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A closer look at contract extension talks for the US East and Gulf coasts suggests less cause for alarm.

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The Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) in New Jersey.
23 Feb 2018
The rapid progress of a $500 million upgrade at the Port of New York and New Jersey's Port Newark Container Terminal could attract shippers that are closely focused on speed and efficiency in getting containers in or out of a terminal, especially regarding boxes moving by rail.
Port of Long Beach.
21 Feb 2018
Long Beach's mayor and city council support efforts by the Teamsters union on the driver misclassification issue.
Port Tampa Bay.
16 Feb 2018
Tampa port officials hope an initial shipment of bananas through a new dockside cold storage warehouse will be the start of a new market for the Florida port.
Port of Los Angeles.
16 Feb 2018
Carriers’ refusal to reduce capacity on the verge of service contracting season has the east-bound Pacific looking at only minimal rate increases of perhaps $100 per FEU to the West Coast, and possible rate reductions to the East Coast.
Port Newark Container Terminal.
15 Feb 2018
Although few details have been released, a pilot program at a marine terminal at the Port of New York and New Jersey appears to give shippers a sought-after early slot for a fee of $95 — suggesting shippers could get better service if they are willing to pay for it.
Port of Boston.
13 Feb 2018
The Port of Boston’s stance regarding its expansion is, “If you build it, they will come.” The port, which after its upgrade will be able to handle 14,000 TEU ships, also says it will be able to bring freight closer to customers than other US East Coast ports.
13 Feb 2018
Channel-deepening projects at the ports of Savannah and Corpus Christi are included in the Trump administration’s US Army Corps of Engineers budget request; Congress has the final say regarding funding. Georgia's governor argued the Savannah project is the Southeast's most important infrastructure project.
Port of Houston.
10 Feb 2018
With the long-awaited boom in US production of synthetic resins expected to finally materialize this year, shippers are urging carriers to add more services from the Gulf to Asia. But will ocean carriers respond?
The Port of New York and New Jersey.
09 Feb 2018
Shippers that are skeptical of the efficiency of the Port of New York and New Jersey and its ability to handle higher cargo volumes may take comfort that authorities are considering extended gate hours and how to boost rail efficiency after crippling delays in early 2018.
Port of Los Angeles.
09 Feb 2018
After a substantial gain in 2017, retailers are forecasting another increase in US container import volume in 2018, as container lines and beneficial cargo owners prepare for annual trans-Pacific rate and service contract negotiations.
07 Feb 2018
Frontier Logistics plans to build a 400,000-square-foot warehouse for bagging and transloading of plastic pellets that will strengthen the Port of Charleston’s position in exports of synthetic resins.
Trade in wind energy components is increasing in the United States.
07 Feb 2018
After reinventing itself several times over the decades, the Port of Galveston has settled on a business formula that emphasizes vehicles and other roll-on, roll-off cargo, refrigerated shipments, wind energy and project cargo, and cruise ships.
The Port of New York and New Jersey.
07 Feb 2018
Port officials cited the raising of the Bayonne Bridge as “perhaps the biggest driving force" in achieving the cargo volume increase.
Seattle drayage truck
06 Feb 2018
Northwest Seaport Alliance reahes compromise deal with owner-operators.
Aided by surplus vessel capacity, aggressive pricing by carriers and resistance by western railroads to price their intermodal services competitively, soybean exporters are rushing to East Coast ports, especially Norfolk.
05 Feb 2018
The soybean export surge at East Coast ports spells trouble for West Coast ports' market share and confirms that aggressive carrier pricing and less-costly rail rates to the East Coast will continue to push exports and imports to East Coast gateways.
The Port of Savannah is poised for growth in the years ahead.
05 Feb 2018
“We are looking at everything [in terms of expanding the physical acreage of the port]. We’re not going to stop just because this is our current fence line,” GPA executive director Griff Lynch said Monday.
05 Feb 2018
Port CEO Eric Green called the start of dredging “a huge day for our city, our region, and our state.”
Resin demand was expected to uptrend in 2017; that growth should appear this year.
02 Feb 2018
The factors that delayed resin export growth from the United States are largely transitory and the long-term thesis for increases remains intact, experts argue.
Rail-mounted gantry cranes arrive at the Port of Virginia.
01 Feb 2018
Virginia is the latest US port to introduce appointment systems for truckers as marine terminals try to better handle the import surges caused by mega-ship calls.
Shippers are looking to move cargo by truck from the Port of New York and New Jersey, rather than face the potential delay of moving it by rail.
31 Jan 2018
The port began seeing a build-up of cargo December at its rail terminals – known as ExpressRail – after bad weather triggered delays in the Midwest.
The Port of Oakland's infrastructure improvements are designed to expand capacity and imrprove efficiency.
31 Jan 2018
The expansion of marine terminals, construction of a Cool Port and a Seaport Logistics Complex assure BCOs that Oakland not only has the physical capacity, but also the support structures needed to enhance cargo velocity, the port director said.
The Port of Beaumont has found a market in renewable energy and breakbulk bulk cargo.
30 Jan 2018
Beaumont, 90 miles east of Houston, is not a container port but instead has a diversified base of breakbulk cargo that includes projects, military cargo, wind energy, steel, forest products, bagged goods, and dry and liquid bulk cargo.
29 Jan 2018
The new container service will be Pensacola’s first. World Direct said the port near the tip of Florida’s panhandle will complement the carrier’s current calls at Port Manatee.
29 Jan 2018
Port CEO John Murray said the new berth is needed not only for aerospace modules but for shipments resulting from Central Florida’s growth.
26 Jan 2018
The work, designed to maximize cargo handling space, will be funded by $14 million in local funds and a $10 million TIGER grant from the US Department of Transportation.
26 Jan 2018
Officials say the technology will also help create more trucker dual transactions.
25 Jan 2018
BCOs calling at the largest US port complex want predictability, reliability, and velocity, and the port directors said those goals can be achieved only through technology and process improvements.
24 Jan 2018
The authority sent a missive to port users outlining the problem and said that it is working with CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern Railway to clear the rail backlog.
24 Jan 2018
Truckers seek “dual transactions,” or revenue moves in both directions and at LA-LB, technology will play a key role in achieving that goal, which will also reduce turn times — getting cargo to its destination quicker.
23 Jan 2018
The Trump administration announced the tariffs Monday in response to complaints from US-based manufacturers that foreign competition was unfairly flooding the US market with cheap imports.
Washington, Oregon ports in a race for non-containerized shipments
21 Jan 2018
In an up-and-down market for breakbulk shipments, Pacific Northwest ports have seen strong volumes in several categories.
18 Jan 2018
A downriver site on the Mississippi River would provide expansion capacity and no bridge restrictions.
16 Jan 2018
Waterfront officials are suing to stop New Jersey's governor from enforcing a law enacted Monday that would terminate an agreement giving the Waterfront Commission the power to do background checks and criminal investigations at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
14 Jan 2018
ILA and USMX officials had hoped to agree on a contract extension that would reassure the hundreds of shippers who will attend the JOC’s annual Trans-Pacific Maritime (TPM) conference March 4-7 in Long Beach, California.
12 Jan 2018
JOC Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi and President and CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority James Newsome discuss 2017 and the coming year at the port of Charleston and how an expanding network of inland rail terminals is impacting the port.