JOC Editorial Calendar | 2023

Since 1827, the JOC has been the leading information and marketing services provider for the domestic and international containerized cargo community. The JOC delivers high-quality intelligence and expertise to help customers make better business decisions — in print, online and at leading industry events. It also provides best-in-breed marketing channels to help companies reach their target audience.

The JOC also publishes more than 100 special reports, supplements and advertising sections in The Journal of Commerce magazine — many with bonus content online — produces approximately 15 webcasts a year, and distributes its products at numerous industry-leading conferences and events. The following list is the 2023 schedule for special reports and advertising sections in the magazine, bonus distribution, and webcasts.

2023 Editorial Calendar





January 2 Annual Review and Outlook    

January 16 2023 Asia Trade Outlook   Logistics Technology: What Logistics Companies Want — and Need — Most in ’23
  Northeast Ports  

January 30 Decarbonizing the Supply Chain   Breakbulk and Project Shipping: What the Turmoil of 2022 Means for the Year Ahead
  First-Quarter Intermodal Market Report  
  Port Improvement (Special Advertising Section)  

February 13 Gulf Trade: 2023 Market Report   Container Shipping Outlook: The Trans-Pacific
  First-Quarter Trucking Outlook  
  Freight Payment  

February 27 Trans-Pacific Maritime    
  Cool Cargoes Market Report    
  Technology: Will Technology Rescue an Industry Under Siege?    
  2023 Shipper Ad Impact Study    

March 13 Top 25 Truckload and LTL Carrier Rankings   Geopolitics and the New Energy Crisis: The Impact on Project Shipping
  Southeast Coast Ports  
  Canada Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)  

March 27 Breakbulk & Project Cargo Quarterly 2023 Update   The Future of Digital Procurement
  JOC Guide to Warehousing and Industrial Real Estate  
  West Coast Ports  
  Port Productivity: Rail Connections  
  Georgia Ports Authority (Special Advertising Section)  

April 10 Top 50 Global 3PLs   Trucking Market: First-Quarter Review & Outlook
  Container Shipping Quarterly  

April 24 Gulf Trade: Top Carriers and Ports   Geopolitics and the Impact on Sourcing: How Is the Map Changing?
  Top 50 US Trucking Companies  
  Jacksonville Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)  


  Asia Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)

May 8 Top 25 North American Ports   Canada Trade and Shipping: The Path Forward
  Connecting the Americas  

May 22 Top 100 Importers and Exporters    
  Philadelphia Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)    

June 5 Port Productivity: Marine Terminal Innovation   Midyear Port Performance Report: What Needs to Be Done to Improve Flow
  Canada Shipping and Trade    
  Florida Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)  
  Technology: TMS Transformation (Special Advertising Section)   The JOC Top 100 Importers: Analyzing the Rankings

June 19 Directory of Transportation, Vol. 1   The JOC Top 100 Exporters: Analyzing the Rankings
  Breakbulk & Project Cargo Midyear Report  
  Midyear Drayage & Chassis Report  
  Port Productivity: 2022 Rankings  
  Freight Payment (Special Advertising Section)    

July 3 Top Trans-Pacific Carriers and Ports   Midyear Container Shipping Report: How the Economy, Consumer Trends, and Logistics Shifts Are Impacting the 2023 Peak Season
  Latin America Trade and Logistics  
  Cool Cargoes Market Report  
  Beyond the Docks: From Inland Ports to Transloading  

July 17 Peak-Season Forecast: Ocean, Intermodal, Air, and Trucking    
  Technology Partnerships: Evolution through Integration    
  By Road or Rail (Special Advertising Section)    

July 31 Non-Asset Assets: Focus on Forwarding   Midyear Trucking Report: The Second-Half Outlook
  Top Trans-Atlantic Carriers and Ports  
  Peak-Season Forecast: Ocean, Intermodal, Air, and Trucking  
  West Coast Labor Outlook (Special Advertising Section)  
  By Road or Rail (Special Advertising Section)  

August 14 JOC Guide to Trucking & Midyear Review   Midyear Breakbulk and Project Cargo Outlook
  JOC Top 50 Global Container Ports  
  Green Shipping: The Route to Sustainability  
  Foreign Trade Zones (Special Advertising Section)  

August 28 Container Shipping Quarterly: Top 40 Rankings and Analysis    
  Port Productivity: Drayage and Chassis Report    
  New York–New Jersey Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)    

September 11 Breakbulk and Project Cargo Supplement   European Shipping and Trade Outlook
  Top 25 Trans-Pacific NVOCCs  
  Inland Distribution  
  Global Logistics Focus  
  Technology: Logistics Visibility (Special Advertising Section)  

September 25 Asia Shipping: Third-Quarter Review and Outlook   Middle East Trade and Logistics
  Cool Cargoes Market Report  
  Top Ag Ports & Carriers  
  Virginia Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)  
  California Gateway (Special Advertising Section)  

October 9 Expedited: Spotlight on Air Cargo   Port Performance Metrics: Analyzing the Global Regions
  Ports of the Americas  
  South Carolina Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)  

October 23 Port Productivity: Best Practices  

Supply Chain Optimization and the Role of AI

  Middle East Trade and Logistics  
  Top 50 Global Transportation Providers  
  Global Supply Chain Technology Focus  
  Southeast Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)    

November 6 Breakbulk & Project Cargo Quarterly   Fourth-Quarter Trucking Report: Analyzing the Drayage Hot Spots
  Asia–Europe Carriers and Ports  
  US Gulf Report  
  Container Shipping Quarterly  
  Houston Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)  
  Northeast Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)    

November 20 Shipper Creativity: Managing Outside the Box   Cool Cargoes: 2023 Review and Outlook
  Freight Payment  
  Port and Terminal Innovation (Special Advertising Section)  

December 4 Global Maritime Focus, Including Top 40 Container Carriers   Global Shipping Outlook: Analyzing the 2024 Outlook
  2024 Trucking Outlook  
  Caribbean and Central America Logistics  
  Technology: Planning and Procurement (Special Advertising Section)   Port Performance North America: The State of Flow as a New Year Approaches
  Gulf Coast Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)