International Freight Shipping

International Freight Shipping

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From shippers to truckers to railroads to port operators to providers of logistics services, everyone involved in the supply chain needs to understand how the latest news about international freight developments affects their global operations, and those of their partners and customers.

From details of new customs regulations and international trade policies, to analysis of potentially transformative infrastructure projects, to the competitive impact of new electronic technologies, JOC coverage clarifies the various benefits and risks of each new development.


To be frank, if you missed Maersk’s first-quarter earnings conference call, you missed a lot.

News & Analysis

31 Oct 2022
Singapore-based carrier ONE expects to end its fiscal year with profits below the record earnings generated in FY2021 with no short-term improvement likely in container shipping markets.
12 Oct 2022
Tumbling rates and an injection of capacity as congestion clears has become a price-destroying tool on the major export trades out of Asia.
29 Sep 2022
The legacy of the pandemic’s effect on supply chains will be less about permanent cost increases and more about permanently altered attitudes towards risk, writes JOC’s Peter Tirschwell.
14 Sep 2022
 US agriculture shippers still face challenges and elevated costs in reaching overseas markets due to unexpected billing from ocean carriers and uncertain vessel schedules.
16 Aug 2022
Carrier53, a joint venture of a breakbulk vessel operator and container manufacturer, said it will offer trans-Pacific sailings from China to the US West Coast with a special emphasis on domestic intermodal containers.
04 Aug 2022
Container shipping trades out of Asia will continue to slow through the second half of the year as the global economy contracts, but carriers and analysts say it will be a gradual weakening of demand and rates rather than a sharp drop.
09 Jun 2022
A new report is putting hard figures to the costs of high demand, port congestion, and the resulting increase in inventories.
06 Jun 2022
Maersk’s Performance Team subsidiary said it will open its fourth US cold-storage warehouse near the Port of New York and New Jersey as it seeks to add refrigerated cargo handling to its growing suite of integrated logistics services.
19 May 2022
The container ship orderbook currently stands at 26.7 percent of the global fleet, with much of the new capacity to be delivered in 2023 and 2024, but carriers have no intention of allowing the additional supply to undermine rates and profitability.
16 May 2022
Reefer equipment for European exporters is in short supply as the refrigerated shipments compete for carrier attention with less complex and higher-priced dry containers.
11 May 2022
There is ample evidence that shippers during the COVID-19 pandemic have torn up the supply chain playbook that served them effectively for years, but questions remain over whether those changes will be permanent.
03 May 2022
The number of LNG-powered dual-fuel vessels ordered by major carriers has risen sharply in the past year, but so has opposition from environmental groups that say the newbuilds will lock in fossil fuel production for decades.
04 Apr 2022
The Panama Canal Authority is proposing a new tolling plan that would assess the first fees on empty containers returning from North America to Asia.
04 Apr 2022
Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) took advantage of 2021’s roaring rate environment to expand their net revenue, with rapid growth among the largest forwarders further compounded by merger and acquisition activity.
31 Mar 2022
A report from McKinsey & Co. says that ocean freight rates will only return to pre-COVID-19 levels if US demand for consumer goods slows and port congestion clears.
02 Mar 2022
As container lines pull back on inland point intermodal (IPI), US importers are rethinking their landside delivery plans and containerized freight is moving further inland before being deconsolidated.
09 Feb 2022
The $1.6 billion acquisition of Pilot Freight Services gives Maersk greater power to integrate ocean, air, and land-based services from the first to last mile.
27 Jan 2022
US East Coast ports will see an uptick in deployed vessel capacity to start 2022 thanks to additional all-water Asia services being added by ocean carriers.
07 Jan 2022
Global 3PLs are facing competition from digitally oriented forwarders and vertically integrated container lines and terminal operators.
28 Dec 2021
Despite the urgency around decarbonizing one of the world’s most polluting industries, the IMO continues to struggle to achieve consensus on the way forward among its 175 member states.
23 Dec 2021
A sea change in ocean freight rate volatility has precipitated new efforts to drive usage of derivatives, with index providers suggesting there is previously unseen appetite from shippers and forwarders for hedging tools.
09 Dec 2021
End-to-end recovery in the global supply chain will only come through slower demand growth and a period of calm that is far from guaranteed as long as COVID-19 continues to affect manufacturing and consumption.
03 Dec 2021
Liner carriers find themselves in the unusual position of having cash to both repay debt and invest in a range of ways, from new ships to technology to strategic acquisitions.
15 Nov 2021
Detention and demurrage costs have soared in 2021, and shippers complain that many of these storage fees are mistaken and difficult to correct.
20 Oct 2021
Anyone trying to read into recent activity in freight rate indices should be careful to distinguish between what they would like to see and what they might actually be seeing, JOC analyst Lars Jensen says.
19 Oct 2021
Container leasing companies question the cost efficiencies of retailers leasing containers and chartering ocean vessels and suggest retailers work with ocean carriers.
30 Jun 2021
Despite higher costs to move automobiles and high and heavy cargoes, and uncertainties related to the COVID‑19 pandemic that continue to challenge the recovery, demand is rebounding quickly.
29 Jun 2021
When assessing the ocean container market, participants should not only look at the headline-grabbing rate figures — the spread is equally important.
26 Apr 2021
CMA CGM is supporting an experimental vessel that will sail around the world as part of a research project into viability of using seawater to produce hydrogen on board.
05 Apr 2021
US East Coast ports will see more vessel calls and volume through April 20 due to the expected arrival of Suez-delayed container ships.
31 Mar 2021
The tight market for shipping capacity is causing a roughly one-month delay to THE Alliance’s planned US and European service changes.
31 Mar 2021
Among the misconceptions raised by the Suez incident is that it has shown the fragility of the global ocean transportation network; nothing could be further from the truth, says JOC analyst Lars Jensen.
31 Mar 2021
Maersk said its new service to US Southeast ports will add faster transits from Asia and serves the rapidly growing Vietnam export market.
29 Mar 2021
The average price for a 20-foot dry container is up around 50 percent since last year, and a backlog of orders means those buying new boxes now will have to wait until August for delivery.
29 Mar 2021
Salvors reported that Suez Canal transits can resume after the Ever Given has been successfully dislodged and is towed away for inspection.