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Ship and shipbuilding news as it pertains to the shipping industry, such as orders for newbuilds by container lines, new ship designs, mega-ships or maritime accidents.

Ocean carrier decisions to build ships/add to the fleet, all other factros being equal, can signal a strengthening market. Some of the world's largest shipbuilders are Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and CSBC.


Yilport, which signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mississippi State Port Authority in February, is promising to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the state’s Port of Gulfport, for which it sees serving a distinct purpose. 

News & Analysis

02 Nov 2017
The upgrade began with an Oct. 26 call.
01 Nov 2017
Big container ships make the big headlines, but vessels at the other end of the size spectrum are also making waves as the market braces for an uncertain year ahead.
01 Nov 2017
Cosco Shipping is heading for the world's number three container line position, with its rapid expansion boosted by the Chinese government.
31 Oct 2017
The Charleston dredging project has proceeded quickly through a series of milestones since the corps recommended the deepening in 2010.
30 Oct 2017
The proceeds of a share sale will be used by Cosco Shipping to fund the construction of 20 new container ships, 11 of them in excess of 20,000 TEU.
24 Oct 2017
Bangladeshi shipping officials are hopeful that a surge of inland waterway capacity will drastically cut shipper costs and congestion.
23 Oct 2017
By 2020, hub ports in Europe can expect the vast majority of all calls to be made by ships with a capacity greater than 14,000 TEU.
22 Oct 2017
How the Port of New York and New Jersey handles the ramp up in business will go a long way in determining the port’s future growth.
18 Oct 2017
The shipping industry is about to register a significant milestone.
18 Oct 2017
The carriers said that despite their exclusive cooperative agreement, they will maintain separate operations.
17 Oct 2017
Pasha Hawaii is pulling a 37-year-old ship out of layup.
17 Oct 2017
The landside ability of the supply chain to handle volume generated by mega-ships must improve before carriers can achieve the lower unit costs their deployment promises.
12 Oct 2017
The low-sulfur fuel rule taking effect in 2020 is likely to usher in “a paradigm change” akin to the introduction of mega-ships.
11 Oct 2017
ExxonMobil said that it expects new fuel formulations will appear in order to meet demand for bunkers with a sulfur content of 0.5 percent.
10 Oct 2017
Japan’s exporters appear to be steadily reducing their reliance on the Suez Canal to reach markets in North and South America.
21 Sep 2017
In the past five days, 20 ships of 22,000 TEU have been ordered by two carriers.
19 Sep 2017
Will carriers be able to better manage space on ships from Europe to Asia in the first quarter of 2018?
19 Sep 2017
Container shipping’s supply and demand gap is set to converge in 2018.
12 Sep 2017
Shippers are seeing little improvement in service levels from the new container shipping alliances.
07 Sep 2017
The announcement marks a significant escalation in the size of the ships stopping at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
06 Sep 2017
With the exception of Africa, call sizes rose in all major world regions.
05 Sep 2017
The significant number of mega-ships set to enter Asia-North Europe by the end of 2018 has resulted in capacity upgrates on many services on the trade.
04 Sep 2017
Carriers will find it tough to levy rate hikes with so much capacity awash in the market, SeaIntel says.
31 Aug 2017
The idle container ship fleet has suddenly sunk to a two-year low.
31 Aug 2017
Ship pilots planned to begin guiding smaller ships through the Houston Ship Channel on Thursday.
31 Aug 2017
MPC Container Ships has nearly two dozen ships less than six months after its establishment.
28 Aug 2017
Carriers will be investing a lot of money in a very short amount of time.
28 Aug 2017
Container shipping is only at the very beginning of a recovery after six years of losses, but new ship orders could hold back an industry-wide return to profitability.
24 Aug 2017
The ships will be built by Keppel AmFELS in Brownsville, Texas.
23 Aug 2017
The Panama Canal has the same number of weekly loops as it did before its expansion.
23 Aug 2017
CMA CGM has signaled its intent to order nine 22,000 ships that, if delivered before 2019, will add to the huge amount of mega-ship capacity coming in to the Asia-Europe trade.
20 Aug 2017
Carriers will have to reduce services or risk upsetting the supply demand balance as a massive injection of capacity is delivered between now and 2019.
18 Aug 2017
The move would heighten competition in a key US domestic market.
17 Aug 2017
Log-In Logistica is reeling following the loss of 47 containers into the sea and a decline in volumes in the second quarter.
17 Aug 2017
The idle container ship fleet has crept slightly higher.