Sea Star Line Makes Enhancements to its StarGuard Elite Service

Sea Star Line Makes Enhancements to its StarGuard Elite Service

Jul 3, 2013

Jacksonville, FL - July 3, 2013 – Sea Star Line, LLC announced today that its groundbreaking refrigerated cargo monitoring service, StarGuard Elite Service, has been enhanced to provide refrigerated cargo shippers, especially pharmaceutical companies, full visibility of the refrigerated container’s progress, 24/7. Customers can now manage and monitor their refrigerated containers directly in real-time from any Internet-connected personal computer, tablet or mobile device. StarGuard Elite Service provides immediate up-to-date access to the trip progress and confirm that temperatures, as well as, onboard and environmental conditions were met throughout the entire voyage, land or sea, anywhere in North America. The new technology gives Sea Star Line wireless monitoring capacities on 100% of its refrigerated container fleet, marine terminals and vessels. This milestone has been achieved through the use of Mark-It Services’ WAM-R, advanced wireless device, which is mounted on every refrigerated container in the StarGuard Elite Service

Utilizing the latest in GPS, cellular and industrial-processing hardware, the sophisticated interface capability gives remote operators direct access to the state of the machinery, whether it is plugged/unplugged, powered/without power, if any alarms exist and the full range of temperature readings including set, supply, return and ambient temperatures. 

For the first time, pharmaceutical customers can consider ground shipping versus airfreight for their reefer containers. They can now monitor the fragile shipments and be guaranteed that the products inside the reefer were controlled continuously.  All of this at a considerably lower cost than air transit.

Refrigerated container shippers now have the ultimate in flexibility and control with the Sea Star StarGuard Elite Service. Sea Star Line’s investment in the WAM-R technology gives all refrigerated container shippers a complete service that brings them piece of mind, as well as, cost-savings. 

“We are excited about our newly enhanced StarGuard Elite Service and its amazing capabilities utilizing Mark-It Services’ WAM-R device” commented Tim Nolan, Sea Star Line, Executive Vice President. “Reefers can be monitored as well as managed in real-time, which is not common in the shipping industry.  This is just another way that Sea Star Line can reach out and give our refrigerated cargo customers the cutting edge technology and service that they deserve,” Mr. Nolan concluded.


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WAM Technologies (WAM), a Mark-It Services company, is headquartered in Lakehurst, New Jersey USA. Mark-It offers hardware, software and services for the remote wireless management and control of reefer containers on a global basis. Through the use of GPS, GSM and IP platforms, WAM software is now an integral part of the management of over 200,000 reefers worldwide with users rapid expanding. Find more information about WAM and its capabilities at


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