Navis Expands Global Footprint in China as Da Chan Bay Terminal One Goes Live with N4

JOC Staff | Dec 3, 2013, 10:31 AM EST

OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Navis, the global technology standard for managing the movement of cargo through terminals, announced that Modern Terminals Limited has gone live on the Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS) at Da Chan Bay Terminal One (DCB), located in Shenzhen, China. The N4 platform enables Modern Terminals to generate significant value for its customers through improved operations and productivity.
DCB is one of the most recent container terminals built in Shenzhen to handle the largest carriers at the highest productivity and efficiency levels. Due to the successful partnership between the DCB and Navis implementation teams, future implementations at other Modern Terminals’ sites will have a proven template to achieve go-live success. Modern Terminals’ larger, second site in Hong Kong is scheduled to go-live with N4 in mid-2014.
“The dedication of the project team, which consisted of members from MTL Hong Kong, DCB, Navis and Accenture, was unparalleled,” said Benjamin Lai, Managing Director, DCB. “Collectively we were able to utilize essential implementation best practices in order to ensure the terminal was prepared for a successful go-live. The implementation would not have been executed as smoothly if not for the extensive system testing and training, and change management exercises our terminal underwent. With this project complete, we are confident that Modern Terminals’ Hong Kong N4 go-live will also be a resounding success.”
N4 offers a trusted platform for Modern Terminals due to its flexibility, extensibility and proven success in the marketplace. The implementation of N4 enables Modern Terminals to automate and standardize operational processes, including equipment and yard operations, to ensure the best customer service offering that is aligned with the company’s brand promises. In addition to the Navis TOS, the project also included the integration and upgrade of other existing systems that support the gate, customs clearance, billing and customer portal.
“For Modern Terminals to choose Navis instead of continuing with our own TOS IT platform – which has shaped our world class reputation and delivery over the last 40 years – is a testament to the confidence we have in N4,” said Anders Dommestrup, COO, Modern Terminals. “We are confident that the implementation of the Navis TOS in Da Chan Bay and then Hong Kong over the next 6 months will be seamless. We’ll be able to enhance our operational processes with the most advanced technology available, ultimately improving overall performance to port calls in Hong Kong.”
“Whenever Navis is approached to replace a legacy TOS, we know that the stakes for success are extremely high,” said Bill Walsh, president and CEO, Navis. “Modern Terminals recognized the need to address market changes by using a more advanced technology platform like N4. We look forward to helping Modern Terminals deliver the reliability and efficiency their customers are demanding, and further position its network of terminals as key players in Asia, and the ocean shipping industry as a whole.”
N4 is Navis’ latest generation TOS, allowing customers the flexibility and scalability needed to run their operations - from a single terminal to multiple terminals spanning numerous geographic locations managed from one central location.
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