Terminal Operators

Terminal Operators

JOC.com provides the latest news about container terminal operators worldwide, including details of their ongoing projects and upcoming plans, and their initiatives for adopting various new technologies that speed up handling of mega-ship calls without incurring the higher upfront investment costs. According to Lloyd's List, the top ten port terminal operators are Cosco Shipping, Hutchison Port, PSA International, DP World, China Merchant Port Holdings, APM Terminals, Yilport Holding, Shanghai International Port Group, International Container Terminal Services, and Terminal Investment Ltd.

Examples of innovative terminal projects include:

n APM’s pilot project on a 100-acre parcel at its Pier 400 terminal in Los Angeles, which will be the first in North America to use autonomous (unmanned) straddle carriers, in order to lower upfront costs because they don’t require extensive modifications to existing terminals. These ‘auto-strads’ can operate on existing terminals, and will therefore be more scalable than other automated terminals, which must be reconfigured with tracks for automated stacking cranes and sensors for automated guided vehicles. 

n The TraPac terminal in Los Angeles and the Long Beach Container Terminal’s automated facility, known as Middle Harbor. The automated guided vehicles at Middle Harbor and the automated straddle carriers at TraPac are driverless.

n Semi-automated operations in the ports of New York-New Jersey and Norfolk, which feature automated stacking cranes in the container yards but maintain dozens of longshore jobs driving yard tractors.


Cosco has undertaken a series of investments and expansions that serve as evidence that it’s pressing on strong with its ambitious aim.

News & Analysis

22 Oct 2019
Maher Terminals in the Port of New York and New Jersey has cut the time taken to scan an import container for radioactivity, improving the fluidity of cargo heading out of the port by rail.
17 Oct 2019
GCT has joined with a number of other terminal operators in participating in the IBM- and Maersk-developed TradeLens platform to get better access to container data and visibility.
17 Oct 2019
APM’s terminal at the Port of New York and New Jersey, which is undergoing a major upgrade, will be led by an executive with shipping, intermodal and chassis experience, starting Nov. 1.
30 Sep 2019
The Dubai-based global port terminal operator is looking to position an existing inland freight terminal in Hyderabad as a regional multimodal distribution hub as part of a larger effort to offer integrated logistics services in India.
23 Sep 2019
Lauren Brand, a senior administrator at the US Maritime Administration, will take the helm next month of the main organization representing stevedores and marine terminal operators as it faces infrastructure, regulatory, security and other issues.
16 Sep 2019
Fluctuations in tariffs have long necessitated a diversified and nimble supply chain strategy, but the current US-China trade war is creating unique challenges in the refrigerated cargo sector.
05 Sep 2019
Prince Rupert will receive $153.7 million from Canada’s National Trade Corridors Fund for three infrastructure projects that will increase capacity and terminal access.
03 Sep 2019
Marad’s request for input on whether the government agency should study port-related automation has generated a lack of enthusiasm from waterfront labor unions and a firm engaged in transportation systems development.
30 Aug 2019
The US Federal Maritime Commission will allow terminal operators Luis Ayala Colon and Puerto Rico Terminals to create a joint company, but vows tighter monitoring of the venture.
Port Newark Container Terminal
22 Aug 2019
The five terminals that comprise the New York Terminal Conference in the Port of New York and New Jersey will increase demurrage fees in October as part of their annual fee revision process.
16 Aug 2019
Gulf Stream Marine Vice President Tony Jaworski and Business Development Manager Brett Holliday discuss the Logistic stevedore and terminal operator's expectations for steel trade, wind energy, and consolidation.
15 Aug 2019
Terminal operators say an increase in truck turn times in Los Angeles and Long Beach last month does not signal a return to the congestion experienced during the 2018 peak season.
Private JNPT terminals resist incentives for Chabahar calls
15 Aug 2019
India is investing $500 million in Iran’s Chabahar port, but a lack of demand has forced the Indian government to consider offering tariff discounts at Indian ports for carriers en route to Chabahar.
Prince Rupert looks ahead to next million TEUs
14 Aug 2019
Sponsored: Port of Prince Rupert President and CEO Shaun Stevenson discusses the capacity challenges of early growth, hitting the 1 million TEU milestone, and plans for 2019 expansion.
30 Jul 2019
If truckers in Los Angeles-Long Beach improve on the current performance of more than one-third of the available appointment slots being unused each week, there would be sufficient capacity to handle all truck move and congestion would diminish, according to a PierPass study
30 Jul 2019
The lead investor in a container support facility in Los Angeles criticized the port for what he termed giving in to political and ILWU pressure by declaring a key efficiency initiative known as the Harbor Performance Enhancement Center to be “infeasible.”
29 Jul 2019
Cargo is growing again at GCT New York, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey sees the terminal’s unused capacity as ripe for development to meet the port’s future needs.
26 Jul 2019
Long Beach Container Terminal is rolling out a trucker interface program that uses APIs to automatically notify truckers of container availability.
25 Jul 2019
Sponsored: Keith Reardon, CN's senior vice president for consumer products supply chain growth, maps out the Canadian freight railway’s strategy for keeping pace with market forces.
Australian shippers feel pinch as DP World-labor woes escalate
18 Jul 2019
Ongoing labor tension between dockworkers and DP World Australia ratcheted up on Thursday after the company said it would cut 10% of its workforce. Shippers, meanwhile, are feeling the impact of ongoing strike action by dockworkers.
17 Jul 2019
While incentives implemented by the Indian government have sparked an increase in coastal and transshipment volumes, it has come at the financial expense of private terminal operators in the country.
12 Jul 2019
While blockchain as a mechanism to speed the digitization of shipping documentation gets traction, development by a TradeLens rival will test whether systems are interoperable.
11 Jul 2019
The vote, following more than four hours of heated and oft-raucous debate on Wednesday, is more symbolic than impactful
08 Jul 2019
Groups representing truckers, BCOs, and railroads announce support for APM’s automation project at the Port of Los Angeles as the harbor commission prepares for a crucial vote on Thursday.
Dockworkers began a two-day strike Monday against DP World at the Australian port of Brisbane
08 Jul 2019
With a three-month cooling-off period come and gone without a new deal, dockworkers at DP World’s Australian container terminals are putting the heat on the company this week with a series of strikes.
More North American port automation expected
04 Jul 2019
Five North American terminals have automated to date, although growing vessel sizes and container exchanges at the busiest gateways have terminal operators at least considering the possibility they will need either full or semi-automation to continue growing.
John Atkins, president GCT
03 Jul 2019
Sponsored: John Atkins, President, Global Container Terminals USA, discusses his company's recent expansions, including their ExpressRail Port Jersey and truck reservation system.
Bill would allow California agency to block port automation
03 Jul 2019
A California bill that would allow a state agency to block port automation comes as the ILWU is challenging plans by APM Terminals to automate a 100-acre portion of the Port of Los Angeles’ Pier 400 facility for refrigerated containers.
Technology not enough to fix marine terminal pain points
02 Jul 2019
The technology is available and money can be found to add visibility into the black hole of the marine terminal, but increasing complexity caused by bigger ships and larger container exchanges — and difficulties in getting supply chain partners to share data — are limiting stakeholders’ ability to optimize performance.
24 Jun 2019
Analysis of automated terminals by a Moffatt & Nichol engineer finds the capex cost of constructing an auto-strad terminal like APM is developing in Los Angeles is one-third that of a fully-automated terminal such as Middle Harbor in Long Beach, but the auto-strad terminal has 49 percent lower throughput per acre, which limits terminal capacity.
20 Jun 2019
Amid intense scrutiny from longshore unions throughout North America, the LA harbor commission on Thursday approved a construction permit at APM Terminals Pier 400 that will open the door to a scalable type of automation that could be incorporated into smaller terminal operations in other ports.
29 May 2019
Sponsored: T. Parker Host's Commercial Director Jeff Keever discusses industry evolution, his thoughts on increasing supply chain efficiency, and the company strategy behind acquiring Avondale Shipping.
29 May 2019
Singapore’s Tuas mega-port project is expected to bring greater efficiencies to existing operations while increasing capacity by about 20 million TEU annually in the first phase alone.
28 May 2019
A service linking Red Hook Terminals in New York with Central America began in April, giving a boost to the smallest terminal in the Port of New York and New Jersey.
28 May 2019
Terminal operator Hutchison and Canadian National Railway have signed on to a plan to build a new container terminal in Quebec, which is still looking for an ocean carrier customer.