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A Monthly Economic and Trade Outlook Report

JOC Insights is a monthly economic and trade outlook report covering all modes of transportation. Designed to help you forecast and plan, the report includes data, tables and charts combined with analysis and forward-looking comments from the JOC's expert economist, Mario O. Moreno.

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Data, Tables, Charts and Expert Analysis in Every Issue

US ECONOMIC INDICATORS strongly influencing international trade

TRENDS AND FORECASTS in the trans-Pacific, trans-Atlantic and North-South trade lanes

US AND CHINA Major Port Throughputs

DOMESTIC TRUCKING − Concise and clear information on freight volumes, pricing and spot market movements, plus analysis of US-Canada cross-border trade


NORTH AMERICAN RAIL MARKET − US rail commodity volumes and cross-border trade with Canada

COMMODITY SNAPSHOT − Analysis of select commodities showing significant growth or decline

NEW! CORRELATIONS− Timely analysis of key factors in the global economy and their effect on international trade


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Mario O. Moreno is economist with The Journal of Commerce and PIERS. Prior to joining JOC Group, he worked for independent research firm Dealogic as a fixed-income analyst and prior to that as a financial consultant for RBC Wealth Management. In his current role, Moreno is lead researcher and writer for the quarterly JOC Container Forecast, the quarterly JOC Port Forecast, and the monthly JOC Insights, a multimodal, data-driven analytical newsletter. These duties combine with his special interest in forecast development.