Class I Railroads

Class I Railroads

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More than 600 freight railroads operate in the United States. Each Class I railroad operates in multiple states over thousands of miles of track. The largest railway carriers, they account for the majority of the rail infrastructure in the country, according to the Association of American Railroads.

The seven Class 1 railroads are BNSF Railway Co., CSX Transportation, Grand Trunk Corporation (Canadian National’s operations), Kansas City Southern Railway, Norfolk Southern, Soo Line Corporation (Canadian Pacific’s operations), and Union Pacific Railroad.



It’s time for PSR 2.0++, which provides the means for implementing and scaling PSR for mainstream adoption – not just within individual railroads, but across railroads and across the entire transportation ecosystem.

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25 May 2022
Domestic containers have been idling in a Norfolk Southern terminal in eastern Pennsylvania because of a chassis shortage, but the railroad said it is delivering new equipment to the region and repositioning chassis from other markets to deal with the disruption.
24 May 2022
Norfolk Southern Railway is hopeful that intermodal service in Jacksonville, which has been inconsistent since January 2021, will improve as damaged cranes are repaired in the next two months.
20 May 2022
Norfolk Southern Railway is reducing service on 120 international intermodal lanes to simplify its network and improve service, but some companies are worried it will harm exporters and chassis supply.
16 May 2022
Chassis shortages are disrupting rail ramps in Chicago for the second consecutive year, but cargo flow through other inland markets outside the Upper Midwest is more fluid than a year ago.
05 May 2022
Intermodal shippers saw record-high savings under contracts signed in Q1, but a recent slide in the spot truckload market could diminish the savings that rails can provide on one-off business over the next three months.
28 Apr 2022
Federal Maritime Commissioner Carl Bentzel wants the agency to regulate rail storage fees in certain cases when ocean containers cannot be picked up from an intermodal terminal through no fault of the cargo owner.
27 Apr 2022
Union Pacific Railroad at the end of June will begin revamping how it builds domestic intermodal trains in Southern California in a bid to improve service for all shippers.
26 Apr 2022
Federal Maritime Commissioner member Carl Bentzel said US Class I railroads need to hire and invest more to boost their intermodal service if the nation’s ports are to avoid future meltdowns and congestion.
26 Apr 2022
As domestic intermodal volumes rise, non-asset intermodal marketing companies are worried that US railroads are not buying enough 53-foot containers to support their shipper customers.
22 Apr 2022
COFC will buy 5,500 new containers in the next 12 months to provide a BNSF Railway alternative for Schneider customers who do not want to switch to Union Pacific Railroad in 2023.
21 Apr 2022
Intermodal volumes and service metrics declined in the first quarter for CSX and UP, though both US railroads believe they can hire more labor and haul more ocean containers in the coming months.
19 Apr 2022
J.B. Hunt Transport Services said there is more intermodal demand than available capacity, and it downplayed the likelihood of an imminent freight recession.
15 Apr 2022
 The US Surface Transportation Board has given its blessing to CSX Transportation’s acquisition of short-line operator Pan Am Railways, saying the benefits outweigh any anti-competitive risks.
15 Apr 2022
Norfolk Southern is shortening how much free time a shipper will have before storage penalties apply, an effort to speed cargo flow as the railroad struggles to provide reliable intermodal service.
13 Apr 2022
The sharp growth in container volumes at the ports of Houston and Mobile is spurring increasing demand to move freight via rail as truckers hit the limit on how much they can handle.
08 Apr 2022
A recent resurgence in international intermodal volumes is causing BNSF Railway to struggle to provide consistent service, disrupting the flow of containers between Los Angeles and Chicago.
08 Apr 2022
The Montreal Port Authority is partnering with Canadian National Railway to develop intermodal service to the port’s proposed Contrecoeur container terminal.
08 Apr 2022
Union Pacific Railroad is reducing its surcharge on certain loads in 53-foot containers out of Oakland and Seattle because more boxes are available for shippers.
06 Apr 2022
A major disruption in Kansas City Southern’s terminal near Dallas is causing some shippers to wait more than a month to get their containers, and there is no timeline on when KCS will return to normal operations.
31 Mar 2022
West Coast ports and terminal operators say rail container dwell times have exploded of late, bringing back memories of last summer’s rail meltdown that led to congestion problems and equipment shortages throughout the inland supply chain.
28 Mar 2022
The Port of Mobile, CSX, and Norfolk Southern have asked that Amtrak be brought to mediation in its year-long petition to resume a passenger rail service along the US Gulf Coast.
25 Mar 2022
Marine chassis pools are getting tighter after a jump in international intermodal volume from West Coast ports in February, but stakeholders are hopeful of avoiding a repeat of 2021 when BNSF and Union Pacific terminals were overwhelmed with cargo.
23 Mar 2022
Norfolk Southern Railway is again restricting container traffic at its Jacksonville terminal, this time after a crane fire earlier this week.
22 Mar 2022
Already elevated fuel prices are increasing across freight transport modes in the wake of oil market volatility related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, shifting shippers' focus back to costs after two years in which speed of delivery has been paramount.
17 Mar 2022
Norfolk Southern Railway has struggled to maintain fluid operations in Jacksonville for more than a year, with the latest disruption involving chassis shortages, late-arriving trains, and overhead cranes breaking down.
16 Mar 2022
J.B. Hunt Transport Services will grow its box fleet by 40 percent to 150,000 containers within three to five years as it seeks to win market share from Union Pacific Railroad and its intermodal partners.
10 Mar 2022
Shippers are frontloading cargo on Canadian Pacific Railway ahead of a potential Teamsters strike on March 16, causing a surge in volume and delays getting containers onto trains.
09 Mar 2022
Canadian Pacific Railway and Kansas City Southern have run their first-ever Mexico to US Midwest international intermodal train together as the US Surface Transportation Board reviews the merger of the two railroads.
25 Feb 2022
For the second consecutive year, Union Pacific Railroad is putting surcharges on excess cargo and spot volume out of California and Washington to control the supply of domestic 53-foot containers and chassis.
14 Feb 2022
Schneider wants intermodal customers to know that service will remain strong on BNSF Railway this year ahead of its transition to rival Union Pacific Railroad in 2023.
04 Feb 2022
Intermodal contracts saved shippers more money than ever in Q4, but they saved much less money on the spot market due to surcharges in California.
04 Feb 2022
 Almost $300 million in intermodal projects that will be developed at the Port of Mobile over the coming years will boost the port’s state and national reach, according to its chief executive.
26 Jan 2022
The Alabama Port Authority is looking to add an inland rail terminal with the purchase of land near the state capitol of Montgomery.
26 Jan 2022
Tracy Robinson will become the first female CEO of Canadian National Railway when the former Canadian Pacific executive takes over for J.J. Ruest at the end of February.
20 Jan 2022
CSX Transportation CEO James Foote told federal regulators he will look to increase headcount at the Class I railroad as it seeks to take more business from trucking