New Flight Options to Israel from US and Canada

New Flight Options to Israel from US and Canada

New direct flights to Tel Aviv from Düsseldorf International Airport offer new connections and travel options for Israel-bound travelers from North America.

Düsseldorf, Germany -- Travelers to Israel from the US and Canada will have new choices when direct service to Tel Aviv begins this June from Düsseldorf International Airport, adding new connection options to the existing direct flights from ten US and Canadian airports (Atlanta, Chicago, Ft. Myers, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, Toronto, San Francisco, and Vancouver).

The two weekly flights to Tel Aviv on Mondays and Fridays are operated by Air Berlin, which also offers direct flights to Düsseldorf from Ft Myers, Miami, JFK, San Francisco, Montreal, and Vancouver, extending its network of international flights and connections. Other direct flights to Düsseldorf for potential connections to service to Tel Aviv include flights from Atlanta by Delta Air Lines, and from Chicago, Miami, Newark and Toronto by Lufthansa.

Düsseldorf International Airport, Germany’s third largest is a major hub for several airlines and one of the most convenient airports for travel from North America to Germany, Europe, and beyond. All gates are located in one terminal building with only short distances between gates and a minimum connecting time of 35 minutes, one of the shortest in the industry. The airport just completed a 200 million Euro expansion program for its hub facilities and functions.

The city of Düsseldorf is an emerging leisure destination for American travelers, and the city’s historic Old Town is only minutes from the airport. Düsseldorf makes possible easy travel to the Rhine-Ruhr area, Cologne, Belgium, and the Netherlands, as well as many opportunities for short and long-term stays. For more information on Düsseldorf, visit <> .

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