Evergreen Launches Environmental Excellence Web Site

Evergreen Launches Environmental Excellence Web Site

TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 10, 2010 -- Acknowledging its corporate role in the forefront as the international trade and transportation industry works to develop the foundation for a sustainable global container transportation system, Evergreen Marine Corporation/Evergreen Line today launched its environmental excellence web site (www.evergreen-line.com/enviro). The new site highlights the company’s role since its founding in 1968 as environmentally, socially, economically and commercially responsible and viable.

“We recognize the obligation to conduct affairs as a constructive corporate member of society and have established an occupational Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Management System for our cargo ships (Container Carriers) and our shore-based personnel,” said Bronson Hsieh, Evergreen Group’s vice group chairman and chairman of Evergreen Marine.

The global carrier, fourth largest containership operator in the world, oversees more than 100 vessels that call at over 50 ports worldwide on six continents. “As a worldwide provider of cargo shipping services and our role as well in the shore side communities, our responsibility to ensure a green earth is compelling,” Mr. Hsieh said.

In recent years, Evergreen Line has commenced slow-steaming, which has greatly reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The compelling results are as follows:

• NOx: 2010 vessel slowdown in navigation output at 45 percent, using CX-, S-, E-, NNU- and P-class ships, for example, the average daily emissions were reduced by 58.14 percent.
• SOx: By using fuel with lower sulfur content (4.5 percent sulfur), reduction in 2007 was 36.44 percent, 38 percent in 2008 and 42.67 percent in 2009.
• CO2: Long-haul routes with S-, E-, U-, D- and R-class vessels resulted in a reduced emission rate in 2009 of 78.29 g CO2/Teu x Km.

Differentiating Evergreen’s environmental offerings from others, the site clearly spells out the carrier’s unique role in three specific areas:

• The Evergreen S-Type Greenships design incorporates features that meet or surpass the strictest global environmental standards.
• Evergreen Seafarer Training Center works to polish crew skills and avert the occurrence of marine accidents or environmental pollution.
• Evergreen's in the PGGM (Pacific Greenhouse Gases Measurement) Project to measure and monitor the distribution of greenhouse gases in the Pacific Ocean.

The Web site also covers company philosophy, corporate social responsibility, policy and commitment. It discusses all technical aspects of ship design, emission measurements, shipboard technology and waste and anti-pollution measurements as well as recycling everything from plastic bottles to shipbreaking plans and other future developments.

“Global climate change represents arguably the most serious environmental issue facing mankind today. It has implications for global political stability and the global economy," Mr. Hsieh said. "We feel confident that our market will find all aspects of environmental responsibility that are of concern to all responsible business today.”