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News, analysis, data and videos covering U.S. ports along the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf Coast. From the latest news about port congestion, port strikes in L.A. or elsewhere, the JOC covers not just the details of the news, but the impact of current events on shippers, logistics providers, carriers, port terminal operators and other stakeholders in the sector. 


The Port Commission of Port Houston opposed a law signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbot that restricts the size of vessels transiting the Houston Ship Channel, but port authorities say they will move on to deal with other challenges, notably a project to widen and deepen the key waterway.

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12 Sep 2019
Three announcements show how the fast-growing port of Savannah — with volume up 25 percent in the last three fiscal years — is making moves toward its goal of having 11 million TEU in annual capacity by 2035.
12 Sep 2019
Expanding an appointment system in the Port of New York and New Jersey could hamper the ability of truckers to pick up cargo, according to the head of the largest drayage group operating at the port.
12 Sep 2019
A shift in focus by the Tioga Marine Terminal (TMT) to handling forestry products five years ago has drawn enough business that the terminal and the Port of Philadelphia are now building a new $12 million, 100,000-square-foot warehouse to handle wood and paper products.
11 Sep 2019
The Port of Long Beach last year already achieved its 2023 goals for cuts in diesel particulate matter and sulfur oxide emissions, and came close to achieving its nitrogen oxide goal.
09 Sep 2019
As part of the Port of New York and New Jersey’s effort to increase rail cargo efficiency, terminals are encouraging ocean carriers to place containers headed for a similar destination in one part of the vessel so they can be removed from the ship faster.
06 Sep 2019
Ports in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are expected to reopen this weekend with relatively normal operations, while the Port of Halifax waits to see how much of an impact Dorian will have there.
05 Sep 2019
Hurricane Dorian is causing flooding, high winds, and tornadoes in the Carolinas and is expected to impact southeast Virginia Friday and southeast Massachusetts Saturday.
05 Sep 2019
The California state legislature is on track to pass a bill, which the governor intends to sign into law, that could fundamentally alter the relationship between shippers, trucking companies, and port truck drivers. It's expected to be signed before an intermodal conference this month in Long Beach.
04 Sep 2019
Terminals at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex are performing consistently better than they did last winter, when warehouses in Southern California were overwhelmed by the front-loading of imports that resulted from the Trump administration’s tariffs on imports from China.
04 Sep 2019
The 2M Alliance has added the Port of New Orleans to a route linking China with the Gulf of Mexico, giving the Gulf Coast port its second service from the Far East and adding to its rapidly growing volume of import cargo.
03 Sep 2019
Freight operations are suspended in much of Florida as Hurricane Dorian passes on its way toward the Georgia and Carolina coasts.
30 Aug 2019
Electric-powered trucks, straddle carriers, and other equipment will become increasingly common at the Port of New York and New Jersey as it steps up its efforts to reduce diesel fuel use in a bid to cut pollution.
30 Aug 2019
The Port of Long Beach in California believes its success has come in large part from following a philosophy of what it c
Griff Lynch
29 Aug 2019
Griff Lynch, Executive Director, Georgia Ports Authority discusses the factors that led to record growth at Georgia Ports Authority in 2018, the Mason Mega Rail Terminal, which they estimate will double rail capacity to 1 million container lifts per year, and plans for the South Atlantic Consolidated Chassis Pool.
NJ pushes fight over waterfront commission
29 Aug 2019
The activities of the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor - long a target for employers and labor in the Port of New York and New Jersey - are again the focus of opposition from New Jersey officials, who have opted to appeal a court ruling that the state could not unilaterally withdraw from the commission.
29 Aug 2019
Ports along Florida’s east coast were eyeing Hurricane Dorian warily, with the latest forecasts projecting the storm will make landfall there Monday, possibly as a category 4 hurricane.
29 Aug 2019
Emerging from a summer in which terminals suffered sporadic labor shortages, the Port of New York and New Jersey is launching a program to improve efficiency in the way weekend labor crews are formed, and looking to cut the number of workers who don’t report for assigned shifts.
26 Aug 2019
In order to prevent further loss of market share, Los Angeles and Long Beach are seeking approval from their harbor commissions to collaborate on supply chain optimization initiatives.
23 Aug 2019
The Port of Virginia will shift more vessel calls to the Virginia International Gateway (VIG) terminal so shippers using rail can receive their cargo faster.
Port Newark Container Terminal
22 Aug 2019
The five terminals that comprise the New York Terminal Conference in the Port of New York and New Jersey will increase demurrage fees in October as part of their annual fee revision process.
21 Aug 2019
The Army Corps of Engineers awarded two contracts this week for the final steps to complete the harbor deepening in Savannah and Charleston.
15 Aug 2019
Terminal operators say an increase in truck turn times in Los Angeles and Long Beach last month does not signal a return to the congestion experienced during the 2018 peak season.
14 Aug 2019
The containerized shipping industry was able to convince the US Trade Representative to take cranes and containers off a list of tariffs going into effect on Sept. 1 and Dec. 15.
13 Aug 2019
The port of Savannah’s intermodal terminal expansion project is about 40 percent complete as rail volumes set a new record in July.
Top 50 Global Container Ports 2018
09 Aug 2019
Asian gateways continued to dominate the global port market in 2018, handling more than three-quarters of the total throughput of the top 50 container ports worldwide.
09 Aug 2019
The first use of an electric drayage truck in the Port of New York and New Jersey adds to the portfolio of initiatives in use by the port in a bid to reduce truck pollution without hurting port efficiency.
07 Aug 2019
The latest upgrade work at the port of Houston’s Barbours Cut Terminal that will enable the facility to handle rapidly growing cargo volumes received the backing of Port of Houston Authority, which agreed to spend $39.7 million on the project.
05 Aug 2019
Los Angeles and Long Beach are still promoting portwide acceptance of off-dock chassis storage yards despite concerns about ILWU extending its reach in the harbor.
05 Aug 2019
Shawn Tibbetts, who joined the Port of Virginia in 2003 and oversaw the implementation of a truck appointment system at the Virginia International Gateway and the rollout of Navis N4 at VIG this year, is leaving the port later this month to join a real estate investment trust.
31 Jul 2019
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and New York City officials are engaged in an ongoing effort to increase the use of barges.
30 Jul 2019
The lead investor in a container support facility in Los Angeles criticized the port for what he termed giving in to political and ILWU pressure by declaring a key efficiency initiative known as the Harbor Performance Enhancement Center to be “infeasible.”
29 Jul 2019
Cargo is growing again at GCT New York, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey sees the terminal’s unused capacity as ripe for development to meet the port’s future needs.
25 Jul 2019
Grants awarded under the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) program will support 20 projects across the United States, including the elevation of a tunnel to allow double-stacked trains get into the Port of Baltimore and the rehabilitation of a Port of Miami container terminal.
CBP inspections have uncovered a rash of properly treated and stamped shipments of inbound wood packaging materials (WPM) cargo that nonetheless harbored dangerous wood-boring beetles.
25 Jul 2019
Violations of ISPM 15, which maintains strict guidelines for treatment of all wood packaging materials (WPM) to prevent the accidental introduction of invasive pests, can result in the re-exportation of entire shipments of goods and large fines, even if importers and carriers have followed the regulations to the best of their abilities.
NY to launch Northeast container barge viability study
24 Jul 2019
A study of shipper interest in moving cargo by barge on different routes around the Northeast Coast is expected to be underway by the end of the year in the latest exploration by New York and other authorities of ways to shift cargo from trucks to barges, reducing pollution and congestion.