpson (R-Trilby), will allow certain fuel terminals to be permitted under local government comprehensive plans. Florida’s economic growth relies on our ability to receive, store and distribute fuel. Existing fuel terminals are an essential component of Florida’s fuel infrastructure, serving as intermodal facilities for receiving, storing and distributing fuel to end users.

Passage of this bill will help ensure Florida can meet its long-term needs as outlined in the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Trade and Logistics Study 2.0 (TL2).