MOL (America) Inc. establishes shipment management center

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AUGUST 24, 2015 MOL (America) Inc. is pleased to introduce the creation of a new Shipment Management Center (SMC). The new SMC functions will take effect on August 31, 2015 and are spread throughout existing office locations in Atlanta, Georgia and Lombard, Illinois. The SMC will be the single entry point for customer service or shipment management within the United States and Canada.

“We are launching the new Shipment Management Center to produce a greater level of reliability, consistency, and transparency within our transportation services,” said William Corcoran, senior vice president, strategy and service management. “Although the two locations will provide the same high-quality services which customers have grown accustomed from MOL, the launch of the SMC is a reemphasized commitment to delivering a superior shipping product that customers can count on.”

The Shipment Management organization will consist of:

  • Export Services. Booking, documentation, and escalation.
  • Import Services. Cargo clearance, documentation, coordination of inland transport, and escalation.
  • Integration Services. New and improved services for customer on-boarding, eCommerce, and escalation management.

“To underscore our ambition to produce a highly reliable and consistent shipping product, MOL will continue to offer the highest degree of performance transparency in the industry,” said Corcoran. “MOL (America) Inc. is introducing six renewed customer commitments that will become a regular part of our performance reporting on”

Shipment Management Center Customer Commitments




Sample Result:

Week 30

Less Waiting

Average Telephone Wait Time*

Less than 90 seconds


39 seconds

The Two Hour Booking

Average Weekly Booking Turn Time

95% within 2 hours



The Prompt Response

Email Response Time

95% within 4 hours



The 24 Hour B/L

U.S. Export B/L Documentation

Completion Rate*

95% completed 24 hours after receipt of shipping instruction



Service Escalation

Ticket Assignment Speed

90% in less than 4 hours



The 24 Hour Quote

Rate Quotation Speed

85% within 24 hours



*Existing key performance indicator (KPI) which has been modified.

In addition to the creation of the Shipment Management Center, MOL (America) Inc. will also modernize its Sales Services team and launch a Contract Services team.

The Sales Services organization will consist of:

  • Sales Solutions. Traditional sales support service with a focus on producing value-added solutions and relationship management for customers.
  • Strategic Sales. Introduces specialized product offerings and services to targeted markets.
  • Quote Management. Produces timely rate quotations and contract amendments.

The Contract Services organization will consist of:

  • Tender Management. Manages and completes requests for tenders.
  • Contract Management. Streamlines contract development and the conclusion of the contracting process.

“After many months of planning and preparation, we are confident that the Shipment Management Center and the modernization of our sales and contract services will be viewed by our customers as an innovative approach to relationship and process management in the industry,” said Corcoran.

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