Terminal Operators

Terminal Operators

JOC.com provides the latest news about container terminal operators worldwide, including details of their ongoing projects and upcoming plans, and their initiatives for adopting various new technologies that speed up handling of mega-ship calls without incurring the higher upfront investment costs. According to Lloyd's List, the top ten port terminal operators are Cosco Shipping, Hutchison Port, PSA International, DP World, China Merchant Port Holdings, APM Terminals, Yilport Holding, Shanghai International Port Group, International Container Terminal Services, and Terminal Investment Ltd.


Cosco has undertaken a series of investments and expansions that serve as evidence that it’s pressing on strong with its ambitious aim.

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07 Dec 2022
New York–New Jersey is CMA CGM’s largest gateway on the US East Coast, and the carrier intends to further develop calls in the New York area for which the newly acquired terminals will provide future capacity.
01 Nov 2022
The Gulf Coast ports of Houston and Mobile are the fastest and third-fastest growing gateways for US imports of Asian goods as shippers look to diversify away from the West Coast, regardless of the outcome of longshore labor talks.
28 Oct 2022
The Port of New York and New Jersey and two of its marine terminals are funding further planning on a track project that would mean fewer delays out of the port.
26 Oct 2022
Canadian freight forwarders and their shipper-clients are calling on federal transportation agencies to address supply chain bottlenecks they say have resulted in delays and mounting detention and demurrage costs.
25 Oct 2022
Mediterranean Shipping Co.’s terminal arm is working with a developer to build a container facility at the Sparrows Point industrial park near the Port of Baltimore.
11 Oct 2022
Port operations in Liverpool continue to be heavily disrupted by escalating strike action, with no signs either party is willing to compromise in an increasingly bitter pay dispute.
05 Oct 2022
New detention and demurrage legislation in California will protect cargo interests, truckers, and freight intermediaries from some charges they say are unjust.
23 Sep 2022
Congestion is easing along Canada’s rail networks and at inland rail hubs in Toronto and Vancouver, and this is translating to declining rail container dwell times at the Port of Vancouver.
02 Sep 2022
The Port of Oakland says increasing a long-dwell container fee is needed to reduce congestion on the docks, but the port’s largest terminal worries that could attract unwanted pushback from the FMC.
30 Aug 2022
A new rail-road corridor in Prince Rupert will streamline the transfer of commodities from rail to marine containers, with the port hoping that export volumes through the gateway will boom in the coming years.
22 Aug 2022
Vancouver has experienced excessive container dwell times for several months as congestion at rail hubs in Toronto and Montreal reduced intermodal services to and from Canada’s largest port.
17 Aug 2022
The move by Maher Terminals effectively shortens the time a shipper is given to remove their cargo from the port before fees kick in, while putting pressure on motor carriers and warehouses to operate longer hours.
25 Jul 2022
Oakland’s container terminals were fully reopened Monday as truckers protesting California’s AB5 law confined their demonstrations to free-speech zones away from terminal gates.
25 Jul 2022
Port of New York and New Jersey drayage carriers say their ability to operate is being hamstrung by the need to find scarce appointments at marine terminals for returning empties.
22 Jul 2022
Terminal operators in Oakland worked vessels on Friday, but gate operations were idled to avoid attracting truckers protesting California’s AB5 law.
19 Jul 2022
Truckers protesting the demise of the owner-operator working model in California shut down Oakland International Container Terminal after longshore workers refused to cross a picket line.
28 Jun 2022
Jacksonville Port Authority’s chief executive sees a chance to reverse a downward trend in the port’s Asia business with the completion of dredging and marine terminal improvements that will allow post-Panamax ships to call.
13 Jun 2022
BNSF and Union Pacific say shippers are letting their containers sit too long at inland hubs, especially Chicago, delaying the return of trains to Southern California.
08 Jun 2022
Brooklyn marine terminal operator Red Hook Container Terminal lost its bid to collect a $13 million demurrage bill that it claimed was due from an ocean carrier under a Federal Maritime Commission tariff.
31 May 2022
A new report on marine terminal automation found that while reducing labor costs is a major driver, multiple benefits throughout the operation must be considered in order to justify the large capital expenditure involved.
27 May 2022
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is looking for additional land well ahead of dredging that would bring larger ships and double the freight coming into the busiest US East Coast port over the coming two decades.
26 May 2022
West Coast port officials say excessive rail container dwell times due to insufficient rail assets and capacity threaten the gains ports are making in clearing vessel backlogs and lowering truck turn times.
24 May 2022
The Jacksonville Port Authority plans to meet next month with a regional electric utility on how power lines that impose a draft restriction on ships can be raised.
16 May 2022
Container terminals in Vancouver and Prince Rupert are operating at full capacity, meaning they are unable to handle any cargo diversions from US West Coast ports if longshore contract negotiations head south.
02 May 2022
Approval of APM’s expansion project comes as Mobile continues to see strong growth, with year-to-date volumes through March climbing 10 percent.
02 May 2022
Vancouver port stakeholders say stubbornly high rail container dwell times and vessel delays at anchor have become a “new normal” that could worsen existing bottlenecks when import volumes increase as expected this summer.
29 Apr 2022
As terminal operators implement excessive dwell fees to get containers moving, importers are pushing the US Federal Maritime Commission to step in and regulate the charges under the same standards as demurrage.
25 Apr 2022
Seven ocean carriers blocked empty container returns to New York-New Jersey marine terminals last week as import volumes swell due to West Coast freight diversions.
06 Apr 2022
Truckers working the Port of New York and New Jersey say they are not always being paid enough for increasingly longer trips away from the port to deliver empty containers.
05 Apr 2022
Analysts worry that a lack of long-term cargo growth in the Arabian Gulf could result in large amounts of unused capacity at the competing ports of Jebel Ali in Dubai and Khalifa in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
05 Apr 2022
Maersk and GCT New York have settled a lawsuit over the switch of three vessel services to APM Terminals that GCT alleged was a breach of contract.
30 Mar 2022
US port executives have told the Federal Maritime Commission that additional information about whose containers are on their docks would go a long way toward clearing congestion.
21 Mar 2022
Plans to build a baseball stadium and condominiums at the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal suffered a setback when an advisory committee on waterfront property development recommended the 50-acre site remain for maritime use.
15 Mar 2022
The need to share data among supply chain participants has become a priority amid record volumes of US imports that have resulted in vessel backlogs, terminal congestion, and a stressed inland logistics sector.
14 Mar 2022
The Port of Mobile is receiving $200 million in federal funds that will boost major projects designed to make it an inland intermodal gateway.