New eModal Tool to Automate Chassis Control at Terminal Gates

New eModal Tool to Automate Chassis Control at Terminal Gates

SEATTLE – Mar. 15, 2011 – eModal, the leader in online logistics solutions, today announced it has added new chassis control functionality to the eModal intermodal logistics community system. eModal’s solution provides real-time commercial validation at points of chassis interchange, such as marine terminals, rail terminals, and container yards in order to prevent release errors.

eModal’s new chassis control tool provides a layer of integration between chassis providers and the Terminal Operating System (TOS) employed by terminal operators. As a driver checks in and before the chassis exits the terminal, the system ensures that the motor carrier is authorized to use the chassis. If the motor carrier is not authorized, eModal’s system alerts the TOS, thereby preventing unauthorized chassis usage. It easily integrates with chassis providers and TOS platforms utilizing a modern Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach and requires little to no training or operational process changes. Supported TOS platforms include Tideworks, Navis and Depot Systems.

“We are extremely pleased to offer intermodal equipment providers and terminal operators a new turnkey solution that specifically addresses the challenges surrounding chassis management,” said Erik Ward, director of business development for eModal. “As the lines move away from providing chassis, point-of-sale authorization becomes essential; validation at the gate is a necessity for the motor carrier chassis model to continue its growth. eModal’s solution provides a cost-effective way to ensure complete visibility and control over chassis accessibility to help streamline chassis management. The chassis providers get necessary operational control, lines are further enabled to move away from chassis provision and terminal operators get the benefit of operational readiness in servicing their line customers, along with improved data quality at the gate. Furthermore, trucking companies and drivers benefit by avoiding extra fees associated with unauthorized chassis usage. We see this as a win-win situation.”

TRAC Intermodal™, the world’s largest Chassis Provider, will be among the first to adopt the solution. The system will go live at the Polaris Street chassis depot in Port Newark, N.J. in March 2011.

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