International Ports

International Ports

Latest news, data and analysis about how the world’s major ports are dealing with the complex challenges that result from having to handle larger and larger ships, while nevertheless maintaining or improving their productivity.

Coverage analyzes how the world’s major container ports are dealing with the impact of a host of new technologies. The largest container ports in Asia include Shanghai, Singapore, Shenzhen, Ningbo-Zhoushan Hong Kong, Qingdao, Gwangzhou, Tianjin, Busan, and Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The largest container ports in Europe include Antwerp (Belgium), Bremen/Bremerhaven (Germany), Felixstowe (UK), Gioia Tauro (Italy), Gdansk (Poland), Gothenburg (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany), Novorossiysk (Russia), Primorsk (Russia), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Saint Petersburg (Russia).

The lessons learned by the world’s leading ports are explained with clarity and a minimal amount of industry jargon. Coverage and analysis of the impact of these developments on the shippers who use these ports, and on global supply chains that impact a broader range of stakeholders in the global manufacturing, retail, and other key sectors.


With a solid economic expansion underway and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement in place, the export/import outlook is bright for Canada. The key task now is to fully fund vital infrastructure improvements. 

News & Analysis

03 Sep 2019
Despite some progress in streamlining procedures and improving supply chain flow, stakeholders say there is more work India needs to do in order to alleviate trade bottlenecks and lower logistics costs, particularly on inland trade.
30 Aug 2019
Shippers who find Mexico’s customs system slow, unwieldy, and unpredictable might find hope in a project the Port of Veracruz is about to launch that uses blockchain technology to create transparency for cargo moving through the customs process.
29 Aug 2019
Volumes have rocketed at the DP World Cochin terminal in India, a result of recent cabotage reforms that paved the way for foreign-flagged tonnage in the country’s coastal trade.
27 Aug 2019
Ireland’s second-largest port has boosted its customs facilities ahead of the turbulence expected from what is looking increasingly like a no-deal Brexit by the United Kingdom from the EU.
26 Aug 2019
The group that represents India’s privately owned ports and terminals wants to ensure that revenues are distributed properly under a new pricing model in the final stages of implementation by the government.
19 Aug 2019
Acquisitive-minded Adani Group is pursuing a deal that would give it a 72 percent stake of India's Krishnapatnam port.
17 Aug 2019
The container terminal at the Port of Progreso, in the south of Mexico, will undergo an upgrade by operator APM Terminals Yucatan as the federal government also targets the port for enhancement in a plan to create a software, electronics and automobile development zone nearby.
Prince Rupert looks ahead to next million TEUs
14 Aug 2019
Sponsored: Port of Prince Rupert President and CEO Shaun Stevenson discusses the capacity challenges of early growth, hitting the 1 million TEU milestone, and plans for 2019 expansion.
14 Aug 2019
The Wednesday announcement by the Canada Infrastructure Bank solidifies the development of the project and promises funding, as an acceleration of container volume growth within the last three years pushes the Port of Montreal toward full capacity.
13 Aug 2019
The investment adds momentum to the port’s efforts to improve truck fluidity following high single-digit growth last year that has since moderated to mid- single-digit gains.
Top 50 Global Container Ports 2018
09 Aug 2019
Asian gateways continued to dominate the global port market in 2018, handling more than three-quarters of the total throughput of the top 50 container ports worldwide.
06 Aug 2019
A new free trade zone created in the metropolitan area of Montreal will make it easier for manufacturers, producers, and wholesalers to make and store goods without paying taxes or excise duties on products that will eventually leave the country.
05 Aug 2019
A plan in the early stages of development in Mexico would create a cabotage program that would offer an alternative to moving cargo inside the country by truck, while boosting the country’s ports.
02 Aug 2019
A new round of bad weather has exacerbated recent congestion at the Bangladeshi port of Chittagong, with berthing delays averaging about eight days.
01 Aug 2019
A new agreement on handling rail operations at India’s busiest port is expected to put an end to infighting that existed among the port’s terminal operators.
25 Jul 2019
Sponsored: Keith Reardon, CN's senior vice president for consumer products supply chain growth, maps out the Canadian freight railway’s strategy for keeping pace with market forces.
23 Jul 2019
The government of Canada commits $102 million to improve cargo velocity and terminal fluidity at the west coast ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert.
23 Jul 2019
A new transloading facility, this one for plastic pellets, will generate increased exports at Prince Rupert. Laden exports now comprise 25 percent of total container volume at the Fairview container terminal, which was originally envisioned as primarily an import gateway.
18 Jul 2019
After strong cargo growth in 2018 due in part to diversions from Southern California, North America’s Pacific Northwest region is using a slower 2019 to implement process improvements and infrastructure developments needed to handle future growth.
Australian shippers feel pinch as DP World-labor woes escalate
18 Jul 2019
Ongoing labor tension between dockworkers and DP World Australia ratcheted up on Thursday after the company said it would cut 10% of its workforce. Shippers, meanwhile, are feeling the impact of ongoing strike action by dockworkers.
17 Jul 2019
While incentives implemented by the Indian government have sparked an increase in coastal and transshipment volumes, it has come at the financial expense of private terminal operators in the country.
11 Jul 2019
Though many ports and stakeholders have already begun using an enhanced digital collaboration platform, India has set a July 20 deadline to get the laggards in line.
Work slowdown hits DP World Nhava Sheva
10 Jul 2019
Crane workers Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal in India have slowed operations in recent weeks over a contract dispute, and data shows their actions are having an impact on volume flow through the facility.
Dockworkers began a two-day strike Monday against DP World at the Australian port of Brisbane
08 Jul 2019
With a three-month cooling-off period come and gone without a new deal, dockworkers at DP World’s Australian container terminals are putting the heat on the company this week with a series of strikes.
US ports running smoothly ahead of expected ‘normal’ peak
05 Jul 2019
North America’s major gateways are operating efficiently as the eastbound trans-Pacific prepares for what is projected to be a “normal” peak season in August through October.
ndia considers ways to boost transshipment
05 Jul 2019
India is looking to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as an option to win transshipment business that is now going to rival ports in the region.
01 Jul 2019
Remarks at a Mexico City trade show by Hector Lopez Gutierrez, coordinator general of the ports and merchant marine, offered a rare view of how President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), who took office in December, plans to approach port investment.
28 Jun 2019
An on-site customs examination center at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust is expected to speed cargo movement and ease many of the long-standing concerns for shippers at Indian ports.
26 Jun 2019
Customs authorities at India’s JNPT want to hear from shipping lines this week on the issue of extra charges faced by terminal users.
25 Jun 2019
British Columbia employers have ratified a contract that was approved Monday by ILWU Canada, likely ensuring labor peace in Vancouver and Prince Rupert for the next five years.
25 Jun 2019
The plan to expand South End Container Terminal, also known as Halterm Container Terminal Ltd, with an expected price tag of C$416 million (US$315 million), got 50 percent more support in the two-part survey than the plan to build a new terminal in Dartmouth, across the harbor from the existing port, at a cost of C$1.4 billion.
21 Jun 2019
Rising cargo volumes have prompted the Port of Montreal to seek proposals from its two existing terminal operators for the planned new Contrecoeur terminal in order to hasten its completion.
20 Jun 2019
A new Canada customs inspection facility close to the Port of Vancouver is expected to reduce truck congestion and expedite security inspections at Canada’s largest port.
17 Jun 2019
The group representing local ship agents at India’s Jawaharlal Nehru port is asking for refunds for what it claims are overcharges made by terminals.