One of the most important trade lanes on the globe, the Asia-Europe trade is where mega-ships are typically deployed first after entering service because of the high level of trade between these regions. Ships on this route typically transit the Suez Canal, but low fuel prices and receding ice sheets in the Arctic have some carriers experimenting with routes around the Horn of Africa and Russia. 

20 Aug 2017
Carriers will have to reduce services or risk upsetting the supply demand balance as a massive injection of capacity is delivered between now and 2019.
25 Jul 2017
After six consecutive years of losses, the shipping industry headed for return to profits this year and next.
24 Jul 2017
The majority of ships deployed on Asia-Europe by the end of 2018 will be greater than 18,000 TEU, which will have implications for rate levels and ports.
21 Jul 2017
The anticipated rate increases on Asia-Europe have yet to materialize with the spot rate falling for the third week in a row, despite a peak season volume surge.
19 Jul 2017
“The trade is doing much better than previously thought to be the case.”
18 Jul 2017
Asia-Russia-Europe spot rates are up more than double year over year.
07 Jul 2017
Spot market rates fall on Asia-Europe, ignoring the start of the peak season and tight space on the trade as volume rises.
03 Jul 2017
Rate levels look set to continue their recovery for the second half of the year, according to Drewry analysis.
30 Jun 2017
Spot rates on Asia-Europe were up 13 percent this week as the rate increases took hold.
23 Jun 2017
Orders from Europe are rising with a strong peak season on the cards, but growing volumes could spell space issues and equipment shortages in the months ahead.
23 Jun 2017
There was little movement in China-Europe spot rates with a week to go to the July 1 rate increases and peak season surcharges also in the pipeline.
16 Jun 2017
Carriers are not having any success in lifting freight rates despite two June attempts.