Freight Forwarders Gather in Bangkok to Conquer the World

JOC Staff |

BANGKOK — 115 members from the industry’s only truly city-exclusive network, Conqueror, gathered for its 2nd Annual Meeting, 8th-10th May.

The Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Bangkok provided the location for the 2nd Annual Conqueror Meeting, where 115 agents from 50+ countries gathered to fan the flame of co-operation which burns bright at the heart of Conqueror Freight Network.

Conqueror is a solid alliance in which carefully-selected independent freight forwarders in each major city in the world co-operate reciprocally and securely to expand their businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies.

At the opening of the meeting, Managing Director, Antonio Torres, congratulated members on their efforts to work co-operatively to serve clients globally and overcome client perceptions that independent forwarders are not equipped to provide a truly worldwide service.

“Co-operation is one important element in our strategy for boosting the business volume of our members; another is our city-exclusivity, like the multinationals, and the third and most important is our annual meeting. As you can see, members are making the most of their individual meetings as well as competing for each other’s attention away from them,” explained Mr Torres.

“As a direct result of meeting our fellow members last year, we saw a marked increase in turnover and I firmly believe that the same will happen again this year; I already have many new leads to follow-up,” said one satisfied member.

In addition to the 2,500+ one-to-one meetings; there was time to launch Conquerors’ new marketing strategy. The campaign, which aims to ‘assist members in self-promotion,’ includes, amongst other things, a personalised brochure for members.

One agent explained the importance of such marketing activities, “With the multinationals gaining ground daily, I can’t afford for my company to become stagnant. This brochure will aid our team in our promotion to potential clients.”

“Conqueror is about providing members with the tools to compete in a global market; we don’t want members coming back to us after 1 year saying that their membership was not worthwhile,” said Antonio Torres the brains behind the network. “This is why we are constantly looking to empower our members to reach their potential both individually and as a group.”

When asked if he thought the meeting was a success, Mr Torres had this to say, “Our second meeting has seen an increase of 33% in attendance, 25% in countries represented and 40% in one-to-ones meetings available. The numbers speak for themselves.”