Limited Brands presents Agility Award to APL Logistics

Limited Brands presents Agility Award to APL Logistics

Columbus, Ohio, 6 May, 2010: Limited Brands, the specialty retailer best known for its iconic Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works brands, has presented APL Logistics the 2009 Agility Award for supply chain excellence.

Columbus-based Limited Brands announced the honor this month, citing the logistics provider’s ability to “maneuver through obstacles, taking the ball and running with it.”

“APL Logistics has demonstrated these qualities year-after-year,” said Rick Jackson, Executive Vice President of Limited Brands Logistics Services.

Among other things, Limited Brands praised APL Logistics for establishing a new U.S. Customs filing process that is nearly 100 percent on-time and accurate. “It has been an outstanding overall effort,” said Jackson.

APL Logistics has managed cargo and documentation handling for Limited Brands since 1994. In January, it took on a new role overseeing Importer Security Filing (ISF) for the retailer.

ISF data transmissions are required for all imports headed to U.S. ports. The data includes cargo and shipper information that helps Customs manage maritime security.

“It’s vitally important to Limited Brands to perform well for Customs,” said APL Logistics President Jim McAdam. “We’re pleased that we have helped them achieve their goal.”

APL Logistics and Limited Brands spent two years developing the ISF process. Limited Brands praised the supply chain company for resolving difficult data transmission issues and working closely with Customs to meet its requirements.