One of the most important trade lanes on the globe, the Asia-Europe trade is where mega-ships are typically deployed first after entering service because of the high level of trade between these regions. Ships on this route typically transit the Suez Canal, but low fuel prices and receding ice sheets in the Arctic have some carriers experimenting with routes around the Horn of Africa and Russia. 

20 Aug 2017
Carriers will have to reduce services or risk upsetting the supply demand balance as a massive injection of capacity is delivered between now and 2019.
18 Aug 2017
After getting off to such a strong start that rates soared and space on ships ran out, exports from Europe to Asia fell steadily in the second quarter.
18 Aug 2017
Spot rates on Asia-Europe fell slightly this week as carriers and shippers regroup in the second half of a relatively solid peak season.
11 Aug 2017
Intermodal rail lifts, a mainstay of Pipavav, seem to be picking up.
11 Aug 2017
Not much spot rate movement on Asia-Europe, but some carriers are planning significant increases from Aug. 15.
10 Aug 2017
Shippers should be able to take advantage of lower rates at Anaklia because of its depth.
10 Aug 2017
South Asia is the leading growth market for container shipping.
04 Aug 2017
The Asia-Europe spot market remains volatile, but the familiar ups and downs have been far less compared with rate movements last year.
02 Aug 2017
Profitability is back for carriers on Asia-Europe, but the onslaught of mega vessels into the trade threatens to put the brakes on their financial improvement.
01 Aug 2017
Asia-Russia ocean shipping rates could decline 30 to 40 percent from current levels by the end of this year.
31 Jul 2017
Carriers on the Asia-Europe trade are heading for a vastly improved year.
28 Jul 2017
The higher Asia-Europe rates, as well as trans-Pacific rate strength seen this week will help carriers end the year with $5 billion in profit.