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A joint rail and trans-Atlantic routing could take about 27 days. Trains are getting faster and ocean carrier reliability is better on the trans-Atlantic than on Asian services.

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14 Feb 2018
The key north-south rail link is flowing again, after the section between Milan and Basel had been closed for two weeks, but challenges remain, as terminals work to clear a huge container backlog.
08 Feb 2018
Chinese shippers of fresh produce to Russia may soon have a cheaper option for transporting products to the Moscow markets as rail freight enters the picture.
06 Feb 2018
The improving economies of Central Asia are pushing up demand for rail freight across Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.
26 Jan 2018
The upgrade to the line is driven by the long-term outlook for refined product exports to Mexico, the company said.
02 Jan 2018
The company said the line, dubbed the Kathmandu Express, is designed to meet Nepal's growing import trade.
21 Dec 2017
The launch of the new route became possible only after the lifting of sanctions against Iran by the international community.
21 Dec 2017
The rails' inability to increase their market share over road could threaten public funding of the sector.
12 Dec 2017
HMM said in December that Samsung SDS, LG Electronics, Hyundai Glovis, and several other companies have expressed interest in Asia-Europe rail.
06 Dec 2017
Transcontainer has dominated the Asia Pacific-to-Russia rail cargo route for the past several years, but a new logistics provider could inject competitive forces into this transport segment.
04 Dec 2017
The growth of rail volume on the China-Europe rail routes has been rapid in the past year, but limitations on the trade route are being exposed.
30 Nov 2017
The opening of the Turkmenbashi seaport in Turkmenistan gives shippers interested in using China-Europe rail one more routing option.
29 Nov 2017
European shippers can realize inventory cost and transit times savings via Mediterranean routings.
27 Nov 2017
The connectivity will facilitate trade between Bangladesh and a landlocked Indian state.
21 Nov 2017
The two major Mexican railroads have a shot at convincing shippers to convert more of their cargo from roads and highways to the tracks.
14 Nov 2017
Improved performance is crucial for Europe rail to encourage more customers to switch from road transport, and new EU rules on coordinating infrastructure will help rail reliability.
09 Nov 2017
A long-shot proposal has been floated to build a railroad that supporters say could make it quicker and cheaper to move cargo by land between Mexico’s Pacific and Gulf coasts than the Panama Canal.
09 Nov 2017
The deal would complement MSC’s ZAO Container Terminal in Russia’s busiest port of St. Petersburg.
09 Nov 2017
By volume, October railed containers totaled 62,091 TEU.
07 Nov 2017
Container Corporation of India delivered solid results in the second fiscal quarter.
06 Nov 2017
Johannes Nanninga, CEO of Guangzhou Port (Europe) BV, on trends in China, including growth of imports and manufacturing moving farther inland and west. 
02 Nov 2017
Bangladesh is India’s seventh-largest trading partner by volume.
30 Oct 2017
“Last year, there were hardly any robberies.”
30 Oct 2017
China had planned to divert 15 percent of its overall container flows between it and Europe.
26 Oct 2017
A shortage of rail cars has caused Russian rail rates to surge.
26 Oct 2017
Rhenus has opened two new hubs in Europe to handle the growing cargo volumes at its air and ocean divisions.
17 Oct 2017
Johan Nanninga, CEO of Guangzhou Port (Europe), breaks down the current state of the Asia-Europe rail network and outlines what the market will look like when it matures.
16 Oct 2017
More than 75 percent of Asia-Europe rail cargo ends its transcontinental journey in Germany.
06 Oct 2017
RZD hopes the reductions will make rail more attractive to shippers who overwhelmingly rely on trucking despite its higher costs.
27 Sep 2017
US exporters and importers from the East Coast perhaps will drive rail and trans-Atlantic transport combinations that can offer better reliability than ocean routes to and from Central China.
18 Sep 2017
Textile shippers have welcomed the service.
15 Sep 2017
The sudden closure of the Rhine Valley Alpine rail track in southwest Germany could not have come at a worse time for Europe’s rail freight industry.
14 Sep 2017
Shippers will greet news that the key European rail corridor will open five days early with some relief, but they will still have to struggle for alternatives until early October.
14 Sep 2017
The China-Europe rail route is gaining in popularity among shippers, but even with its rapid growth, the weekly capacity overland is just 2 percent of that offered by ocean.
12 Sep 2017
“Today only between 2 and 3 percent of throughput at the port of Santos goes via rail.”
05 Sep 2017
Rail traffic between Italy and Germany is expected to rise sharply in September, which is not good news with the crucial Alpine route shut down until Oct. 7.