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News, analysis, data and videos covering U.S. ports along the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf Coast. From the latest news about port congestion, port strikes in L.A. or elsewhere, the JOC covers not just the details of the news, but the impact of current events on shippers, logistics providers, carriers, port terminal operators and other stakeholders in the sector. 


Locking in Contract Rates for 2020: How Up-and-Coming Brokers are Using RFP Collaboration Software to Accelerate RFP Responses and Win More Lanes
Nov 12, 2019 2:00PM EST


The Port Commission of Port Houston opposed a law signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbot that restricts the size of vessels transiting the Houston Ship Channel, but port authorities say they will move on to deal with other challenges, notably a project to widen and deepen the key waterway.

News & Analysis

06 Jun 2019
May turn times at LBCT and TraPac demonstrate that the only two fully automated terminals in North America are also the most truck-friendly.
05 Jun 2019
The tentative contract agreement between ILWU Canada and BCMEA could open the door for future automation of terminals in Vancouver and Prince Rupert.
04 Jun 2019
In an effort to maintain terminal fluidity amid growing cargo volumes, the Port of Charleston’s largest container terminal will open gates to truckers one hour earlier and close them 30 minutes earlier than usual during the week.
03 Jun 2019
With uncertainty surrounding US-Mexico relations, including threats of border shutdowns, tariffs and a Congressional showdown the US-Mexico-Canada agreement (USMCA-NAFTA 2), shippers are expressing more interest in all-water options to bypass any congestion on the border.
31 May 2019
The Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor has the authority to issue subpoenas to members of the International Longshoremen’s Association in connection with a 2016 wildcat strike, a federal appellate court has ruled.
31 May 2019
The Port of Oakland has received the final installment for the funding of its seaport technology program; the go-live dates for the individual projects are more than three years away.
30 May 2019
The bi-state watchdog agency that does background checks and criminal investigations in the Port of New York and New Jersey will retain its power after a federal judge rejected an effort by New Jersey officials to shift that authority to the state.
28 May 2019
A service linking Red Hook Terminals in New York with Central America began in April, giving a boost to the smallest terminal in the Port of New York and New Jersey.
23 May 2019
A proposal from the City of Newark would see dozens of underused and vacant land plots near the Port of New York and New Jersey redeveloped to create port-related warehousing and logistics facilities.
22 May 2019
Group Mexico’s purchase of Florida East Coast Railway has opened up new opportunities for Florida ports to court all-water service from Mexico to bypass the congestion of Texas border crossings.
22 May 2019
The Port of Houston is using soon-to-be-signed legislation limiting vessel sizes on its ship channel as motivation to expedite a widening project that will enable 13,000-TEU ships to access the port in four to five years.
21 May 2019
The Texas Legislature’s House of Representatives on Friday approved legislation that would prohibit ships of 9,500 TEU or greater from entering the channel without prior approval from the port pilots’ board.
20 May 2019
Texas lawmakers have backed legislation that limit vessels in the channel that leads to the Port of Houston to 1,100 feet, unless port pilots say that such a mega-vessel can safely and efficiently move up the channel in two way traffic.
20 May 2019
Port proponents worry newly threatened tariffs from the Trump administration on ship-to-shore cranes and containers will dampen investment and productivity, as the recent escalation of tariffs pushes up chassis production costs.
17 May 2019
Drayage truckers in the Port of New York and New Jersey fear that a proposal to ban trucks with engines aged 1996 and older would make the port uncompetitive.
16 May 2019
Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka tells a port-wide trucker appointment system and off-dock chassis storage must be implemented now if the nation's largest port complex is going to avoid terminal congestion and equipment dislocations in the upcoming peak season.
15 May 2019
Port of Mobile CEO Jimmy Lyons is optimistic about the Alabama port’s future, but he adamantly opposes the restrictions brought on by US trade disputes.
15 May 2019
A fatal incident shut down the Fenix Marine Services (APL) terminal in the Port of Los Angeles Wednesday.
15 May 2019
The North Carolina Ports Authority is taking strides to be able to handle larger containerships while also developing quicker CSX service with its intermodal terminal in Charlotte to capture more business now sent to competitors.
14 May 2019
Officials at the Port of New York and New Jersey say that although the steady increase in vessel sizes and discharge volumes at the port means that 20 percent of all containers are moved on ships of 13,000 TEU or more, the terminals have been able to handle the cargo smoothly.
09 May 2019
The Port of New York and New Jersey and other ports along the Gulf and East coasts are looking at how to reduce the cost and productivity loss that occurs when longshoremen hired for the weekend are unable to work due to vessel delays.
09 May 2019
The first Central American vessel as part of two vessel strings from Seaboard Marine to the US East coast visited Savannah this week, a growing trade lane that has generated a 70 percent increase in imports in Georgia since 2014.
09 May 2019
According to the NRF's monthly Global Port Tracker report, major US container ports will see "unusually high levels" of retail imports through the first half of the year despite Trump administration threats to raise tariffs on Chinese-made goods.
07 May 2019
Trucking companies say a proposal by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to charge a fee for vehicles entering a “congestion pricing” zone in Manhattan would drive up costs that would then be passed on to shippers.
06 May 2019
Shippers that import and export goods through the Port of Houston are being urged to contact legislators and express opposition to two bills that would limit mega-ship calls at the port to one a week.
Growth in containerized port volumes in Mexico outpaced those of US Ports in 2018
06 May 2019
Thanks to the country’s strong manufacturing sector and reasonable economic growth, the increase in cargo handled by Mexico’s ports outpaced that of both the US and Canada in 2018.
03 May 2019
Oakland port commissioners set May 13 date to move forward on up to a four-year environmental and construction permit process that will ultimately determine if a controversial baseball stadium is built at Howard Terminal.
02 May 2019
Port of Oakland's proactive approach of meeting regularly with terminals, carriers, truckers, and BCOs to address operational issues early on has helped the Northern California port to avoid the congestion that plagued LA-LB this past year.
30 Apr 2019
Non-container vessel operators and users say the increasing size of container ships, and the narrowness of the channel, means that other ships are sometimes restricted from using the channel because container ships are so large no other vessel can occupy the channel.
30 Apr 2019
Australian banking and investment group Macquarie Infrastructure Partners already has stakes in New Jersey's Maher Terminals at Port Elizabeth and Penn Terminals.
30 Apr 2019
Supply chain stakeholders in the Port of Oakland argue that the development of a new baseball stadium on port property will disrupt trucking and rail operations, potentially bringing the port to “gridlock.”
26 Apr 2019
The Port of Oakland is working with the city on a truck traffic plan that seeks to mitigate impact of growing container volumes and logistics developments on nearby neighborhoods.
26 Apr 2019
The Port of Los Angeles is attracting support from ocean carriers, terminal operators, truckers, railroads, and other stakeholders for a proposed "cyber resilience center."
25 Apr 2019
The port of Savannah expects to handle an additional 25,000 containers of resins exports this year thanks to plans by Plastic Express to expand production in Georgia.
24 Apr 2019
As volumes front-loaded by retailers and manufacturers ahead of planned tariff increases during the winter months have subsided, so too has the congestion that gripped the largest US port complex.