International Ports

International Ports

Latest news, data and analysis about how the world’s major ports are dealing with the complex challenges that result from having to handle larger and larger ships, while nevertheless maintaining or improving their productivity.

Coverage analyzes how the world’s major container ports are dealing with the impact of a host of new technologies. The largest container ports in Asia include Shanghai, Singapore, Shenzhen, Ningbo-Zhoushan Hong Kong, Qingdao, Gwangzhou, Tianjin, Busan, and Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The largest container ports in Europe include Antwerp (Belgium), Bremen/Bremerhaven (Germany), Felixstowe (UK), Gioia Tauro (Italy), Gdansk (Poland), Gothenburg (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany), Novorossiysk (Russia), Primorsk (Russia), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Saint Petersburg (Russia).

The lessons learned by the world’s leading ports are explained with clarity and a minimal amount of industry jargon. Coverage and analysis of the impact of these developments on the shippers who use these ports, and on global supply chains that impact a broader range of stakeholders in the global manufacturing, retail, and other key sectors.


With a solid economic expansion underway and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement in place, the export/import outlook is bright for Canada. The key task now is to fully fund vital infrastructure improvements. 

News & Analysis

Rail blockade forces Halifax ship diversions
20 Feb 2020
Halifax and the ports of Montreal and Vancouver have endured cargo backlogs at marine terminals and disruption to domestic and international shipments.
20 Feb 2020
Capacity expansion at Bangladesh’s second port of Mongla is meant to relieve congestion at the busy port of Chittagong, where frequent vessel backlogs result in delays and demurrage costs for shippers.
19 Feb 2020
With Canadian National Railway’s Eastern Canadian network virtually shut down due to First Nation blockades protesting a planned pipeline, shipping and other business groups are urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to bring an end to the conflict.
19 Feb 2020
Colombo had respectable container volume growth last year, but saw its dominance over Indian cargo begin to slip following cabotage reform enacted in mid-2018.
Port of Prince Rupert rail restored
18 Feb 2020
A rail blockade in Ontario as part of a more than week-long First Nation protest against a proposed oil pipeline in Canada remains in place, and CN’s eastern Canadian network is at a near standstill.
14 Feb 2020
Shippers in Bangladesh are preparing for delays and higher costs after the Chittagong Port Authority implemented a precautionary measure related to the coronavirus that will keep vessels coming from China idling offshore for at least a week.
13 Feb 2020
A weak performance in the second half of 2019 caused Rotterdam to end the year with only a slight gain in cargo volume.
13 Feb 2020
The reform measure approved by India’s federal cabinet aims to provide more functional independence — operational and financial — to public ports that have stagnated due to years of underinvestment and bureaucratic controls.
12 Feb 2020
Container dwell times in Vancouver and Prince Rupert are mounting as First Nations demonstrators defy court injunctions and continue to blockade Canadian National mainlines in Western Canada and Ontario. CN cancelled hundreds of trains this week.
10 Feb 2020
Congestion and excessive container dwell times at the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert began to dissipate Monday following the cleanup of rock slides along rail lines in British Columbia and an injunction against First Nations’ protestors who were blocking truck traffic in Vancouver.
06 Feb 2020
Citing ever-increasing vessel sizes and a desire to not lose future business to private ports, the Indian government will move ahead with the development of a deep-water container port about 120 miles north of its primary gateway Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.
04 Feb 2020
Bangladesh’s top port of Chittagong says shippers will have one week to move containers that have overstayed their free time in storage that is at 78 percent capacity.
31 Jan 2020
JNPT, India’s busiest public container harbor, has issued a trade notice setting a uniform rate scale linked to handling services for transshipment containers as part of what it called a move to “eliminate discrepancies.”
30 Jan 2020
The Port of Montreal is looking for a new CEO and president after Sylvie Vachon announced she will retire after 30 years, the last 11 years leading the port, as cargo volumes -- especially Asian cargo -- grew.
Container lines call Indian terminal pricing regulation a ‘trade disruptor’
27 Jan 2020
Carriers are pushing back against the latest move by Indian regulators to streamline logistics costs, saying it will result in inefficiencies and delays in trade flows.
Mexican port volumes in 2019 lowest in six years on slowing economy
24 Jan 2020
The combination of Mexico’s economic woes and weakness among key trading partners pulled down the volume of cargo moving through Mexican ports in 2019, the first year volumes have fallen since 2013.
CN taking more hands-on approach to create ‘Prince Rupert’ of the east
24 Jan 2020
CN’s new approach to developing the ports of Halifax and Quebec comes after its limited success in growing intermodal volumes out of the Port of Montreal.
23 Jan 2020
As India continues its transparency push for logistics costs, regulators are turning an eye toward the pricing practices followed by carriers for container yard-to-container yard shipments.
21 Jan 2020
The new year has hardly gotten off to a quiet start for shippers using DP World’s four Australian terminals as industrial action by dock workers and an increase in port charges has thrown up fresh challenges.
21 Jan 2020
India continues its march to bring transparency and efficiency to logistics costs, with the latest move allowing shippers to bypass carriers when settling terminal handling charges.
14 Jan 2020
The Indian government is looking for a new roadmap to boost underutilized infrastructure at major ports, including increasing private participation in cargo operations.
08 Jan 2020
A jump in pilotage fees at China’s Yantian International Container Terminal come as Hong Kong is already under pressure to maintain its position as one of the world’s top 10 container ports amid a continual shift of volumes to nearby Chinese ports and some shift in manufacturing from China to southeast Asian nations.
07 Jan 2020
Although the pace of Indian container growth has moderated in recent months, the latest trends suggest volumes will remain in positive territory through the end of the 2019-20 fiscal year in March.
06 Jan 2020
El transporte de la carga hacia el interior desde los puertos de México seguirá siendo un desafío para los consignadores en 2020, y se espera que la capacidad de transporte por camión siga siendo limitada. Pero dos nuevas iniciativas podrían ayudar a redirigir la carga desde las carreteras.
03 Jan 2020
The country's government is looking to improve cargo fluidity at key seaports and border crossings — and reduce traffic on congested roads — via increased use of intermodal rail and a new marine highway program.
31 Dec 2019
There is no denying the Indian government has in recent years demonstrated a stronger intent to recapture domestic cargo transshipped through Sri Lanka’s Colombo and other foreign hubs, but there appears to be no quick fix on the table in 2020.
US West Coast ports competing through infrastructure, technology
30 Dec 2019
Seaports on the US West Coast aim to regain some of the market share they have lost over the past five years to the East and Gulf coasts by building infrastructure and implementing technology needed to move cargo cheaper and faster.
24 Dec 2019
The Pacific Northwest ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert are moving forward with short-term marine terminal, rail, and roadway infrastructure projects, while on the East Coast, Halifax is extending a container terminal berth to handle larger ships and Montreal is increasing annual container handling capacity.
23 Dec 2019
The Indian government is moving ahead with regulatory reform meant to streamline terminal charges after rejecting calls by a key carrier group to alter some parts of the proposal.
18 Dec 2019
As the Indian government continues its push to streamline and tighten logistics costs, it has now fixed its gaze on rail charges levied at its primary gateway, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.
17 Dec 2019
India is considering measures to bolster the port of Cochin’s standing in the region to boost volumes and better compete with the Sri Lankan transshipment hub of Colombo.
12 Dec 2019
The Port of Montreal on Tuesday began posting artificial-intelligence driven predictions for next-day truck turn times to help truckers and BCOs make decisions on when to drop-off or pick-up a containers.
11 Dec 2019
The benefits of automated port terminals go beyond lower labor costs and are likely to drive an increase in their use worldwide, a top industry speaker said Wednesday.
10 Dec 2019
Container volumes handled by Indian ports fell 10 percent in November, as data showed the country’s minor, private gateways have begun to show declines that had been borne exclusively by their major, public counterparts.
09 Dec 2019
México está avanzando con un nuevo programa de cabotaje para permitir a los cargadores mover la carga sobre el agua dentro de las fronteras del país, proporcionando una alternativa al transporte por camión. Esta traducción al español de una historia de JOC es parte de nuestra cobertura mejorada de México.