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Port News

Port news and updates from around the globe covering critical international ports such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York-New Jersey, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Jawaharlal Nehru, Santos, and Tokyo. From traffic congestion, port strikes, and port labor negotiations to pending government regulations and equipment upgrades, JOC.com covers every angle of the port industry.

How will leading ports deploy the expansion of port rail and berth projects to harness growing demand for e-commerce shipments with the help of intermodal rail? What other new opportunities and challenges lie ahead for ports as a result of the build-out of warehousing and other industrial real estate? How will port managers deploy the power of advanced technologies — such as blockchain and the Internet of Things — to reduce congestion and boost port productivity?

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05 Oct 2022
New detention and demurrage legislation in California will protect cargo interests, truckers, and freight intermediaries from some charges they say are unjust.
26 Jan 2021
Cargo gateways across the US Southeast will invest upwards of $850 million in 2021 on a wide range of enhancements that will allow terminals to handle multiple vessels of 14,000 TEU and above simultaneously.
26 Jan 2021
National Shipping of America (NSA) made its inaugural call to Port Everglades last week after the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) designated the South Florida port as part of the country’s so-called Marine Highway system on Jan. 8.
25 Jan 2021
The long-standing connections between CMA CGM and Yilport were again on display with the carrier’s former ports and terminals division head joining the Turkish port operator.
22 Jan 2021
Despite an acceleration in COVID-19 cases among longshoremen in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, waterfront employers say there are enough general dockworkers to handle near-record container volumes, although a shortage of trained equipment operators is a problem.
22 Jan 2021
Rapid collaboration by stakeholders as 2020 wound down helped prevent more than half a billion dollars in tariffs from being imposed on goods waiting at anchorage off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
21 Jan 2021
Amid continuous double-digit year-over-year increases in imports, the Port of Los Angeles will financially reward terminal operators that achieve key metrics in improving cargo velocity.
21 Jan 2021
The World Bank and International Association of Ports and Harbors are urging ports and maritime ecosystems to quickly find public and private solutions to digitize operations and build data-sharing initiatives to bolster trade growth.
20 Jan 2021
After a likely decline in annual container volumes at the Port of New York and New Jersey in 2020, the largest US East Coast gateway is focusing on improving efficiency, including through better data sharing with truckers.
19 Jan 2021
While mainliners active in India trades continue to tout their high investment in empty repositioning to rebalance inventory flow, cargo interests argue those efforts have been suboptimal and at a rate vastly incommensurate with the demand growth.
18 Jan 2021
A rebound in container volume at the port of Antwerp came in the second half, when Europe’s unexpectedly strong recovery kept ships full and terminals busy from July for the rest of the year.
15 Jan 2021
Agricultural exporters say operational bottlenecks at the Port of Oakland caused by late vessel arrivals from Los Angeles and Long Beach are even worse than they were in the fall.
13 Jan 2021
Kip Louttit, executive director at the maritime exchange, said that 18 more vessels are slated to call the port complex over the next three days, as ships at anchor outpace ships at berth.
12 Jan 2021
The Quebec government joins the Canada Infrastructure Bank in supporting the planned marine terminal Contrecoeur, as the latter announced in 2019 that it would invest up to C$300 million toward the project.
12 Jan 2021
Agricultural exporter Scoular will open a transload facility this summer to export soybeans out of the Port of Wilmington, North Carolina, adding to its existing relationships with ports in Virginia, South Carolina, and Southern California.
12 Jan 2021
Truck turn times and container dwell times deteriorated further in Los Angeles-Long Beach in December, with even the best-performing terminals struggling to handle the volumes.
08 Jan 2021
Bangladesh, the world’s second-largest apparel exporter, saw activity come to a near halt last spring during the initial wave of COVID-19.
07 Jan 2021
Federal Maritime Commissioner Carl Bentzel is looking into ways that Houston could handle larger vessels before a widening project is complete, given a Texas law that puts size limits on port calls.
07 Jan 2021
The chassis network on the East Coast has held up during the recent import surge due to better communication and data, and more reliable equipment.
07 Jan 2021
The pandemic has redefined the playbook for India’s logistics industry, causing widespread pain points, but the reconfiguration appears to have bred a brighter outcome for private port Mundra.
06 Jan 2021
South Carolina Ports Authority on Wednesday filed an unfair labor practice charge alleging an illegal secondary boycott in violation of the National Labor Relations Act.
04 Jan 2021
Expecting a return to volume growth, the ports of Houston and New Orleans are dredging and enhancing terminals to allow calls from larger vessels, while Tampa Bay will add capacity through new truck gates and additional gantry cranes, among other projects.
30 Dec 2020
Mirroring a government strategy to monetize stressed port assets, India’s JNPT will proceed with a long-contemplated plan to upgrade its main two-berth facility – the oldest in the harbor – through private participation.
29 Dec 2020
The Port of Virginia’s new CEO will start his job Jan. 19 and immediately have a host of short- and long-term projects to oversee to position the port as a top East Coast gateway.
28 Dec 2020
Although the COVID-19 pandemic completely upended prior expectations for 2020, it also accelerated existing trends that every shipper, carrier, and third-party logistics provider should be watching in 2021.
24 Dec 2020
Congestion issues in Los Angeles and Long Beach have been so severe during the past six months that the US Federal Maritime Commission has opened a formal investigation into carrier practices the commission believes are contributing to the problems.
23 Dec 2020
Drayage capacity in Miami is tight due to an unusual late-year surge in fruits and vegetables, cigars, and casual wear, causing truckers to be booked up seven to 14 days in advance.
23 Dec 2020
Unprecedented trans-Pacific volumes and steadily growing exports of petrochemicals, agricultural products, and resins have prompted members of THE Alliance to launch a new direct service between Asia and the US Gulf.
23 Dec 2020
Because asset owners can’t economically invest in excess capacity for volumes that may never materialize, the risk of supply chain disruption caused by external shocks, especially surprise surges in demand, likely will never go away.
22 Dec 2020
With import volumes exceptionally high for this time of year, terminal operators in Los Angeles-Long Beach are bracing for a labor shortage as workers take time off during the holidays.
22 Dec 2020
Approval of the Water Resources Development Act this year includes authorization to begin spending down the more than $9 billion balance in the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund.
22 Dec 2020
Despite an all-time record in container throughput last month in Norfolk, the Port of Virginia has maintained fluidity through terminals and ensured equipment is available to truckers.
21 Dec 2020
Lifting the COVID-19 quarantine comes after industry stakeholders voiced concerns that the mandate was causing widespread sailing disruptions, combined with a knock-on effect on inventory flow.
18 Dec 2020
A weekly service will carry 53-foot domestic intermodal containers between Tampa and Brownsville, Texas, for cross-border shipments between the United States and Mexico.
18 Dec 2020
The planned New Orleans container terminal would handle rising container volumes, particularly Asian imports, and enable the port to make larger play for Midwest cargoes routed through the West Coast.
16 Dec 2020
The import surge that hit Los Angeles-Long Beach this summer has arrived at major East Coast gateways, with a year-over-year increase in November imports from Asia of more than 30 percent.