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Caribbean Shipowners Association U.S. Handling Increase

Jan 6, 2014

Effective  Sunday, February 2, 2014 Members of the Caribbean Shipowners Association have increased its U.S. Handling Charges due to port cost adjustments over the last several years.

This increase will be in addition to the members’ present tariff charge.

Amount of Increase

20 foot container:     $50.00
40 foot container: 100.00
Over 40 feet:  113.00
Vehicles up to 700 cft: 67.00
Vehicles exceeding 700 cft:  2.40 w/m (40 cft or 2,000 lbs)
Breakbulk, LCL: 2.40w/m (40 cft or 2,000 lbs)
LCL (1 cft): .06/cft
LCL (100 lbs): .12/cwt

This increase is applicable from U.S. Ports under the scope of the Caribbean Shipowners Association.

For further information and applicability please contact your carrier of choice:

CMA CGM, Crowley, King Ocean, Seaboard, SeaFreight, Tropical, U.S. Lines, ZIM.