Sea Star Lines Selects Wam Technologies LLC, A Division of Mark-It Services, To Expand Its Starguard Elite Service

Sea Star Lines Selects Wam Technologies LLC, A Division of Mark-It Services, To Expand Its Starguard Elite Service

Jul 22, 2013

Skillman, New Jersey • July 10, 2013.... WAM Technologies LLC, a division of Mark-It Services, is pleased to announce that Sea Star Line has utilized WAM to enhance its ground breaking StarGuard Elite Service for refrigerated cargo. The WAM Technologies’ advanced wireless device, WAM-R, is mounted on every Sea Star refrigerated container in its elite service to provide reefer customers, especially pharmaceutical companies, full visibility of the reefer’s progress, 24/7. Sea Star customers can now manage and monitor their reefers directly in real-time from any Internet-connected personal computer, tablet or mobile device. They can log on and get immediate up-to-date access to the trip progress and confirm that temperatures as well as onboard environmental conditions were met throughout the entire voyage, land or sea, anywhere in North America. WAM’s new WAM-R technology gives Sea Star Line wireless monitoring capacities on 100% of its refrigerated container fleet, marine terminals and vessels.  This is unprecedented in the refrigerated cargo market and a first in the industry.

Utilizing the latest in GPS, cellular and industrial-processing hardware, the sophisticated interface capability gives remote operators direct access to the state of the machinery, whether it is plugged/unplugged, powered/without power, if any alarms exist and the full range of temperature readings including set, supply, return and ambient temperatures. No longer will the reefer have to be taken to a location where it can be fitted for a tracking device. WAM Technologies’ WAM-R device will be permanently installed on every reefer in the Sea Star StarGuard Elite Service for full visibility 24/7. 

For the first time, pharmaceutical customers can consider ground shipping vs. airfreight for their reefer containers. They can now monitor the fragile shipments and be guaranteed that the products inside the reefer were continuously controlled.  All of these benefits can be achieved for a considerably lower cost than air transit. WAM Technologies now gives all refrigerated container shippers the ultimate in flexibility, control, piece of mind and most importantly, cost-savings.

“I am very excited to have WAM Technologies LLC as a division of Mark-It Services,” commented Mark Heck, President, Mark-It Services. “This technology is cutting edge and its unlimited growth potential is amazing. I am very proud to say that we are a part of Sea Star’s successful StarGuard Elite Service and we look forward to many other success stories utilizing WAM Technology in the future.” Mr. Heck concluded.


WAM Technologies (WAM),
A Mark-It Services Company, headquartered in Skillman, New Jersey USA, offers a unique suite of hardware, software and services for the remote wireless management and control of refrigerated containers (reefers) and ancillary equipment on a global basis. Utilizing GPS, GSM and IP platforms, WAM software is now an integral part in the management of over 200,000 reefers worldwide, with rapid growth as cost, technology and ROI converge. WAM’s patented technology and innovative software platform is used to protect reefer containers, reefer cargo and equipment such as dry containers, chassis, and gensets. Partnering with its Parent Company, Mark-It Services, WAM Technologies LLC is fully equipped to provide  a 24/7/365 Global Cargo Protection Service to ocean carriers and cargo owners alike. To learn more visit and follow WAM on Twitter @wamcentral.

Mark-It Services (MIS),
Founded in 1989, Mark-It Services' corporate headquarters is located in Lakehurst, New Jersey USA. The company’s global operation centers and innovative software enable it to provide Global Protection Services for refrigerated cargo, refrigerated containers (reefers) and related assets throughout the intermodal cold chain. This process includes everything from basic track & trace to full scale staffed reefer monitoring, alert assessment, repair vendor management and booking system integration. Mark-It Services manages over 95% of all rail intermodal reefer cargo in the U.S. and actively manages from 60,000 to 75,000 live reefer loads per month for those customers requiring full cargo protective services. To learn more visit

Sea Star Line,

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Sea Star Line offers integrated transportation services to and from the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Tortola. With simultaneous roll-on, roll-off and lift-on, lift-off capabilities, Sea Star vessels are the most versatile and efficient in the trade. Company operations are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Green Office standards. Sea Star Line was named the QMS Company of the Year and honored with the Logistics Management Quest for Quality Award in the Ocean Carrier segment in 2010 and 2011.  To learn more visit