Container Lines

Container Lines

At a time when the container shipping landscape is constantly evolving, and market dynamics present increasingly complex challenges for the shipping industry, the JOC provides up-to-the-minute news, analysis and business intelligence about the container lines that transport most of the world's trade including Maersk, COSCO, Hapag-Lloyd, CMA CGM, MOL, Yang Ming, Zim Integrated Shipping Services, and many others.

JOC’s comprehensive coverage ranges from the latest information about new shipping lines to major changes in company leadership, to in-depth analysis of the pricing and volume trends that directly impact shippers' bottom lines and supply chains. The consolidation of the container shipping sector has resulted in increasingly divergent strategies, with some firms focusing solely on ocean transport while others opt for a more "end-to-end" approach. The JOC’s comprehensive, in-depth coverage probes the consequences of these various strategies for shipping lines, shippers, and other stakeholders of container lines.


Maersk Line and CMA CGM have gotten a lot of press for their plans to offer services many see as “new,” while others say this is just the next iteration of something carriers have tried to do for decades.

News & Analysis

15 Aug 2019
The initial growth in volume booked via Maersk Line’s new online tool gives carriers further impetus to provide similar products that offer guaranteed contract reliability.
15 Aug 2019
It was a modest second quarter result, but Maersk Line continues to improve its profitability by improving reliability and resisting any temptation to chase market share.
14 Aug 2019
Evergreen Marine has plunged deeper into the mega-ship operating space, ordering another 11 ships in addition to the 11 that are already being built and delivered.
13 Aug 2019
Yang Ming improved its revenue and volume in the first half of the year, but the Taiwanese carrier raised concerns over growing capacity and weaker demand.
09 Aug 2019
Premium freight rates charged on Matson’s expedited China service contributed to positive liner results in the second quarter that were offset by declines in its domestic services and higher terminal operating costs.
08 Aug 2019
Trans-Pacific container carriers have learned that by tactically withdrawing full weekly sailings, or in some cases maintaining the sailing but skipping certain Asia ports, they are able to maintain a floor on rates without severely disrupting the flow of cargo.
Green container shipping can make economic sense
05 Aug 2019
Pursuing green initiatives in the shipping industry doesn’t only help the environment; it can boost the bottom line, as well.
Firming trans-Pac spot rates signal calmer peak
02 Aug 2019
Spot rates in the eastbound Pacific are starting to firm, but will not increase as dramatically as they did during the 2018 peak season because importers are taking tariff announcements in stride.
02 Aug 2019
An ongoing probe by Australian regulators that involves several carrier lines over a period of years has resulted in a hefty fine for K Line over price fixing allegations involving the shipment of vehicles.
01 Aug 2019
US retailers and other importers say they have no way to avoid paying the latest “tax” on their merchandise that will result from the Sep. 1 tariffs on the remaining $300 billion in Chinese imports, although cargo volumes this peak season will be unaffected.
30 Jul 2019
Insufficient technological bandwidth and legacy ships may stall implementation of all-electric and hybrid vessel designs, despite showing significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in an effort to meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2050 goals.
29 Jul 2019
Global shore power could significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but faces significant hurdles to implementation due to a lack of national legislation and high electricity costs.
26 Jul 2019
The Panama Canal on Friday increased from 44 feet to 45 feet the permitted depth of vessels passing through the critical waterway as canal authorities have begun to walk back depth limits introduced over the last seven months due to a lack of rainfall.
26 Jul 2019
Maersk’s investment in digital trucking marketplace Loadsmart presaged a move to offer integrated US truckload rates on its online booking platform, a move the carrier confirmed this week.
26 Jul 2019
As the IMO 2020 rule inches closer, analysts following energy markets are becoming alarmed at the possibility that the spread between low-sulfur and heavy fuel oils, which will guide the surcharges shippers pay, could be larger than shippers are anticipating.
2M keeps Asia-Europe sailings while rivals cut
24 Jul 2019
The 2M Alliance is holding off on blanking sailings while rival alliances slash capacity through July and August in a bid to shore up slumping rates.
22 Jul 2019
Industry experts say predictions of front-loading of shipments in the fourth quarter and a shift of routing from East to West Coast ports because of higher bunker fuel surcharges come Jan. 1, 2020, are greatly exaggerated.
22 Jul 2019
Carbon pricing and climate levies are still in the running as potential solutions to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in maritime shipping, according to industry analysts.
Operational gains path to early shipping decarbonization
19 Jul 2019
Although improvements in operational efficiencies alone will not meet IMO 2050 emissions targets, industry experts say they are the most feasible short-term measures to transition to a low-carbon shipping sector.
17 Jul 2019
The Traxen devices are meant to provide more reliable data about the location and condition of containers while in transit, and an associated analytics platform is designed to help shippers better understand where and when their goods hit bottlenecks, both episodic and systemic.
17 Jul 2019
With its sophisticated remote container management technology for reefer movement, Maersk recently shipped a large export consignment of home-grown mangoes from India to the UK, setting itself up for further growth in that market.
16 Jul 2019
The 90-day suspension of MSC from the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism after nearly 20 tons of cocaine were seized at the Port of Philadelphia June 17 sends a clear warning to major container lines.
15 Jul 2019
A forfeiture would have pushed up Mediterrean Shipping Co.’s charterer rates, compounding the pain the carrier has already suffered via delayed shipments, added docking fees, and damage to its brand.
15 Jul 2019
A bill introduced in Congress addresses two key complaints among cargo owners and transportation providers regarding the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program: murky benefits for onerous program requirements and concerns over backlash if suspended or expelled.
New strategies of CMA CGM, Maersk familiar, but bolder
12 Jul 2019
Carriers are going beyond setting up logistics arms and instead making the end-to-end reach a full company play rather than standalone attempt to offer the higher value and margin services as the NVOs they compete and partner with.
12 Jul 2019
While blockchain as a mechanism to speed the digitization of shipping documentation gets traction, development by a TradeLens rival will test whether systems are interoperable.
10 Jul 2019
India’s intra-country containerized trade has reaped the benefits since the country dropped restrictive cabotage rules a year ago, and Maersk has positioned itself to seize new opportunities.
09 Jul 2019
US authorities’ consideration of forfeiting the vessel, which is owned by JP Morgan, could push up MSC’s charterer rates, compounding the pain the carrier has already suffered via delayed shipments, added docking fees, and damage to its brand.
09 Jul 2019
ZeBox is more than a technology pipeline for CMA CGM alone, and that ultimately might be what allows it to flourish and drive more software value for shippers.
08 Jul 2019
Uncertainty surrounding on-again, off-again tariffs by the US on Chinese products has seen a growing shift in US import volume to Southeast Asia.
08 Jul 2019
Port Miami is gaining a second weekly route with the Dominican Republic, its second-largest trading partner, through APL/CMA CGM. It’s an express route that will take one fewer day than Seaboard Marine’s service.
Container lines rein in third-party data sharing
08 Jul 2019
A visibility software provider said shipping lines are expecting something in return for providing data to third-party software companies, a change from the past.
Asia-Europe rate push fails ahead of capacity cuts
05 Jul 2019
Expectations of slowing demand on the Asia-Europe trade have left the market with little inclination to accept carrier rate increases.
Less logistics cross-training stifles container solutions
05 Jul 2019
The lack of cross-training for various functions is creating an environment where fewer workers have the ability to solve problems creatively, according to conversations with more than a dozen industry veterans over the last year.
Hapag-Lloyd kicks off online reefer program
04 Jul 2019
Germany-based carrier Hapag-Lloyd is on a campaign to modernize its reefer fleet and has rolled out plans to bring all the containers online and trackable in real time.