Container Lines

Container Lines

At a time when the container shipping landscape is constantly evolving, and market dynamics present increasingly complex challenges for the shipping industry, the JOC provides up-to-the-minute news, analysis and business intelligence about the container lines that transport most of the world's trade including Maersk, COSCO, Hapag-Lloyd, CMA CGM, MSCONE, Yang Ming, Zim Integrated Shipping Services, and many others.

JOC’s comprehensive coverage ranges from the latest information about new shipping lines to major changes in company leadership, to in-depth analysis of the pricing and volume trends that directly impact shippers' bottom lines and supply chains. The consolidation of the container shipping sector has resulted in increasingly divergent strategies, with some firms focusing solely on ocean transport while others opt for a more "end-to-end" approach. The JOC’s comprehensive, in-depth coverage probes the consequences of these various strategies for shipping lines, shippers, and other stakeholders of container lines.

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To blame the entirety of the supply chain problems on “foreign” carriers is a tried-and-true tactic — and grossly unfair.

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08 Aug 2022
US retailers note that two wild cards that could affect supply chain fluidity in the second half of the year remain — the outcome of West Coast longshore contract talks and the status of freight railroad negotiations.
08 Aug 2022
Two of Taiwan’s largest carriers have joined Maersk, ONE, and Cosco in posting highly profitable financial results for the first half of 2022 amid a still-elevated rate environment compared to the year-ago period.
04 Aug 2022
Maritime regulators are wrestling with how to refine rulemaking on when it is unreasonable for carriers to refuse export bookings, writes JOC Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi.
03 Aug 2022
Maersk’s strategy of aggressively expanding long-term contracts is paying off, and with many of the agreements covering multi-years, the carrier is set to reap the financial rewards far beyond 2022.
02 Aug 2022
A highly profitable second quarter and no sign of easing in congested container shipping markets has left Maersk on course for a significantly improved annual result.
29 Jul 2022
US retailers have shifted some of their imports to the East Coast as a hedge against possible labor disruption at West Coast ports, a move that has caused vessel backlogs at major gateways along the eastern seaboard.
29 Jul 2022
The enormous challenges of transitioning global shipping from fossil fuels to zero-carbon alternatives are coming into view, none more important than aligning private investors and governments to ensure decarbonization targets are met.
29 Jul 2022
ONE has extended its highly profitable run through its fiscal first quarter, building on last year’s stellar performance to turn in another record result.
28 Jul 2022
Average rate levels secured by Hapag-Lloyd were up 80 percent through the first half, setting the carrier on course for another hugely profitable year.
22 Jul 2022
Maersk is the first carrier to outline the cost to shippers of complying with Europe’s impending emissions trading rules, but other carriers want greater clarity before committing to any surcharges.
21 Jul 2022
The Port of Philadelphia is prioritizing the densification of the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal and looking to open new near-dock storage as it readies for post-Panamax ship calls.
18 Jul 2022
Yilport's Robert Yildirim tells JOC Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi the container shipping industry is well-poised to keep up profits through an expected slowdown in global container volumes in the fourth quarter and into next year.
18 Jul 2022
Spot rates for ocean freight from Asia to the US East Coast have fallen as order cancellations by US shippers frees up vessel space.
14 Jul 2022
US imports from Asia hit a record for the month of June as consumers seemingly shrugged off rising inflation and maintained recent spending habits.
14 Jul 2022
South Korea’s highly profitable HMM has announced a massive investment plan that will extend the carrier’s reach deeper into the container supply chain.
12 Jul 2022
OSRA-22's immediate requirement for accurate billing of detention and demurrage fees has set off a scramble among ocean carriers and marine terminal operators to update their invoicing practices and systems.
12 Jul 2022
The competition regulations applied to container shipping are no longer fit for purpose and need a major revamp, according to the OECD’s International Transport Forum.
12 Jul 2022
The Digital Container Shipping Association is ramping up efforts to drive electronic bill of lading adoption by working with four technology vendors and a major shipper to ensure their products are interoperable.
11 Jul 2022
The degree to which US importers can negotiate lower service contract rates hinges on whether container lines can keep up spot rates, which are still three times higher than before the COVID-19 pandemic.
08 Jul 2022
US retailers are forecasting continued strong import volumes in the second half of the year, although not quite as high as the torrid pace of 2021.
07 Jul 2022
The massively profitable container shipping environment was highlighted yet again in a first-half profit alert by Cosco Shipping Holdings, which would seem to put the carrier — and the industry — firmly on course for another record-breaking year.
06 Jul 2022
Signs of a weakening container shipping market have yet to make their presence felt in the financial performance of OOCL, with the carrier continuing its run of stellar revenue gains through the second quarter.
05 Jul 2022
While ocean carrier reliability from Asia to the US West Coast ticked higher in May, a dip for East Coast calls showed the result of delays coming amid vessel diversions.
05 Jul 2022
Forwarding software provider WiseTech Global has waded into the fragmented electronic bill of lading space with the purchase of Bolero, an early provider of trade finance and electronic documentation tools.
01 Jul 2022
French carrier CMA CGM has responded to a government call for price cuts to help inflation-hit consumers by announcing a 500 Euro cut in long-term rates for imports of essential household goods through French ports.
01 Jul 2022
Maersk’s decision to resign from the board of the International Chamber of Shipping is a sign of the divergence among shipowner group as pressure builds to more aggressively address climate change.
01 Jul 2022
A global shippers’ group believes US regulatory probes into container shipping practices through the pandemic will add pressure on the European Commission to formally review its carrier exemption from antitrust law.
30 Jun 2022
French carrier CMA CGM is investing in a green gas project that aims to ramp up the production of biomethane in support of shipping decarbonization efforts and to fuel the carrier’s own vessels.
28 Jun 2022
Jacksonville Port Authority’s chief executive sees a chance to reverse a downward trend in the port’s Asia business with the completion of dredging and marine terminal improvements that will allow post-Panamax ships to call.
22 Jun 2022
Yang Ming and HMM are the latest container lines to be brought under the microscope of US regulators thanks to a complaint from an Illinois importer alleging the carriers breached annual service contracts last year.
22 Jun 2022
With new incentives, the Port of New Orleans and Louisiana state economic officials are targeting retail distribution centers to ease export-import balance that’s cost the port service and volumes.
21 Jun 2022
Mediterranean Shipping Co. is bringing a new Asia service to the US Gulf and East coasts and revamping two other trans-Pacific services with additional calls amid slowing, but still growing, imports from Asia.
21 Jun 2022
Ocean carriers have been looking at how to provide more export capacity to US ag shippers to head off scrutiny from regulators, but OSRA will now put those efforts under a hotter spotlight.
17 Jun 2022
Global volume data shows a slowing of the container shipping market, and a new forecast does not expect any strengthening of demand this year.
13 Jun 2022
HMM will provide North America shippers with a way to book spot container freight by the end of 2022, joining its peers in THE Alliance.