Momentum Global Logistics Awarded FMC License for Handling International Ocean Freight

Momentum Global Logistics Awarded FMC License for Handling International Ocean Freight

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 29, 2010 - Houston-based international freight shipping company Momentum Global Logistics has obtained licensing by the Federal Maritime Commission as an ocean transportation intermediary (OTI). This coveted license authorizes the company to function as a non-vessel-operating common carrier (NVOCC) handling international ocean shipments. With this license, the company is poised to take advantage of increased ocean freight shipping volume at the Port of Houston arising from a possible expansion of cargo handling facilities.

"The OTI-NVOCC license was awarded after a rigorous investigation of our business," notes Greg Giles, President of Momentum Global Logistics. "The FMC checks all references and conducts a thorough examination of the application and documents to make sure they issue these licenses only to companies and officers who have extensive experience and upstanding character." Additionally, the FMC requires that the company secure a surety bond before the agency will issue its license.

With licensing in place, Momentum Global Logistics assists clients in transporting an array of cargo to and from destinations spanning the globe. The company utilizes every means of ocean freight transport, whether roll-on-roll-off, container, oversized break bulk, and barge. This versatility enables Momentum to offer services for just about anything that needs to be moved overseas. A sample of the company's current activity, for example, includes: twelve container loads of steel going from Michigan to Australia; a forklift en route to the Dominican Republic; oversized farm equipment in Poland heading to Colorado; a truck bound for an orphanage in Uruguay; and med stat units destined for a small village in Alaska.

With decades of experience in international shipping, Momentum's officers have the expertise to navigate the complexities of shipping cargo overseas. "We're known for adeptly managing the logistics from point A to point B so that every aspect of the shipment goes smoothly. When we do that, our client is completely satisfied, which is our ultimate goal," according to Diana Conner, Momentum Global Logistics Vice President. "One key to our satisfaction rating is that we always address issues before they become costly problems."

Looking to the future, company president Greg Giles expects to see an increase in international ocean freight shipments arising from a proposed expansion of the Port of Houston facilities. In 2009, Houston ranked as the nation's seventh largest container port. It could become even larger in the foreseeable future. Authorities from the Port of Houston and Galveston have announced that they are considering a partnership to construct a new container terminal on Galveston's Pelican Island  Momentum Global Logistics is a division of the Momentum Logistics Group which offers domestic and international freight transport and vehicle shipping services.

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