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The argument between FedEx and UPS over national labor law has brought great attention to the questions surrounding the Railway Labor Act and the National Labor Relations Act, the United States’

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10 Nov 2011
Mark Furman has a list of reasons why the market for building new railcars is strong despite continuing worries about where the economy is headed.
07 Nov 2011
President Obama’s team trying to head off a nationwide rail strike or lockout offered new recommendations on contract terms, triggering a final 30-day countdown toward labor action on Dec.
04 Nov 2011
As more truckloads are converted to intermodal containerloads, trucking companies aren’t rushing to cut rates to keep that freight on the highway.
20 Oct 2011
About 430 employees at three U.S.
18 Oct 2011
U.S. job growth nearly came to a halt at the seven largest freight railroads from mid-August to mid-September, a period when weekly rail traffic was running slightly ahead of 2010 levels.