Poseidon Marine Security launches ProtectaDeck

JOC Staff | Feb 4, 2014, 10:46 AM EST

Manchester - UK – Poseidon Marine Security has launched a global marketing campaign for its new product ProtectaDeck, an anti-piracy barrier for the shipping industry to protect vessels and oil rig platforms from the increased number of piracy attacks throughout the world . ProtectaDeck prevents intruders from boarding, is inexpensive, as well as being easy to install and maintenance free.

Whilst attacks in the traditional piracy areas such as Somalia have reduced, there have been increases in other piracy hotspots in particular the Gulf Of Guinea. Pirates are extremely ready to resort to violence, loot cargoes and other valuables or abduct crew members and hold them for ransom. Other hotspots include Indonesia, Malaysia and the Malacca Strait South China Sea and even nearer to home, cargo barges on the River Danube where there have been attacks by Eastern bloc mafia groups.

Managing Director Luis Labaton says “We offer a bespoke service. ProtectaDeck works by covering the ships safety rails with a specially designed barrier preventing access to pirates whose main method for gaining access is by use of roofing ladders and grappling hooks.

The risk of attacks is high, with over 15,000 ships a year passing through pirate infested waters a year. If ships have anti-piracy devices on board it not only provides protection but gives financial benefits such as reduced insurance premiums. Luis adds, “we are proud that all our products are made in the UK”

Poseidon Marine Security is backed by serial entrepreneur and inventor David Salon of Gravitas International who says, “ we have worked hard developing several anti-piracy products and believe ProtectaDeck will be the latest must have for the shipping industry “