Lead Generation Programs

Lead Generation Programs

A focused, consistent lead generation program is a critical component of all marketing programs today. The key is to identify the best prospects and offer your solution to decision makers as they research and search for specific product and information. Lead generation programs put your marketing assets to work immediately, generating demand for your products and solutions.

Utilize our turnkey lead generation programs to jump start your sales. Work with your JOC sales representative to come up with a program that suits your needs.

Our guaranteed lead programs will have an immediate impact on your sales and will drive optimal results!

Programs can include the following types of media:

Video is an innovative way to present your brand and message. A short impactful video can add a multimedia option to your marketing campaign. Video is highly effective in brand building and lead generation.

Generate leads from an audio podcast that allows you to discuss the details of your company's offerings. Podcasts are popular with our audience - they are easy to access and can be a great source of sales ready leads.

White Papers
Elevate your brand's position as a thought-leader through the educational content in your white paper, such as a "case study." Use white papers as a way to generate qualified leads from our extensive audience.

Based on your market and objectives, we can put together the right webcast solution for you, powered by the market-leading brand and editorial team.

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Let the JOC Group Marketing Services team help you to put together a campaign that fits your marketing needs:

Tony Stein
p: 770-295-8809

Cindy Cronin
Strategic Account Manger
p: 954-551-8305
Midwest, Gulf, PNW & Canada

Zach Gorman
Account Executive
p: 973-776-7820
North East, CA & MN

Ria Van den Bogaert
Sales Representative
p: +32 2 569 8905
Europe & Middle East

Bon Kwok
Sales Representative
p: +852 31707373

Michihiro Kawahara
Sales Representative
p: +81-90-6927-7457