Trade Policy

Trade Policy

News and analysis of trade policy such as free trade agreements and changes to tariff regimes around the world. 


With so many products currently subject to Trump administration tariffs, a huge portion of entries from China will not be eligible for CBP's recently announced COVID-19-related duty deferral program.

News & Analysis

31 Jul 2020
Logistics managers have to negotiate dueling mandates around speed to market and carbon emissions reductions; a new tool from APL Logistics is designed to help them determine which metric is more important.
13 Jul 2020
Some US importers are already trying to get ahead of a potential escalation in tariffs on EU goods by front-loading cargo.
01 Jun 2020
A collapse in US exports of scrap paper and forest products due to tariffs, environmental restrictions, and slowing economies in receiving countries is expected to continue this year due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.
27 May 2020
With the US imposing higher tariffs on goods from China, importers of household goods moved production to Southeast Asia last year, primarily Vietnam.
26 May 2020
Increased import tariffs on Chinese-made toys in 2019 caused some shippers to shift sourcing to Vietnam, accelerating the diversion of those cargoes from Los Angeles and Long Beach to ports on the East and Gulf coasts.
25 May 2020
Walmart remained atop the list of the 100 largest US importers by a wide margin in 2019, while Koch Industries retained to the No. 1 export spot.
20 Apr 2020
CBP has reversed course on allowing certain importers to defer duties by 90 days for companies whose receipts in March or April dropped by more than 60 percent due to COVID-19.
25 Feb 2020
A no-deal Brexit could knock 14 percent off the UK’s exports to the European Union by value, according to a new United Nations study.
03 Feb 2020
Georgia is looking to recapture a good portion of the Chinese frozen chicken import market now that Beijing has dropped a ban that had been in place since early 2015 due to a US avian flu outbreak.
16 Jan 2020
Visibility solutions provider Arviem, which aims to help shippers leverage cargo data into trade finance products, is piloting a process to ease inventory financing burdens on shippers in and out of Austria.
15 Jan 2020
Ag exporters are pleased by Wednesday’s signing of the US-China “Phase One” trade agreement, but the immediate impact on export volumes in the westbound trans-Pacific is unknown because the deal lacks specific details on commodity codes and tariff levels, they say.
07 Jan 2020
The US-Mexico-Canada Agreement may speed the processing of goods at US borders, but won’t necessarily speed transportation at the congested Mexican border, experts warn. That will require further investment in infrastructure and technology.
31 Dec 2019
Despite an easing of trade tensions between the United States and China, shippers will continue to diversify their sourcing options to mitigate risk.
24 Dec 2019
With growth in trade between Asia and North America projected to continue at a slow, steady pace in 2020, container carriers will be focused on keeping a floor on rates and recouping the added cost of low-sulfur fuels.
23 Dec 2019
With economic growth expected to slow and relations between the United States and its largest trading partners still in flux, cargo owners are expecting low but sustained demand and increased pricing pressure in the coming year.
06 Dec 2019
Sponsored: Sandra Karlsson, head of DGF GoGreen Europe for DHL Global Forwarding, discusses the significance of IMO 2020, the regulation's actual impact, consumer expectations, and exciting decarbonization options available to shippers.
05 Nov 2019
Over the course of two months this summer and fall, the JOC interviewed numerous industry stakeholders, economists, and other experts about the lasting impact the US-China trade war has had on supply chains that, in some cases, were decades in the making.
05 Nov 2019
A massive decline in China-bound shipments has been offset in part by increases to other Asian countries, but even that demand is beginning to wane, dragging total year-to-date US agricultural exports down for the first time in four years.
21 Oct 2019
Marseilles-based CMA CGM has expanded its trade finance solutions, offering products to both importers and exporters that make use of improving supply chain visibility.
17 Oct 2019
Peter Tirschwell, vice president, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit discusses the International Maritime Organization's mandates for carbon emission reduction by 2050 and the most likely paths to reaching that goal.
16 Oct 2019
Importers seeking relief amid the ongoing US-China trade war could consider re-classifying their products or seeking tariff exclusions, but the process can be costly and time-consuming.
14 Oct 2019
While the “phase one” trade agreement reduces tensions between the US and China, the two sides are nowhere near reaching a more comprehensive deal at this time, a US-China business expert says.
23 Sep 2019
Key feeders into the US trucking industry such as manufacturing, petrochemicals, construction, and autos are struggling to match the robust activity of last year, but that doesn't mean a recession is around the corner.
14 Aug 2019
The containerized shipping industry was able to convince the US Trade Representative to take cranes and containers off a list of tariffs going into effect on Sept. 1 and Dec. 15.
18 Jun 2019
Marine industry leaders testified before the Section 301 Committee to lobby against a 25 percent tariff on shipping containers and ship-to-shore cranes, repeating many of the arguments made a year ago about the business fallouts.
17 Jun 2019
Tendering activity to ease lackluster ‘summer slowdown’
14 Jun 2019
US agriculture exporters should brace themselves for a prolonged trade war that will continue to erode their share of the all-important China market because China won’t budge on certain demands, and Trump’s self-image is inflated by being tough on China.
04 Jun 2019
Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is calling for the expansion of the NAFTA free-trade zone throughout the Americas, as well as improvements in labor productivity at home.
04 Jun 2019
US shippers facing a new 5 percent tariff on Mexican goods are expected to rush goods north before a June 10 deadline. That could create more costly congestion.
03 Jun 2019
The outlook for air cargo is turning negative as carriers face headwinds in the form of trade upheaval and falling demand.
03 Jun 2019
With uncertainty surrounding US-Mexico relations, including threats of border shutdowns, tariffs and a Congressional showdown the US-Mexico-Canada agreement (USMCA-NAFTA 2), shippers are expressing more interest in all-water options to bypass any congestion on the border.
28 May 2019
Economists and shipping industry leaders warn the US-China trade war could be a potential tipping point for a global economy that was already cooling before President Donald Trump raised tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods.
27 May 2019
Despite strong expected consumer demand, uncertainty over the outcome of the US-China trade talks could reduce growth in US electronics imports in 2019, after 5.2 percent growth in 2018.
16 May 2019
Complacent markets that were sure cooler heads would prevail in trade discussions between the US and China have been rocked by a rapid-fire escalation in tariffs.
13 May 2019
Facing yet another hike in tariffs on imports from China, BCOs are reviewing their options, but the reality is if they haven't changed their sourcing strategy by now, it's probably too late.