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A closer look at contract extension talks for the US East and Gulf coasts suggests less cause for alarm.

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11 Jan 2018
The vessel rotation will include Auckland, New Zealand, and the Australian ports of Brisbane, Port Kembla, Melbourne, and Fremantle.
10 Jan 2018
The legislation is the latest event in the ongoing, bitter dispute between the commission and the New York Shipping Association and the International Longshoremen’s Association.
Prince Rupert promises imminent return to normal service
09 Jan 2018
The port said container dwell times are down to an average of three days, and a return to its historical level is imminent.
08 Jan 2018
New ocean and rail services mark the return of the Port of Portland, Oregon, to regular container handling.
08 Jan 2018
On a percentage basis, 2017 was one of the strongest increases registered since the end of the Great Recession.
05 Jan 2018
New York is mulling a plan to move the smallest terminal in the Port of New York and New Jersey away from a heavily populated area near downtown Brooklyn.
04 Jan 2018
As the Port of New York and New Jersey passes the first year anniversary of its first appointment system, two other terminals are close to implementing systems.
03 Jan 2018
New Jersey's new governor is a big union supporter, which could help the ILA in its fight against the Waterfront Commission.
28 Dec 2017
In addition to containerized cargo, Boeing uses the port for breakbulk shipments — including oversized shipments for several well-known planes.
26 Dec 2017
Building predictive analytics into an appointment system that must process up to 60,000 truck moves per day in load center ports is a tentative process that involves trial and error, and, increasingly, further advances in technology.
26 Dec 2017
The prohibition of engines dated 1994 or 1995, replaced a proposal that — until it was pulled two years ago — would have banned more than 4,000 trucks with engines dated 2007 or older.
22 Dec 2017
In container shipping, a 'black hole' exists in the supply chain, according to a logistics pro. However, a port information portal used in a pilot project by the Port of Los Angeles is providing more visibility.
21 Dec 2017
In the battle for Asia imports among US coasts, "those with capacity, including terminal, supply-chain and network capacity, are going win," according to a port executive director.
21 Dec 2017
Tension over the crunch has sparked a number of disputes in recent months.
20 Dec 2017
The venture's partners hope to achieve a gray pool with “interoperability” that improves equipment utilization and allows a trucker to use any chassis between any start and stop location in the port area.
20 Dec 2017
The Port of Mobile is uptrending — this year it passed New Orleans to become the Gulf Coast's second-busiest container port in laden import containers.
19 Dec 2017
“The question is how to pay for them.”
19 Dec 2017
Seacor hopes to add second weekly sailing to funnel resin exports to New Orleans.
18 Dec 2017
Shippers in the vicinity of the port could save hundreds of dollars to move goods through the Port of New York and New Jersey.
18 Dec 2017
Concerning automation and related technological changes, even moderate productivity gains, combined with reliability and low labor costs, can be very appealing, says a marine engineer/port planner.
15 Dec 2017
John LaRue headed the Corpus Christi port for 23 years; he will stay on as an adviser until he retires in June 2019.
15 Dec 2017
Several port authorities told JOC’s Port Performance North America Conference on Wednesday that they take the threat very seriously.
15 Dec 2017
Petrochemical producers have invested tens of billions of dollars into Gulf Coast plants that are starting to enter production and that are expected to substantially boost annual US resin exports.
14 Dec 2017
Pacific Maritime Association president Jim McKenna said there is a realization among the ILWU leadership and rank and file that, “The perception of the ports, the credibility of the ports, means jobs.”
13 Dec 2017
In addition to making life easier for port users regarding day-to-day operations information, the portal is also targeting predictive capabilities to enable the better allocation of resources and assets.
12 Dec 2017
As vessels get bigger and cost reduction is increasingly a priority to carriers, terminal operators will be under growing pressure to make better use of the resources they have, a key global operations professional told JOC’s Port Performance North America Conference on Tuesday.
12 Dec 2017
Wilmington is the first to be able to accept goods that are still midway through the refrigeration process.
11 Dec 2017
APL was No. 13 on the trans-Atlantic trade in the first three quarters.
08 Dec 2017
US import growth is expected to slow in 2018, after an impressive increase in 2017, but the National Retail Federation adds that a recession is not on the horizon.
07 Dec 2017
A closer look at contract extension talks for the US East and Gulf coasts suggests less cause for alarm.
07 Dec 2017
The ports and their stakeholders are using big data and data sharing to drive process improvements for trucker appointments, chassis management, and extended gate hours.
06 Dec 2017
Providing a smooth pick up and drop off of chassis is seen by port stakeholders as key to the port’s future efficiency.
05 Dec 2017
Truckers who last week had complained of delays they said had stretched to several hours in some cases said the terminal now is turning around trucks in less than 90 minutes.
05 Dec 2017
New Jersey legislators are pushing ahead with a bill that would strip the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor of its policing responsibility in the Port of New York and New Jersey.
29 Nov 2017
Drayage companies say their independent owner-operators are avoiding POMTOC.