Seaboard Marine Works to Raise Awareness for Fading Plant Species

Seaboard Marine Works to Raise Awareness for Fading Plant Species

Aug 27, 2013

An event organized recently in Santiago, Dominican Republic by the Dominican Association of Environment & Agriculture made the local news. Numerous media outlets were on site for the Royal Palms initiative, a series of events held to raise awareness for a local species of palm tree that is on the verge of extinction. Committed to the environment and the protection of natural resources, representatives of Seaboard Marine and Seaboard Corporation were also present to show their support. Representatives planted several Royal Palms in a protected area designated specifically to the endangered species. 

Armando Rodriguez, Vice President of Seaboard’s TCCB division, Jose Manuel Peña, General Manager of Seaboard Marine Dominican Republic, and Miguel Lizardo, Operations Manager of Seaboard Marine Dominican Republic, were all on hand to show their support. In addition, the three Seaboard representatives rolled up their sleeves actively participated in the planting ceremony. Five more ceremonies similar to this event will take place later this year and representatives of Seaboard Marine will be present for each.

Armando Rodriguez said, “After the culmination of this day, once again our company (Seaboard) is proud to fulfill the goals of our social responsibility and environmental program.”

The members of the environment agency that were present expressed the importance of Royal Palms in the sector. They explained that the need for such events are brought about by a gradual deforestation due to the plant’s commercial value. They stated that this initiative is contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment in Santiago and extended their gratitude to the representatives of Seaboard for taking the lead in the Royal Palms planting initiative.

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