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News, analysis, data and videos covering U.S. ports along the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf Coast. 


Last month, the Port of Long Beach agreed to join and partner with the Port of Los Angeles in the portwide portal — the GE Transportation Port Optimizer. The portal’s goal is to give the industry one platform to exchange data, and improve visibility and driver productivity in the process. This portal will ensure that LA-LB remains the leader in communication, innovation, and productivity.

News & Analysis

Port of Los Angeles.
05 Apr 2018
Neither country has listed a deadline for tariff implementation, hence the situation remains dynamic and fluid. However, key analysts are formulating worst-case scenarios.
Port of Long Beach.
05 Apr 2018
In the latest move to demonstrate the commercial and operational feasibility of zero-emission, cargo-handling equipment, the Port of Long Beach has announced a partnership with SSA Marine to convert nine rubber-tire gantry cranes from diesel to electric and purchase 12 battery-electric yard tractors.
Port of Jacksonville.
04 Apr 2018
When it comes to finished-automobile shipments, US South Atlantic ports are in a sweet spot. Regional population growth is boosting demand for imports, and new auto assembly plants are bolstering exports.
Port of Gulfport.
04 Apr 2018
Yilport, which signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mississippi State Port Authority in February, is promising to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the state’s Port of Gulfport, which it says has the potential to feed volume, particularly refrigerated goods, between Gulfport and Yilport terminals in Ecuador and Peru.
Port of Los Angeles.
02 Apr 2018
Beneficial cargo owners and truckers in Los Angeles may experience improved cargo velocity and reduced gate congestion if a large container drayoff facility to be piloted at the Port of Los Angeles proves to be successful.
The Port of Los Angeles.
31 Mar 2018
West Coast ports have taken the lead in breaking down the barriers to information sharing by establishing information portals that will allow all port users to access the shipment data they need in a secure environment. This development promises to accelerate productivity.
Trucks at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
29 Mar 2018
Shippers could find their cargo severely disrupted at the Port of New York and New Jersey if a ban on pre-2007 trucks goes into effect, according to a letter by the New York Shipping Association and several trucking groups that criticizes an effort by two congressmen to revive the ban.
Resin plant at sunset.
29 Mar 2018
The long-delayed boom in plastic resin exports is forecast to finally arrive this year, sector officials say, and a second wave is likely by 2022. That is expected to create opportunities for ports on all three US seacoasts, but it will also stress port, truck, and intermodal rail operations.
29 Mar 2018
Sponsored: Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka discuss technology in the freight transportation industry, including its Port Optimizer pilot program with GE Transportation, and examining challenges of increasing data standardization and wider adoption of technologies across the supply chain.
Intermodal rail in California.
27 Mar 2018
Beneficial cargo owners who ship through the Alameda Corridor can anticipate financial stability at the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (ACTA), at least through 2026, based on current trends that include 4 to 5 percent annual increases in container traffic and continued increases in the Consumer Price Index, the combination of which generates ACTA’s revenues.
Truckers protesting at Virginia International Gateway.
27 Mar 2018
Truckers in Norfolk protest the persistent delays at the Virginia International Gateway terminal. For shippers, these multiple hour turns can slow the delivery of their containers and add a layer of unpredictability to their supply chain. The Port of Virginia says be patient, things will be getting better soon.
The Port of Long Beach.
26 Mar 2018
PierPass has its supporters and detractors, but port users agree that the largest US gateway could not handle 17 million TEU per year without a regular schedule of night and weekend gates.
Port of New Orelans.
23 Mar 2018
A plan to redevelop former Avondale Shipyards at New Orleans into a privately owned and operated breakbulk terminal and multimodal hub has won support from port officials.
The Port of Long Beach.
21 Mar 2018
The latest LA-LB metrics show that extended gates, appointments, and improved cargo-delivery processes are working despite record volumes.
Port of NY and NJ crane simulator.
21 Mar 2018
Three new simulators at the Port of New York and New Jersey enable crane operator trainees to get hands-on experience, as well as guidance from nearby trainers, rather than taking up valuable time on a real crane.
Port of New York and New Jersey.
20 Mar 2018
This is the fourth Nor'easter — a large snow storm that travels up the northeast coast — to affect the Boston-Washington corridor in the last month.
The Port of Norfolk, Virginia.
16 Mar 2018
The Port of Virginia’s system is off to a good start; however it remains to be seen whether the shorter turn times will hold up once mandatory appointments expand to the congested Virginia International Gateway and Portsmouth Marine Terminal.
The Port of Long Beach. Photo credit:
13 Mar 2018
Many US ports are facing the challenge of handling container surges from today’s mega-ships with an operating schedule designed in the 1970s.
The Port of Oakland.
12 Mar 2018
Five-year strategic plan calls for infrastructure development and process improvements to handle mega-ships.
12 Mar 2018
The Port of Baltimore won the single largest sum for maritime infrastructure in this round of TIGER grants.
12 Mar 2018
The depth of 55 feet would make Virginia the deepest harbor on the US East Coast.
12 Mar 2018
The LA and Oakland information portals are expected to spread to other US ports.
12 Mar 2018
The Alabama State Port Authority is moving forward with plans to develop an automobile terminal at the Port of Mobile.
Port of Norfolk.
09 Mar 2018
If the partnership between the ports of Virginia and Georgia works as port officials hope, shippers will see a smoother, more efficient process for moving cargo through the ports, potentially boosting the incentive to use them, rather than others, along the coast.
The Port of New York and New Jersey.
07 Mar 2018
The four main terminals at the Port of New York and New Jersey closed at lunchtime Wednesday, and the port announced that it will be closed Thursday due to the snow storm hammering the Northeast.
Port of Charleston.
06 Mar 2018
In the letter from the South Carolina's congressional delegation, the nine lawmakers noted that state lawmakers have appropriated $300 million for the project — a substantial local investment.
The Port of Charleston.
02 Mar 2018
The Port of Charleston marked two milestones this week, celebrating the beginning of dredging in the harbor and the arrival of two ship-to-shore cranes.
02 Mar 2018
NRF-led coalition tells ILA and USMX cargo loss is imminent if they do not resume contract negotiations soon.
A container ship leaves the Port of Savannah at sunset.
02 Mar 2018
Beneficial cargo owners will have more options to import cargo from Asia with the Port of Savannah receiving two new services this year and the Port of Jacksonville receiving one.
Trucks near the Port of New York and New Jersey.
02 Mar 2018
Shippers who place a priority on the environmental efforts of ports they use may be concerned that the Port of New York and New Jersey truck replacement program has stopped because the port cannot comply with federal rules requiring US steel and iron to be used in replacement trucks.
The Port of Savannah.
01 Mar 2018
The due date remains January 2022, but that could be delayed if the federal government does not provide the entire $100 million Georgia officials have sought.
Trucks at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
28 Feb 2018
Shippers will have a harder time finding drayage services at the Port of New York and New Jersey if a program to ban trucks with engines age 2007 and older is revived — rendering thousands of trucks obsolete from port work.
A truck traveling in Los Angeles.
26 Feb 2018
Beneficial cargo owners who contract with XPO for drayage will closely watch a class-action misclassification lawsuit in Los Angeles seeking wages, damages, and a permanent injunction preventing XPO from classifying drivers as independent contractors.
The Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) in New Jersey.
23 Feb 2018
The rapid progress of a $500 million upgrade at the Port of New York and New Jersey's Port Newark Container Terminal could attract shippers that are closely focused on speed and efficiency in getting containers in or out of a terminal, especially regarding boxes moving by rail.
Port of Long Beach.
21 Feb 2018
Long Beach's mayor and city council support efforts by the Teamsters union on the driver misclassification issue.