Terminal Operators

Terminal Operators

JOC.com provides the latest news about container terminal operators worldwide, including details of their ongoing projects and upcoming plans, and their initiatives for adopting various new technologies that speed up handling of mega-ship calls without incurring the higher upfront investment costs. According to Lloyd's List, the top ten port terminal operators are Cosco Shipping, Hutchison Port, PSA International, DP World, China Merchant Port Holdings, APM Terminals, Yilport Holding, Shanghai International Port Group, International Container Terminal Services, and Terminal Investment Ltd.


Cosco has undertaken a series of investments and expansions that serve as evidence that it’s pressing on strong with its ambitious aim.

News & Analysis

15 Sep 2021
The failure of importers to move their containers from the docks to their warehouses in a timely manner is the root cause of congestion at both East and West coast ports, terminal operators say.
10 Sep 2021
Asset providers say it will be difficult in the short term to satisfy the transportation requirements needed to handle growing cargo volumes in Southern California.
01 Sep 2021
Fenix Marine Service’s new crane order is the next step in the terminal’s expansion plans to increase throughput capacity and improve productivity as the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach grapple with congestion in another year of record container volumes.
26 Aug 2021
Carriers that had struggled to find ships to deploy in new services in the booming trans-Pacific say their main challenge now is to find space at West Coast terminals.
17 Aug 2021
Completion of the Long Beach Container Terminal expansion project provides an additional 1 million TEU in annual capacity as new trans-Pacific services and extra-loader vessels search for terminal space amid record import volumes.
17 Aug 2021
A month after grabbing its first North American customer, Portchain has added a new Mediterranean transshipment terminal to its growing footprint of container ports using its berth planning software.
12 Aug 2021
Maersk has shifted its call at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) on the India/Middle East–Mediterranean ME2 service to the PSA-operated BMCT after increasing vessel capacity on the loop to an average of 10,000 TEU.
21 Jul 2021
A liner-led consortium aimed at using blockchain to digitize key container shipping processes has launched a cargo release product in China.
20 Jul 2021
The shipping industry is closely watching COVID developments in Vietnam that have closed factories there, given the recent Yantian outbreak that spiraled into months of congestion in Southern China.
09 Jul 2021
European logistics technology provider Blockshipping is aiming to help terminals reduce so-called “shuffle moves” by predicting dwell time in the yard six hours before a container is discharged.
02 Jun 2021
The Port of Virginia believes two milestones will put them on firm footing to become the deepest port on the US East by late 2023 or early 2024.
21 May 2021
Almost every performance indicator in Los Angeles-Long Beach is trending positively, but increasing rail container dwell times could threaten the terminals’ ability to handle peak season volumes if the backlog of rail containers isn’t moved soon.
19 May 2021
Total Terminals International informed the ILWU on Monday it intends to automate its Long Beach terminal, as the union urges port and city officials to consider the loss of jobs that results from automation.
19 May 2021
Most of India’s cargo gateways reopened Tuesday morning, but carriers tell JOC.com it will take them at least until the end of the week to clear the backlog of vessels that built up over the weekend.
13 May 2021
The LA-LB port complex is clearing out its cargo backlog, with the goal of the ports and terminal operators being to return to normal fluidity before the 2021 peak-shipping season begins in August.
21 Apr 2021
In its drive to be more than a port terminal operator, DP World is spearheading a program that gives traders in “south–south” lanes between emerging markets logistics benefits for routing trade through Dubai’s airport and seaport.
19 Apr 2021
The new head of TraPac joins the company at a time when terminal operators in Southern California are facing severe congestion driven by near-record container volumes.
12 Apr 2021
Although railcar availability in Los Angeles-Long Beach is approaching normal levels, container terminal operators say they need twice the number of railcars they normally receive in order to reduce the backlog of rail containers that is clogging their facilities.
29 Mar 2021
A severe shortage of railcars in Los Angeles-Long Beach is causing rail container dwell times to double, which is further stressing already-congested terminals and inhibiting the ability of the terminals to ship imports to inland rail hubs.
05 Mar 2021
The scheduled March 10 rollout of Blume Global’s VIP Solution aims to simplify and expedite the process of making trucker appointments in order to improve truck turn times.
01 Mar 2021
The Port of Virginia will now set a hard date to accept export containers for each vessel, providing relief to BCOs dealing with frequently changing exporter receiving dates due to vessel delays.
05 Feb 2021
Seeing glimpses of improved productivity, terminal operators in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach predict a return to some sense of normalcy between April and June.
21 Jan 2021
The World Bank and International Association of Ports and Harbors are urging ports and maritime ecosystems to quickly find public and private solutions to digitize operations and build data-sharing initiatives to bolster trade growth.
12 Jan 2021
Truck turn times and container dwell times deteriorated further in Los Angeles-Long Beach in December, with even the best-performing terminals struggling to handle the volumes.
23 Dec 2020
Because asset owners can’t economically invest in excess capacity for volumes that may never materialize, the risk of supply chain disruption caused by external shocks, especially surprise surges in demand, likely will never go away.
22 Dec 2020
Despite an all-time record in container throughput last month in Norfolk, the Port of Virginia has maintained fluidity through terminals and ensured equipment is available to truckers.
08 Dec 2020
The Port of Virginia has gained a weekly service that will be the loop’s only US stop from Northern Europe and the port’s first-ever direct connection for exporters to the Caribbean.
09 Nov 2020
A short-sea sailing on Oct. 20 marked the first cabotage shipment on the Montreal-Toronto route since the early 1980s, while DP World plans to expand its short-sea network in the greater Vancouver area.
06 Nov 2020
With the entire Southern California supply chain overwhelmed by imports, harbor truckers are asking ocean carriers to suspend detention and demurrage charges until the congestion problems are fixed.
27 Oct 2020
Port software provider Portchain has grown the number of terminals using its berth optimization solution to two transshipment hubs in Europe as terminals seek to better align equipment, capacity, and human resources to vessel calls.
23 Oct 2020
With work to extend the Port of Halifax’s South End Container Terminal now complete, the PSA-operated facility is capable of handling multiple ultra-large container vessels at the same time.
22 Oct 2020
Intermodal equipment providers issue a dire warning that chassis shortages in Southern California will persist into next year, but truckers say that is unacceptable.
22 Oct 2020
TradeLens will use the integration specialist Youredi to offer data providers and consumers on its platform the option to connect their systems to the container visibility and documentation product co-developed by Maersk and IBM.
19 Oct 2020
The congestion that has plagued the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach over the past two months is expected to get worse in the coming weeks owing to a “record” spike in imports.
19 Oct 2020
Shippers contend with a lack of transparency when it comes to container lines communicating changes for the earliest return date for their boxes, creating operational headaches for cargo owners already affected by tariffs and COVID-19, new research has found.