400 new ambulances head to Mid East via JAXPORT

400 new ambulances head to Mid East via JAXPORT

Jun 3, 2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – JAXPORT partner NYK Line North America recently loaded the first of several export shipments of new ambulances manufactured in Central Florida at JAXPORT's Blount Island Marine Terminal. The vehicles are part of a 400 ambulance order placed by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, a humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical services and offers first aid in Saudi Arabia.

The vehicles were manufactured by Wheeled Coach of Winter Park, Florida, which designs medical attack, rescue and fire emergency vehicles for departments around the world. Wheeled Coach handled over-the-road transport of the ambulances to Jacksonville, with UniWorld Logistics of Orlando, Florida, handling ocean bookings through NYK.

"Wheeled Coach selected JAXPORT for this project based on our previous experiences with the exceptional customer service from all the personnel involved and the frequency of sailings available from Jacksonville," said Abel Del Rio, Wheeled Coach Industries Export Sales Manager.

JAXPORT is the nation’s No. 1 port for vehicle exports and one of the largest vehicle handing ports in the U.S with a global reputation for excellence in the processing and movement of autos and specialty vehicles. For more information, visit JAXPORT.com/RoRo.

Download high resolution photos of the ambulances being loaded.

Watch video of the ambulances being loaded
, including an interview with Zach Duffie, Area Operations Manager, NYK RORO Division.


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