Panama creates special Laid-Up Registry

Panama creates special Laid-Up Registry

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) that oversees the world’s largest merchant fleet has created a special registry for vessels registered under the flag of Panama or that wish to register, and that comes from a foreign registry or that are laid up due to the world financial crisis. This special registry will be valid for one-year period, and could be extended by one additional year.

The Resolution 106-09 of February 9, 2009 that creates the Special Registry, warns the owner or ship operators that the vessel, registered under the Lay Up Special Registry Patent cannot be used for navigation and should comply will all the minimum safety and pollution prevention requirements for the purpose of not being a potential danger to the environment or the port where the vessel is laid up. “If the vessel does not comply with this regulation it could be deleted for our registry, according to the formalities of the law,” says the Merchant Marine Director General Alfonso Castillero.

“We consider it was necessary to take administrative actions to mitigate the crisis and reduce our customers and ship owners’ actual financial load,” adds Mr. Castillero.

The measure reduces registry fees by 40% to 50% and the vessels included in the ‘Laid Up’ Registry need neither full crew manning nor regular inspections while being under this special register, he explains.

“The owner can reactivate the vessel whenever he decides to do it, providing there is an inspection by a Recognized Organization (RO) covering the following conditions: safety, contamination prevention, marine protection and compliance with all national and international regulations applicable to the vessel, after which the RO will certify that the vessel satisfies national and international regulations,” says the Director of Merchant Marine.

Panama’s Merchant Marine totaled 8,487 vessels and 180 179M gt at the end of March.

About the AMP: The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) is the Panamanian autonomous agency, responsible for the compliance of international regulations, navigation controls and the obligation of Panama as a flag state and as such, oversees the world’s largest merchant fleet. PANAMA MARITIME AUTHORITY DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Tel: +507-501-5216 FAX+507 –501-51-94 E-MAIL: