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Despite publicly indicating a preference for the Port of Trieste in Italy, China may have really been working on securing market entry into Europe via a connection to the Rhine-Alpine corridor in Rijeka, Croatia.

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06 Oct 2022
Of the 12 projects the US Department of Transportation is funding, 11 will receive support for developing container-on-barge services.
23 Feb 2022
The US Department of Transportation said that it has nearly doubled the amount of grant money it had last year to support port improvement projects through the US.
27 Dec 2021
The Port of Long Beach’s project to move over one-third of its container volumes to rail received a boost from the US Department of Transportation through a $52 million grant.
10 Nov 2021
With dozens of ships at anchor off the coast of Southern California and public fears of US retail stockouts ahead of the winter holiday growing, shipping disruption is increasingly becoming a political liability for President Joe Biden.
29 Oct 2021
A new agreement between California and the Biden administration seeks a more unified approach and “innovative” federal financing for port infrastructure projects that could speed goods inland.
12 Oct 2021
The top US port leaders are asking the Biden administration to encourage, and even incentivize, importers and their transportation providers to use extended gates — and possibly tap national defense funding to help.
27 Aug 2021
The White House named a former deputy secretary for the Department of Transportation to work with ports and related businesses to find ways to relieve the port congestion seen across the US.
03 Aug 2021
US ports and inland waterways are on track to receive at least $11.8 billion in new federal funding over the next five years through an infrastructure bill moving through Congress over the next two weeks.
10 May 2021
New legislation introduced in Congress would make projects that reduce the carbon footprint of port operations eligible for grants within the Maritime Administration’s Port Infrastructure Development Program.
29 Apr 2021
Investment in the infrastructure portion of the American Jobs Plan is a generational opportunity to tap into the US’s competitive nature and showcase its world-class engineering capabilities to better compete with China.
31 Mar 2021
The Biden administration is putting renewed attention on supply chains and port investment, though, policy experts argue the nation also needs a National Freight Strategic Plan to focus investment through a multimodal lens.
12 Jan 2021
A new administration and Congress offer a new chance to break infrastructure spending gridlock, the head of the US Chamber of Commerce says. Meanwhile, the American Society of Civil Engineers fixes a $13 trillion two-decade cost on delaying repairs.
16 Jul 2020
The level of funding Congress ultimately authorizes for port dredging and jetty maintenance still needs to be worked out between Senate and House leaders.
02 Aug 2019
Terminal operators at Mexican ports say they need to work more closely with rails and truckers, and have better coordination with cargo owners to reduce shipping delays.
25 Jul 2019
Grants awarded under the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) program will support 20 projects across the United States, including the elevation of a tunnel to allow double-stacked trains get into the Port of Baltimore and the rehabilitation of a Port of Miami container terminal.
Freight coalition calls for US freight grant reform
24 Jul 2019
A program that awards hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds to port and other infrastructure projects each year should do so with greater consistency and clarity, according to a coalition of ports and transportation groups.
08 Jul 2019
A large share of US-bound Mexican freight is shoved through an increasingly tight funnel of truck lanes vulnerable to freight surges, migration crises, and trade disputes.
13 Jun 2019
The US Department of Transportation is accepting grant applications for $292.7 million in funding dedicated to port infrastructure development.
23 Apr 2019
The US Maritime Administration has awarded $6.79 million in federal marine highway grants to container-on-barge projects in Louisiana and Virginia and a waterborne service that will move farm products between Long Island and Connecticut.
22 Apr 2019
Applications are now being accepted for $900 million in USDOT BUILD grants for the upcoming fiscal year, a 40 percent reduction from the $1.5 billion made available last year for port, road, and rail projects.
A highway in Alaska.
11 Dec 2018
Port, rail, and highway projects are among 91 grants distributed by the US Department of Transportation, including for the extension of port berths and terminals and inland port rail access.
A highway in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
30 Nov 2018
The existing Dhaka-Chittagong highway is a lifeline for Bangladesh’s growing international trade business, but it is outmoded. The new, expanded highway is expected to substantially reduce cargo transport costs and time.
18 Jul 2018
New York City and the Port of New York and New Jersey are preparing for a future of strong growth and more demanding supply chains.
23 May 2018
The Canadian East Coast’s very stable market has recently changed significantly: it’s in a state of turmoil with many container port projects being considered — Quebec City (Beauport); Dartmouth, Halifax; Montreal (Contrecoeur); Melford, Nova Scotia; and Sydney, Nova Scotia (Novaporte).
A busy road in cntral Dhaka, Bangladesh.
17 May 2018
The Chittagong Chambers of Commerce & Industry president said he spoke with the Road Transport and Highways minister and secretary and they assured him of issuing a directive relaxing the weight limit for trucks within a day or two.
09 May 2018
A new marine terminal could serve as the catalyst for the creation of a regional barge trade in the US Northeast.
16 Mar 2018
The biggest ship in CMA CGM's fleet called at Hamburg this week, but even though the port has the infrastructure to handle mega-ships, the delay in dredging the Elbe River access channel continues to hold back volume growth.
A barge leaves for a mission.
13 Mar 2018
With a quarter of the island’s residents lacking electrical power, long-term improvements are taking a back seat to rebuilding efforts.
12 Mar 2018
The Port of Baltimore won the single largest sum for maritime infrastructure in this round of TIGER grants.
12 Mar 2018
DP World has accused the government of Djibouti of illegally seizing the Doraleh Container Terminal.
12 Mar 2018
The Alabama State Port Authority is moving forward with plans to develop an automobile terminal at the Port of Mobile.
13 Feb 2018
Channel-deepening projects at the ports of Savannah and Corpus Christi are included in the Trump administration’s US Army Corps of Engineers budget request; Congress has the final say regarding funding. Georgia's governor argued the Savannah project is the Southeast's most important infrastructure project.
Port of Melbourne
02 Feb 2018
Container ships are getting too wide and too deep for Australian container ports, officials say. And that leaves the nation with a choice: find ways to accommodate bigger container ships or risk a negative outcome.
Port of Montreal
01 Feb 2018
The Port of Montreal is beating growth expectations and planning for the future.
18 Jan 2018
A downriver site on the Mississippi River would provide expansion capacity and no bridge restrictions.