CHIMPORT - The 2013 World Brands China Import Fair News Release

CHIMPORT - The 2013 World Brands China Import Fair News Release

Sep 24, 2013

The 2013 World Brands China (Guangzhou) Import Fair, is the first world-class Expo focusing on importing products (Consumer Sector);

The first event in South China winning international recognition, as well as featuring brand and nation images of “Made in a country”.  (Brazil delegation, for the first time creates a “Made in Brazil” image in South China area.)

The first worldwide Brand to Nation services platform. helping global brands locate and market in China;

The first successful case of “Interactive platform” that takes advantage of imports to boost the service outsourcing exportation;

The first one to establish the “Chinese Premium Service Provider Group”,  transforming from “Made in China” to “Made for China”.

This is CHIMPORT - “The 2013 World Brands China (Guangzhou) Import Fair, dedicated in China’s import market development, aims to integrate global brands with Chinese representatives effectively.  The expo targets the professionals involving import business, including some organizations (Chambers of Commerce, associations and big firms), professional buyers (import/export enterprises, investors (looking for business opportunities), high-end consumers, etc.

“The 2013 World Brands China (Guangzhou) Import Fair” (Hereinafter referred to as CHIMPORT) will be held on Sep. 26th - 28th, in Pazhou Convention Center, Guangzhou, hosted by CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) Guangdong Committee, Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangzhou Municipality and Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.  The total exhibition space will be 10,000 square meters, within which there will be 382 brands.  Among them, the country pavilions cover 67% of the total space, and around 40 countries and regions are in participation.  As for the business sectors, premium foods, household articles, fashion, and wines etc. are included.  The exhibition specially focus on “World Brands” along with “Made in a country” concept, aiming to build up an international event about “Imported Brands”, introducing more premium brands resources into Guangzhou, which will ultimately promote the effective integration between the brands and Chinese Representatives, boosting a healthy development of China Import market, as long as taking advantage of Guangzhou’s preferential policies for international trade and the enabling environment.

CHIMPORT has acquired recognition and support from many countries around the world.  In the working period, some summit forums and conferences were held by the country representatives and the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangzhou Municipality centering on Guangzhou’s economic and trade cooperation, discussing and forecasting the prospective of international cooperation in Guangzhou, an international city: 20 CEOs from Brazil’s national commercial associations will attend the show, and discuss with Chinese business and political elites; New Zealand delegates will turn up and discuss with Chinese Representatives about the opportunities for New Zealand’s agricultural and traveling industries; Italy delegates will build up the Roman Colosseum on the spot, revealing 40 Italian premium brands which are looking for Chinese partners; Chile delegates will give a speech on “New Link for Pacific Alliance - Latin and Asia - Pacific Economic and Trade”, talking about the development for Latin - China economic and trade cooperation; Malaysia delegates will promote their local famous brands, conducting a social-wide discussion on Food Safety, Integrity and prospective.  As the strategical partner of CHIMPORT, Yihaodian will show up as a Chinese channel giant and embrace these global brands, on the subject of “Virtual Supermarket” and “Import Supermarket”.

The exhibition will set up various activity and functional areas on site for exhibitors or professionals to conduct negotiation and promotion; Bizabay - the high-end business promotion area, aims to provide a platform for global brands and the partners to display their brand images towards Chinese Representatives., supply chain (services) enterprises and associated government agencies, to seek for cooperation opportunities, and to communicate with political, business and academic circles; Global Wall - the electronic display area, will combine the information technology and multi-dimensional display to help the brands who are eager for CHIMPORT FAIR to promote themselves; Matching - the fast business matching, will assist the brands to present themselves by speech, along with the Global Wall promotion, meanwhile Chinese Representatoves, services providers can also figure out the matched brands and the information based on their demands, which will ultimately match the resources perfectly.

CHIMPORT adheres to the idea of “Business leads to cooperation, cooperation leads to win-win situation”, and will construct a pure world-wide business cooperation platform.  Welcome you, representatives from enterprises and institutions, who have eyes on China’s import industry and global cooperation development, come for visit and negotiation, and let us enhance Guangzhou’s influence on the world!