The Journal of Commerce offers print and online advertorial options to help get your message out to your target audience.

Special Focus Advertorials -- Print, Online, and Combined

Throughout the year, The Journal of Commerce runs many special reports and special sections in the print magazine that focus on trending topics, regions experiencing growth or change, and other areas of top concern to our readers. Some of these are special advertising sections, which provide companies an opportunity to go beyond a display ad via: brand extension into the pages of the JOC, editorial coverage among leaders in a particular region or service category, and partnered content that can be used independently in your marketing.

Custom Advertorials -- Print and Online Publications

If you do not want to share the limelight, a custom advertorial allows you to be the sole advertiser in a print or online special section. Employ the resources of the JOC marketing services team to create a custom publication, section or online advertorial product that promotes your product launch, service expansion or company anniversary. The JOC editorial team will offer guidance on content, design and vision of the advertorial itself, and manage the advertorial production process from A to Z for you. Once completed, the JOC will distribute the advertorial to our select, qualified audience of logistics professionals, while reprints and digital editions will provide your business with compelling cross-branded marketing collateral.