Port News

“The consolidation of container carriers through acquisitions and alliances continues to create competitive pressure on terminal operators.”

Brazilian chicken exporters are cheering.

Trade between Charleston and the United Kingdom is growing faster than trade between the United States and the United Kingdom as a whole.

Singapore carrier PIL and port operator PSA are exploring blockchain technology with IBM, the latest container shipping industry players to link up with the IT giant.

Traffic at the flagship Mundra Port rose 20 percent year over year.

The new terminal, pulling in grain carloads from the western Canadian provinces and the US Midwest, will help alleviate equipment shortages for North American outbound moves.

The government of Bangladesh has been rushing to provide relief to the port of Chittagong.

The three Hamburg terminals posted an 11.8 percent increase in traffic to 3.4 million TEU.

Rising demand and improving economies are driving up world container throughput.

The huge container ship that ran aground while leaving the Port of Antwerp, obstructing access to Europe's second busiest port, has been refloated.