Container Lines

Container Lines

At a time when the container shipping landscape is constantly evolving, and market dynamics present increasingly complex challenges for the shipping industry, the JOC provides up-to-the-minute news, analysis and business intelligence about the container lines that transport most of the world's trade including Maersk, COSCO, Hapag-Lloyd, CMA CGM, MSCONE, Yang Ming, Zim Integrated Shipping Services, and many others.

JOC’s comprehensive coverage ranges from the latest information about new shipping lines to major changes in company leadership, to in-depth analysis of the pricing and volume trends that directly impact shippers' bottom lines and supply chains. The consolidation of the container shipping sector has resulted in increasingly divergent strategies, with some firms focusing solely on ocean transport while others opt for a more "end-to-end" approach. The JOC’s comprehensive, in-depth coverage probes the consequences of these various strategies for shipping lines, shippers, and other stakeholders of container lines.

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To blame the entirety of the supply chain problems on “foreign” carriers is a tried-and-true tactic — and grossly unfair.

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03 Dec 2021
The sky-high ocean freight rates into the US East Coast have beckoned an increasing number of ‘tramp’ ships trying to secure berth space for container discharge at the NY-NJ port.
02 Dec 2021
The latest talk about a share sale that would start the path toward privatization comes after HMM announced record third-quarter results on Nov. 10 with a near 10-fold increase in net profit to almost $2 billion.
01 Dec 2021
An investigation into Australia’s shipping sector follows months of disruption to supply chains due to port congestion, stevedore industrial action, and curtailed carrier services.
01 Dec 2021
The impact of the Omicron variant on the operational aspects of the container shipping sector will be found in the political responses, and the variant holds more operational risk for Asian origin ports, writes maritime analyst Lars Jensen.
22 Nov 2021
Cosco was coy on how it plans to develop its relationship with SF Holdings, which has an extensive domestic air express cargo and ground transportation network and is growing its international operation.
18 Nov 2021
The looming storage tariffs in Los Angeles and Long Beach are starting to force carriers, marine terminals, and shippers to break through the gridlock of competing interests.
18 Nov 2021
The White House has endorsed proposed shipping reform legislation and said the Department of Justice is ready to assist maritime regulators if they find alliances are violating the US Shipping Act.
17 Nov 2021
Zim joins other leading carriers in reporting record earnings in the third quarter on the back of surging freight rates and container volumes.
17 Nov 2021
Although US imports from Asia were down 2.4 percent in October year over year, it was the third-busiest month ever for containerized imports from Asia.
16 Nov 2021
Through the suspension of a trans-Pacific service to Southern California, Zim Integrated Shipping Services has become the latest carrier to shift vessels out of trade, blaming port congestion.
15 Nov 2021
Maersk’s joint venture with Durban-based forwarder and terminal operator Grindrod — along with other recent purchases and partnerships — could be the start of a splurge of similar deals as a cash-rich Maersk strengthens its global logistics footprint.
12 Nov 2021
Electricity shortages slowing Chinese factory output and lowered production in Vietnam due to COVID-19 lockdown measures are providing a slight — and likely temporary — easing of short-term Asia–US container rates.
12 Nov 2021
Container lines and their largest import customers are beginning trans-Pacific service contract negotiations earlier month, driven by shippers’ concerns about securing enough contracted space and carriers’ stronger positioning.
11 Nov 2021
Container lines are raising the bar on repositioning empties for Indian exports, and coupled with new intra-Asia routings, equipment scarcity at origin ports is easing
10 Nov 2021
The Federal Maritime Commission is probing whether Hapag-Lloyd violated the US Shipping Act by charging detention on empty containers that could not be returned to marine terminals.
09 Nov 2021
The World Shipping Council, representing major container lines, is asking federal maritime regulators to hold off on weighing on new Southern California port tariffs until the fees have been implemented on Nov. 15.
08 Nov 2021
Speeding the discharge of import containers from vessels and through congested marine terminals is becoming increasingly urgent as retailers rebuild their depleted inventories, let alone stock store shelves for holiday sales.
04 Nov 2021
Port congestion at major European hubs and supply-side disruption across the regional logistics chain continues to put the brakes on factory production.
03 Nov 2021
The National Industrial Transportation League wants maritime regulators to clarify whether the new Southern California port fees would fall under rules on demurrage if container lines pass them on to shippers and consignees.
03 Nov 2021
Container lines say the unexpected announcement of a new port tariff targeting excessive container dwells In Southern California is the latest example of being unfairly targeted by politically driven and commercially unviable directives.
03 Nov 2021
CMA CGM is reinvesting record profits by regaining full control of a terminal in the most congested port complex in the world.
01 Nov 2021
Hapag-Lloyd said its 2021 operating profit will be as much as $4 billion higher than previously forecast due to the large gains in freight rates.
29 Oct 2021
Despite the massive profit and revenue gains, Cosco said port congestion, a shortage of containers, and inland transport delays continued to provide challenges.
29 Oct 2021
Ocean Network Express is forecasting record net profit for its current fiscal year while navigating supply chain congestion and voyage delays.
28 Oct 2021
Mediterranean Shipping Co. and Ocean Network Express are adding Oakland calls to their Asian services as the vessel congestion at the port abates.
28 Oct 2021
In seeking formal approval for a new “emergency storage fee” from harbor commissioners, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are expected to explain how they would implement the fees, as carriers lobby the ports to delay the Nov. 1 start.
27 Oct 2021
Container ship schedule reliability remains at or near all-time lows across the globe as the US import boom means more ships are stuck at anchor and cannot arrive on time.
26 Oct 2021
Despite a drop in total US containerized resin exports during the first seven months of 2021, volumes through Charleston, Virginia, and Savannah increased thanks to new packaging plants in those areas.
22 Oct 2021
International air freight and last-mile delivery saw the fastest revenue growth in the transportation sector last year, while industrial transportation suffered.
22 Oct 2021
Zim is pivoting from its strategy of chartering vessels, rather than owning them, scooping up seven secondhand vessels for $320 million in total, a sign of just how intense the global scramble for capacity has become.
22 Oct 2021
With container carriers diverting calls away from congested ports in India, exporters looking to take advantage of peak season demand have been forced to reconfigure their shipment plans.
20 Oct 2021
Drewry said it will take about a half year longer than previously thought for container markets to be restored to a better balance.
14 Oct 2021
Mediterranean Shipping Co. (MSC) has standardized the code for all the container facilities it uses globally, the first carrier to use a facility code format developed in part by the Digital Container Shipping Association.
08 Oct 2021
Cosco Shipping told shareholders to expect a major increase in third-quarter and nine-month profitability thanks to the surge in freight rates and high demand.
07 Oct 2021
A dramatic decline in eastbound trans-Pacific spot rates this week is seen as a temporary reprieve for US importers that was caused by production cutbacks in China and a continuous influx of new capacity of chartered ships.