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Port of Redwood City Reports Increased Business

Apr 21, 2014
Total tonnage for all commodities moving across Port of Redwood City docks during the three quarters of Fiscal Year 2013-14 that ended March 31, 2014, was 1,236,661 metric tons (MT), an increase of 18 percent over the prior FY.
Imported sand and aggregates from British Columbia accounted for 930,934 MT, more than 75% of the tonnage for the first three quarters of the fiscal year. This was nearly a 30% increase in the amount from the same period last fiscal year.
The next largest tonnage was exported shredded scrap metal by Sims Metal Management, totaling 201,614 MT, more than 16% of the total tonnage for this year-to-date.
Although not large tonnages, shipments of bauxite from Australia, gypsum from Mexico, and domestic sand from the San Francisco Bay-Delta added to the mix of inbound cargo.
Fifty-nine vessels (44 ships and15 barges) made calls during the first three quarters of FY 14 compared to 52 vessels (37 ships and 15 barges) during the same period last year.