Regulation & Policy

The global regulatory environment surrounding international trade has never been more difficult — and risky — to manage. From international trade law to customs regulations, trade compliance has risen to the top of the priority list among global importers and exporters. In the age of free trade agreements that link different customs and cultures, the challenges will only mount in the years ahead.

News & Analysis

Port of Long Beach.
21 Feb 2018
Long Beach's mayor and city council support efforts by the Teamsters union on the driver misclassification issue.
US Customs House, New York, NY.
21 Feb 2018
A white paper released by the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America concludes that a program designed to streamline trade is still a “work in progress” that is “still in need of a substantial infusion of common sense policy, solid programming, additional budget allocation and good government oversight.”
Rail freight in Europe.
21 Feb 2018
Given increasing road congestion, the European Union is under pressure to make a concerted effort to create a genuine, pan-European rail market, but given the dominance of state-owned rail operators in most countries that stifles competition, shippers and forwarders remain skeptical.
Chittagong Port.
20 Feb 2018
Port officials said expanding facilities at the port has now become crucial, in order to cater to the nation’s growing trade — volume that the existing establishment cannot handle.
Mexico City, Mexico.
19 Feb 2018
To cite the late, great writer Mark Twain, the reports of the North American Free Trade Agreement’s death are greatly exaggerated. Shippers and transportation providers looking past the noise of mainstream reporting see reason for optimism in 2018 for the world's largest trilateral trade pact.
A truck on a US highway.
16 Feb 2018
Crunching shipper data, Zipline Logistics has found that the electronic logging device mandate is having a measurable impact on US trucker transit times and capacity.
Waste in the UK.
16 Feb 2018
Exporters in the United Kingdom are struggling to find new markets for the huge volume of recycled waste that has been banned by China.
Trucks on a US highway.
15 Feb 2018
Changing the hours-of-service rules could give US truckers more flexibility or mask shipper inefficiencies.
Pasha Hawaii.
15 Feb 2018
Pasha said US-flag domestic vessel capacity between the US mainland and Puerto Rico now is sufficient for the trade’s regular carriers.
Port of Savannah.
14 Feb 2018
The Trump administration wants to reduce the amount of money importers are charged for using ports, a move that would cut the amount of federal aid the latter get for dredging and jetty maintenance.
Central American ports such as Panama's Port of Colon are sending more containers to the United States.
14 Feb 2018
US imports from Central America surpassed 1 million TEU for the first time ever in 2017.