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US Ports

News, analysis, data and videos covering U.S. ports along the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf Coast. From the latest news about port congestion, port strikes in L.A. or elsewhere, the JOC covers not just the details of the news, but the impact of current events on shippers, logistics providers, carriers, port terminal operators and other stakeholders in the sector.


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18 Jun 2021
US imports from Asia grew faster at West Coast ports than at East and Gulf coast ports in January through May as carriers launched a half-dozen new trans-Pacific services to handle the continuing boom in imports from Asia.
18 Jun 2021
The six busiest North American ports eked out gains in import market share during 2020 thanks to the surge in inbound container volumes at the biggest gateways.
17 Jun 2021
Port Container Yard has reopened a 55-acre container yard in Newark that was previously dedicated to empty containers to store import boxes vacated from congested Port of New York and New Jersey terminals.
15 Jun 2021
An expected increase in resin exports out of Houston and other Gulf Coast gateways appears to be taking longer than expected as resin producers seek to supply domestic customers first.
11 Jun 2021
Vacating rail containers to the Pier S “surge” facility is allowing terminal operators in the Port of Long Beach to continue working ships despite excessive dwell times for those boxes.
11 Jun 2021
Hapag-Lloyd is making extra efforts to ease the burden on New York and New Jersey drayage drivers handling an unprecedented number of empty containers that have accumulated in the port.
09 Jun 2021
Caution is in order when looking at the durability of the current surge, as there is little reason to expect that the current torrid pace will continue as we move into 2022 and beyond.
08 Jun 2021
Dole will begin a new weekly container service to Port Tampa Bay that will carry its own cargo and provide additional capacity to other shippers to and from Central America.
07 Jun 2021
Two more carriers follow Zim in suspending some trans-Pacific calls in Oakland until congestion issues and vessel bunching are eased.
04 Jun 2021
Drayage capacity from Southeastern US ports is so low right now that ocean carriers, NVOCCs, and shippers are scouring to locate small truck carriers on the spot market and paying extra to get their loads hauled.
02 Jun 2021
The Port of Virginia believes two milestones will put them on firm footing to become the deepest port on the US East by late 2023 or early 2024.
28 May 2021
Oakland and Seattle-Tacoma are scrambling to address mounting congestion problems as carriers add services there to circumvent even worse congestion in Los Angeles-Long Beach.
25 May 2021
Refrigerated cargo and breakbulk specialty carrier SeacatLine plans to make a bi-weekly service between Costa Rica and Tampa Bay a weekly service with an additional vessel deployment.
21 May 2021
CMA CGM’s decision to increase container vessel capacity from Southeast Asia stems from the increasing shift in import sourcing away from China and ability of East Coast ports to handle volumes.
20 May 2021
Imports of photovoltaic cells used in solar power generation continue to reach new highs as the US developers plan to make major capacity additions over the next four years.
20 May 2021
Although the Port of Charleston will be leaving the regional chassis pool in the Southeast, port officials in Savannah, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; and Wilmington, North Carolina, remain optimistic that they can upgrade the fleet with safer, modern equipment.
18 May 2021
Logistics software startup Splyc is using automation to tackle what it sees as a major issue in container logistics technology: the speed with which information is passed from one system to another.
18 May 2021
Although US imports from Asia in April did not match the impressive volume recorded in March, it was nevertheless the busiest April on record and the 10th consecutive month of year-over-year import increases since last July.
17 May 2021
The International Longshoremen’s Association is delaying a lawsuit against two ocean carriers over making calls at a nonunion Charleston terminal until the NLRB addresses whether the lawsuit violates federal labor law.
12 May 2021
Sealand Marine will add a stop in Wilmington on its Central American service beginning in June, adding more connections with Panama and introducing new services between North Carolina and Costa Rica.
12 May 2021
Two major trucking groups in the port of New York and New Jersey said their members’ increasing frustration with empty returns is forcing them to quit a port efficiency task force.
10 May 2021
New legislation introduced in Congress would make projects that reduce the carbon footprint of port operations eligible for grants within the Maritime Administration’s Port Infrastructure Development Program.
06 May 2021
The port of Savannah is building what will be one of the first cross-dock facility within a US container port, accelerating Georgia Ports Authority’s attempt to attract transloaded cargo away from Southern California.
05 May 2021
The decision by the Ocean Alliance to hold off on calling the newly opened Leatherman terminal is a sign the dispute between South Carolina and the International Longshore Association over the crane and yard work being handled by non-union state employees is heating up.
05 May 2021
Marine terminals in the Port of New York and New Jersey are taking steps that will allow them to handle more containers and deliver them more quickly to truckers as a nine-month deluge in US imports looks set to continue.
04 May 2021
An ongoing dispute between longshore labor and employers in the port of Charleston, South Carolina, in the wake of the now-ended strike in Montreal, could pale in comparison to a looming confrontation over terminal automation when negotiations begin on a new US West Coast contract next year.
03 May 2021
The Port of Charleston plans to form its own proprietary chassis pool by May 2022, citing an inability to bring new, safer chassis into the existing South Atlantic Chassis Pool.
30 Apr 2021
The South Carolina Ports Authority will expand Inland Port Greer, using a federal grant to add more space to the container yard, the chassis yard, and build new facilities for terminal operations.
28 Apr 2021
A detention case involving Evergreen Shipping, Yamaha Motor, and a drayage provider is drawing the attention of the Federal Maritime Commission, which is reviewing the application of its detention and demurrage rules.
28 Apr 2021
The first big enhancement to NY–NJ intermodal service in nearly three years, Waverly Loop, is scheduled to debut at the end of 2021 while other projects are still being discussed.
27 Apr 2021
CMA CGM is diverting a ship away from the Leatherman terminal due to fears of an ILA lawsuit and a potential berth conflict with two Ocean Alliance services.
26 Apr 2021
Expecting to handle 6 million TEU as soon as 2023 rather than 2025, the Georgia Ports Authority has announced new expansion projects while also pushing the timeline for a mega-container terminal.
23 Apr 2021
Oakland and Seattle-Tacoma are adjusting to a large increase in imports that have been diverted from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, but are reporting very little landside congestion.
22 Apr 2021
Two New Orleans terminals have backed off, for now, assessing new container fees on shippers after coffee importers complained about another cost tacked onto their ever-rising transportation bills.
20 Apr 2021
A new all-water service from Asia will boost the volume of imports flowing into the US Gulf Coast amid an ongoing boom in regional import distribution capacity.