Terminal Operators

Terminal Operators

JOC.com provides the latest news about container terminal operators worldwide, including details of their ongoing projects and upcoming plans, and their initiatives for adopting various new technologies that speed up handling of mega-ship calls without incurring the higher upfront investment costs. According to Lloyd's List, the top ten port terminal operators are Cosco Shipping, Hutchison Port, PSA International, DP World, China Merchant Port Holdings, APM Terminals, Yilport Holding, Shanghai International Port Group, International Container Terminal Services, and Terminal Investment Ltd.


Cosco has undertaken a series of investments and expansions that serve as evidence that it’s pressing on strong with its ambitious aim.

News & Analysis

24 May 2022
The Jacksonville Port Authority plans to meet next month with a regional electric utility on how power lines that impose a draft restriction on ships can be raised.
16 May 2022
Container terminals in Vancouver and Prince Rupert are operating at full capacity, meaning they are unable to handle any cargo diversions from US West Coast ports if longshore contract negotiations head south.
02 May 2022
Approval of APM’s expansion project comes as Mobile continues to see strong growth, with year-to-date volumes through March climbing 10 percent.
02 May 2022
Vancouver port stakeholders say stubbornly high rail container dwell times and vessel delays at anchor have become a “new normal” that could worsen existing bottlenecks when import volumes increase as expected this summer.
29 Apr 2022
As terminal operators implement excessive dwell fees to get containers moving, importers are pushing the US Federal Maritime Commission to step in and regulate the charges under the same standards as demurrage.
25 Apr 2022
Seven ocean carriers blocked empty container returns to New York-New Jersey marine terminals last week as import volumes swell due to West Coast freight diversions.
06 Apr 2022
Truckers working the Port of New York and New Jersey say they are not always being paid enough for increasingly longer trips away from the port to deliver empty containers.
05 Apr 2022
Analysts worry that a lack of long-term cargo growth in the Arabian Gulf could result in large amounts of unused capacity at the competing ports of Jebel Ali in Dubai and Khalifa in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
05 Apr 2022
Maersk and GCT New York have settled a lawsuit over the switch of three vessel services to APM Terminals that GCT alleged was a breach of contract.
30 Mar 2022
US port executives have told the Federal Maritime Commission that additional information about whose containers are on their docks would go a long way toward clearing congestion.
21 Mar 2022
Plans to build a baseball stadium and condominiums at the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal suffered a setback when an advisory committee on waterfront property development recommended the 50-acre site remain for maritime use.
15 Mar 2022
The need to share data among supply chain participants has become a priority amid record volumes of US imports that have resulted in vessel backlogs, terminal congestion, and a stressed inland logistics sector.
14 Mar 2022
The Port of Mobile is receiving $200 million in federal funds that will boost major projects designed to make it an inland intermodal gateway.
14 Mar 2022
A proposed mega-vessel container terminal in southern Louisiana has secured its first investment for a rail spur as it aims to get other financial backing.
11 Mar 2022
Maersk is selling its stake in a publicly traded Russian ports operator whose market value has plunged in recent weeks owing to the war in Ukraine.
10 Mar 2022
DP World’s efforts to reach shippers directly through logistics and technology acquisitions is visible in the growth of its non-port-operating revenue last year.
08 Mar 2022
Drayage provider NEXT Trucking is piloting a peel pile program in Southern California that links vessel stowage at origin with quick unloading of containers at warehouse destinations to narrow total transit times for shipments.
24 Feb 2022
Labor and transportation representatives in Oakland strongly oppose a proposed baseball stadium and condo project at Howard Terminal that they say would result in an operational nightmare at the port.
17 Feb 2022
Terminal operators in Los Angeles-Long Beach believe they have turned the corner on unprecedented congestion issues that have plagued the port complex for the past two years, but they say cargo flow will not improve significantly in the first half of 2022.
11 Feb 2022
Terminal operators in Los Angeles-Long Beach have dropped their plan to incentivize nighttime truck moves after the chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission questioned the motive behind the move.
11 Feb 2022
The Port of Virginia has about a dozen vessels anchored outside its harbor after two late January snowstorms disrupted operations for 96 hours, but the port believes it can recover quickly.
02 Feb 2022
Labor and chassis shortages and increasing truck turn times and vessel backlogs signal more congestion ahead for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in the coming months.
01 Feb 2022
Shippers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for the next two weeks will pay a traffic mitigation fee on both day and nighttime container moves before reverting back to a daytime-only fee.
31 Jan 2022
While vessels have anchored outside ports in Georgia, New Jersey, and South Carolina, Virginia’s backlog has never been in the double digits despite volumes growing by 25 percent last year.
24 Jan 2022
Inflation, higher interest rates, and a gradual shift back to a more “normal” balance in consumer spending between goods and services will reduce import volumes in the second half of 2022, in turn relieving pressure on ports and inland supply chains.
14 Jan 2022
Plagued by vessel bunching, terminal congestion, and equipment shortages for much of last year, North America’s West Coast ports are cautioned that these conditions are likely to persist well into 2022 even if imports slow from the double-digit gains in 2021.
13 Jan 2022
Houston is seeing a surge in imports thanks to the upsizing of vessel services from Asia as other Gulf Coast ports look for a similar uplift.
12 Jan 2022
Several Southeast ports will expand container capacity in 2022, but the question for most is when will Savannah clear all the anchored vessels outside its harbor?
07 Jan 2022
Global 3PLs are facing competition from digitally oriented forwarders and vertically integrated container lines and terminal operators.
29 Dec 2021
Evergreen Marine has ordered six new ship-to-shore cranes after it completed berth dredging for a major capacity upgrade at its Los Angeles terminal.
28 Dec 2021
The port of New York–New Jersey is looking at how it can deal with five years of expected cargo growth that has hit the port through 2021, while other Northeast ports are expanding capacity to deal with larger ships.
27 Dec 2021
The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach once again postpone the long-dwell container fees as a major terminal operator in Long Beach imposes fees of its own.
22 Dec 2021
The Port of New York and New Jersey is seeing more vessels sit longer at anchor as December winds down owing to increasing number of large ship calls.
09 Dec 2021
Importers have already begun removing long-dwelling containers from Oakland International Container Terminal since it began charging a fee for boxes that remain at the facility for an extended period.
07 Dec 2021
Canada’s antitrust watchdog said it is taking a look at PSA International’s proposed acquisition of Ceres, which would leave Halifax with one container terminal operator