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Can a private blockchain fuse the democratic promise of blockchain with its — private — creator’s tendency to exercise control and ownership over the data? And does that model protect sensitive data, while promoting accountability, visibility, and savings?

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Chassis stack in the United States.
19 Sep 2018
The decision means the price of a chassis in the United States will likely rise by a substantial amount.
FMC, Rebecca Dye and Michael Khouri.
19 Sep 2018
Federal Maritime Commissioner Rebecca Dye Wednesday said her investigation into detention and demurrage will chiefly focus on developing uniform definitions and identifying the responsibilities of ocean carriers and marine terminal operators to make boxes accessible during free time.
A container ship approaches a port.
19 Sep 2018
A six-vessel India-Middle East-East Mediterranean consortium — comprising CMA CGM and Cosco Container Lines — has shifted operations from APM Terminals’ Gateway Terminals India to PSA's Bharat Mumbai Container Terminal.
Port of Los Angeles stacked containers.
18 Sep 2018
Marine terminals, rail ramps, and distribution facilities provide ideal opportunities for the use of autonomous vehicles.
Port of Oakland.
14 Sep 2018
The move by TraPac provides additional evidence regarding the North American port trend to extend terminal gate hours to accommodate rising volume.
Puerto Nuevo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
14 Sep 2018
Some argue the planned roughly $1.4 billion upgrade will make the port more efficient, with modern services for shippers that should reduce cargo processing time, while others argue it concentrates terminal ownership too much.
Russia exports and imports.
14 Sep 2018
According to Russian business professionals and shippers from the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, demand is growing for complex services at its ports — services that, when added, will help Russia compete against ports in nearby countries.
Port of Montreal.
12 Sep 2018
Montreal is the latest North American port to extend terminal gate hours and place a charge on containers to pay for it, and given the volume trend at the port, it’s not a moment too soon.
DP World Doraleh Terminal
12 Sep 2018
The Dubai-based port operator said the transfer of Port de Djibouti SA shares in the terminal joint venture to the government of Djibouti appeared to be an attempt to undermine a new ruling by the English High Court on the increasingly acrimonious dispute.
Port of Vancouver, Canada.
06 Sep 2018
“With the assistance of federal mediators, GCT Canada and ILWU Local 502 reached a tentative five-year collective bargaining agreement,” the terminal operator stated in a release on Thursday.
A truck and containers at a port.
05 Sep 2018
It’s not clear whether the petition will survive or not when a final decision is made in December, but shippers' concerns appear to have struck a chord with the federal agency.
Port of New York and New Jersey.
30 Aug 2018
The deal, if approved by a majority of the International Longshoremen's Association members, would ensure labor peace on both East and Gulf coasts until at least 2024.
Port of Quebec.
30 Aug 2018
Don Krusel, who led Prince Rupert for 25 years, will be the project's managing director, the Quebec Port Authority said, citing his experience helping to transform Prince Rupert from a fishing village and bulk shipping port to a major container force for Canadian shippers.
Trucks at the Port of Los Angeles.
29 Aug 2018
The Yusen appointment system, developed with the cooperation of local truckers, is the type of technology that will be incorporated into the Port Optimizer tool being developed by the port and GE Transportation.
DP World Vallarpadam Container Transshipment Terminal at Cochin.
28 Aug 2018
Other ports have found that there is demand for both the direct port delivery and direct port entry programs, which have helped quicken the pace of freight in India.
Hong Kong.
28 Aug 2018
A new study by Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Management College says the deployment of larger vessels and larger alliances, combined with the historical structure of the port, is leading to a critical rise in the number of inter-terminal transfers, resulting in higher charges to shipping lines, placing the port at a disadvantage.
An assembly line in China.
27 Aug 2018
Almost all shipping industry stakeholders agree that tariffs would raise costs across the transportation landscape, and eventually slow the movement of freight. So why are some US chassis makers asking for a tariff on imported chassis?
Port of Los Angeles.
27 Aug 2018
The issue of public money for a private function was raised, but the port noted that Southern California ports have various subsidy programs in place for environmental reasons, such as to encourage carriers to plug into shoreside electrical power to reduce emissions at berth.
PSA International cranes at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.
24 Aug 2018
Bharat Mumbai Container Terminals, which has handled about 150,000 TEU as of August 2018, this month added nine, new rubber-tire gantry cranes, bringing the total cranes to 27, PSA India officials said.
Two container ships at sea.
23 Aug 2018
CargoX said the cost to produce and transfer a bill of lading using its Smart B/L was 85 percent less expensive than traditional means. But is a public blockchain such as CargoX’s suitable for the shipping industry?
Port of Seattle.
22 Aug 2018
Western Washington members of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 302, are engaged in a contract dispute with a construction industry employer performing general construction work throughout the region.
DP World Nhava Sheva (India) Gateway Terminal.
22 Aug 2018
The two sides have different interpretations regarding how the direct port delivery system is faring and its cargo flow process.
Rotterdam port.
17 Aug 2018
The Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center, which coordinates vessel traffic visiting terminals at the port of Hamburg, is launching collaborative projects to help determine if it is meaningful to continue bilateral information exchanges or to replace it with a central data hub to support improved terminal asset utilization and liner route and network planning.
Containers at a port.
17 Aug 2018
Maersk’s container terminals posted higher traffic and revenue in the second quarter, thanks to new business from German carrier Hamburg Süd, which was acquired by Maersk Line, its major customer.
A freight train travels in Canada.
16 Aug 2018
Western Canada has been “behind the curve” in developing inland ports compared with the US West Coast and South Atlantic regions. However, that will change with Ashcroft's expansion.
Port of Los Angeles.
16 Aug 2018
The concept of a single electronic platform for port users is gaining momentum with truckers, beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), and other port users, with GE Transportation’s Port Optimizer at the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach achieving breakthroughs as a pacesetter.
Trucks at Port of New York and New Jersey (Newark).
15 Aug 2018
Shippers will likely see a substantial benefit from a new refrigerated container option for a peel-off pile program at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
The Port of Oakland.
15 Aug 2018
Looks can be deceptive. Terminal operators, a very visible component of container shipping, are often the first to be criticized by BCOs and truckers when there are delays in delivering cargo. However, they have no control over the various transport modes that bring cargo to them.
Port of New York and New Jersey.
14 Aug 2018
The six-year deal contains good news for shippers concerning labor peace and the non-interruption of cargo. However, the deal is a setback for tech-driven and automation-driven efficiency improvements.
Port of Montreal.
13 Aug 2018
In the midst of a volume uptrend, Montreal is the latest North American port to try extending its terminal gate hours to improve cargo fluidity in and out of the terminal, and to place a charge on containers to pay for it.
Trucks backed up at JNPT.
13 Aug 2018
Stakeholder APM Terminals Mumbai informed parties of likely delays. “This stoppage of traffic will have an adverse impact on terminal gate movement and traffic around [the] port area,” APM Terminals stated in a trade advisory.
A container ship at sea.
13 Aug 2018
A LinkedIn discussion served as a microcosm for how shippers and the broader logistics industry are wrestling with a few key questions regarding blockchain. Are blockchain’s proponents inordinately and/or prematurely boosting the new technology — including its appropriateness and efficiency-enhancing capabilities?
APM Terminals Pipavav.
10 Aug 2018
However, given India’s hyper-competitive shipping market, one month is not enough to conclude that the volume boost represents a long-term freight shift toward Pipavav from hinterland shippers controlled by rivals.
Visakhapatnam Port, India.
09 Aug 2018
Transshipment traffic is the cargo that is transported between an Indian port and an international “hub” port, when direct mainline connections are not available.
Maersk IBM blockchain project TradeLens.
09 Aug 2018
Maersk and IBM have fleshed out their designs for an industrywide blockchain solution – an open-source platform called TradeLens. There are a host of other blockchain initiatives in development, but as one stakeholder noted, they joined the Maresk-IBM venture based on Maersk’s history of innovation and IBM’s technological prowess, which gives the platform a “high probability of success.”