ITI Releases Videos Describing Students’ Experiences and the Educational Focus of the ITI Graduate Degree Program

ITI Releases Videos Describing Students’ Experiences and the Educational Focus of the ITI Graduate Degree Program

Dec 13, 2012

DENVER — The Intermodal Transportation Institute (ITI) at the University of Denver has recently released new online videos documenting the experiences of students and faculty in their master’s degree program in intermodal transportation management. Check them out at

In the videos, both students and faculty talk about the benefits that ITI’s graduate program offers for professionals in the transportation and supply-chain industries. Current students in the MS in Intermodal Transportation Management program describe how the program is changing their perceptions of the transportation industry and how they have the “opportunity to learn about a lot of different modes and companies” rather than just their “piece of the pie.” They also talk about how the coursework provides information that allows them to “stay current” and to avoid the “silo” mentality that may exist among their various companies. And, unanimously, they emphasize the value of the program’s academic/industry partnership that creates a dynamic classroom environment in which industry leaders from all areas of the transportation arena participate either as instructors or guest speakers, bringing their “real-world” experience into the curriculum and providing significant networking opportunities.

The ITI program is unique among graduate programs in that students come from both the freight and passenger sectors of the transportation industry; the curriculum includes courses that focus on both these sectors; and faculty and guest speakers are industry leaders from both sectors. In one of the videos, Craig R. Lentzsch, ITI faculty member and ITI Board Member, makes the point that an intermodal transportation system means two things – connections and cooperation. ITI understands and communicates this intermodal concept through its rigorous and practical academic program. And, as Lentzsch points out, companies who send their employees to this program receive both immediate and long-term benefits. The immediate benefit comes from the business plan that each student is required to complete, addressing a particular need within his or her company. The long-term benefit comes from having a “broader-based, more capable manager” going forward.

ITI worked with Measurable Media Group of Denver, a full-service video production company to produce the videos. Visit YouTube ( to see the videos!!