Jumbo Jubilee: Single Crane Discharge of Four 700 Spud Cans

Jumbo Jubilee: Single Crane Discharge of Four 700 Spud Cans

Jumbo Shipping’s latest vessel, HLV Jumbo Jubilee, has completed the loading, transport and discharge of four 700 tons spud cans from Dubai (UAE) to Arendal (Norway). The spud cans were discharged into the water and handed over to two tugboats, which brought them to the quay for further handling by Master Marine ASA.

To handle the 700 t spud cans, each with a diameter of 21 m and a height of 8 m, Jumbo used a project-specific shackle. Jumbo’s standard onboard lifting gear includes 500 t shackles. The new shackle, weighing 1.5 t, can carry loads up to 1,000 t.

After loading and transporting the spud cans from Dubai to Arendal, they were safely discharged one by one in single lifts, with the crew carefully ballasting both the ship and the spud cans. The Port of Arendal is half open to sea. Although there is barely any swell, there is a current, which can get as strong as 2 knots. To keep the cans in control, mooring winches were installed at the side of the Jumbo Jubilee. With these winches, the cans were kept in the correct position during overboarding and after discharge in the water.

Once overboarded, they were handed over to two tugboats and towed to a nearby construction site. After final adaptations by Master Marine, the add-on spud cans will be put on the seabed in approx. 25 m water depth off the Norwegian shore. Here they will be used as a foundation for a jack-up platform.For further information please contact:

Jan-Hein J.F. Reeringh
Communications & Public Relations Manager
T +31 10 413 46 30

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