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Port News

Port news and updates from around the globe covering critical international ports such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York-New Jersey, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Jawaharlal Nehru, Santos, and Tokyo. From traffic congestion, port strikes, and port labor negotiations to pending government regulations and equipment upgrades, JOC.com covers every angle of the port industry.

How will leading ports deploy the expansion of port rail and berth projects to harness growing demand for e-commerce shipments with the help of intermodal rail? What other new opportunities and challenges lie ahead for ports as a result of the build-out of warehousing and other industrial real estate? How will port managers deploy the power of advanced technologies — such as blockchain and the Internet of Things — to reduce congestion and boost port productivity?

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05 Oct 2022
New detention and demurrage legislation in California will protect cargo interests, truckers, and freight intermediaries from some charges they say are unjust.
23 Jun 2020
Volume at the Port of Virginia’s inland port in Richmond has jumped this year because it serves BCOs who have thrived during the pandemic amid limited restaurant options and a rise in e-commerce orders.
22 Jun 2020
Carriers’ container volumes in the US-Asia trades declined in the first four months of 2020 and are expected to remain below last year’s volumes through the peak season.
22 Jun 2020
The latest federal funds for the Port of Houston will go to restoring 2,700 linear feet of wharf and upgrading 84 acres of yard space at Barbours Cut Terminal.
19 Jun 2020
Steady exports so far this year mean containerized US resin, an important backhaul cargo for ocean carriers, could see slight growth this year.
19 Jun 2020
Despite seeing record turn times in Los Angeles-Long Beach, truckers say they are struggling with operational inefficiencies caused by more than 60 blank sailings this year.
17 Jun 2020
Long-standing issues at Los Angeles–Long Beach involving the return of empty containers, terminal gate closures, and shift cancelations have gotten worse this year as carriers blanked dozens of sailings owing to the economic impact of COVID-19.
17 Jun 2020
The importance of being able to speed up or slow down container shipments was driven home during the coronavirus disruption, but the option is likely to grow in importance for shippers.
17 Jun 2020
Dismissing writs filed by BCO groups, an appeals court in New Delhi ruled that government advisories on extended free time and penalty waivers were more in the form of general advice rather than a binding directive.
17 Jun 2020
Ports in southeast Asia need to upgrade their terminal capacity in order to handle the expected shift in sourcing away from China that is being triggered by COVID-19 supply chain disruptions.
16 Jun 2020
Port Tampa Bay has received almost $20 million in a federal grant to help construct a second 1,300-foot berth and a 30-acre container yard, key elements of its plan to increase capacity to handle three Asian direct services.
15 Jun 2020
The ability to strike could give the longshoremen union Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 375 more leverage in its negotiations with employers for a future contract.
12 Jun 2020
The average capacity of container ships calling ports around the world, and the average amount of cargo exchanged per call, continued to grow in almost all regions in 2019.
12 Jun 2020
The Port of New York and New Jersey’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic went beyond just its physical footprint, working with neighboring states to ensure clear communication of essential service status to warehouses and distribution centers.
11 Jun 2020
William Doyle, who served two terms on the Federal Maritime Commission, has been named executive director of the Maryland Port Administration, taking charge of the Port of Baltimore amid terminal and intermodal improvements.
10 Jun 2020
ILWU’s monthly stop-work meeting to discuss union matters moved to June 19 day shift as West Coast longshoremen honor slain African-American George Floyd.
08 Jun 2020
Proponents of reducing the Waterfront Commission role have argued the commission oversteps its authority to combat crime on the docks and slows down hiring.
05 Jun 2020
Indian shippers argue they shouldn’t be subjected to port storage charges when factors beyond their control have prevented the timely pickup of containers or return of equipment.
04 Jun 2020
All 10 of the busiest US cargo ports registered declines in container volumes in early 2020, with only modest improvement forecasted for the second half of the year due to a muted peak season.
02 Jun 2020
A group of 10 maritime bodies argues for accelerating the pace of port data standardization and adoption of modern, single-window systems, among a list of other initiatives.
02 Jun 2020
BendPak’s 100,000-square-foot distribution center near the Port of Mobile will allow the company to offer one- and two-day shipping to customers in the eastern half of the US.
29 May 2020
The main concern for US resin producers in 2019 was an increase in Chinese import tariffs, but that has been overshadowed by macro-economic concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic.
28 May 2020
With nine working tracks unveiled at the Port of Savannah’s Mega Rail Terminal Thursday, the Georgia Ports Authority is nearly finished with Norfolk Southern's portion of a large intermodal rail yard.
28 May 2020
Norfolk Southern Railway has begun on-dock rail service from the Port of Baltimore, replacing an offsite yard, as part of a larger effort to make intermodal more attractive to BCOs using the port.
28 May 2020
The addition of DP World to Maersk and IBM’s blockchain platform TradeLens is a feather in the cap of the still nascent container logistics network, bringing a string of more than 80 terminals and associated business into the fold.
26 May 2020
Increased import tariffs on Chinese-made toys in 2019 caused some shippers to shift sourcing to Vietnam, accelerating the diversion of those cargoes from Los Angeles and Long Beach to ports on the East and Gulf coasts.
25 May 2020
With schools and retailers shut down across the country, imports this summer of back-to-school items and holiday season goods may be much lower than in prior years.
22 May 2020
Cargo owners argue the waiver on port storage fees will ease the the container backlog at Chittagong marine terminals, but some shipping agents disagree.
22 May 2020
Congressional representatives of New York and New Jersey this week sent a letter to House and Senate leaders in support of $3 billion in financial aid for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
21 May 2020
As the debate rages on between chassis providers and chassis users over interoperability, merchant haulage, and carrier haulage, agricultural shippers and the truckers they hire say they experience logistics inefficiencies and high costs.
21 May 2020
The savings afforded by the safe harbor tax credit has US solar energy developers rethinking traditional project logistics processes, purchasing and importing materials much earlier in the construction cycle.
19 May 2020
Port Everglades is seeking more funding to dredge and improve infrastructure in order to handle larger vessels on the north–south and east–west lanes.
19 May 2020
John Reinhart, the CEO of the Virginia Port Authority, will retire from his position in March 2021, capping a tenure in which volume grew from 1.9 million TEU to 2.2 million TEU and the expansion and semi-automation of its two main container terminals.
15 May 2020
Sources say there is little doubt that automation will be a major issue for the ILWU when negotiations begin, likely in early 2022. The question is how hard it will press the issue.
14 May 2020
Most US ports have sufficient liquidity and debt service coverage, and should be resilient enough to handle at least a 20 percent decline in cargo volume, according to Moody’s Investors Service.
13 May 2020
First Solar has opened a distribution center in South Carolina to handle solar panels, a growth industry in which US imports doubled last year.