United States Environmental Protection Agency Honors Coalition for Responsible Transportation Members

United States Environmental Protection Agency Honors Coalition for Responsible Transportation Members

Oct 24, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Coalition for Responsible Transportation (CRT) today announced that three of its members, BestBuy, HP and Lowe’s, were honored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as recipients of the 2012 SmartWay Excellence Award.

SmartWay is the U.S. EPA’S flagship program for improving fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution from the transportation supply chain industry. EPA’s SmartWay Excellence Awards recognize high performers that are leading the freight industry to a clean, efficient and more sustainable future.  The awards honor SmartWay partners that are helping set efficiency benchmarks for how shippers and their carriers are moving products and goods in the North American freight sector.“The fact BestBuy, HP and Lowes were selected for this prestigious award from a group of nearly 3,000 SmartWay Partners demonstrates these companies’ industry-leading commitment to environmental sustainability,” said CRT Executive Director James Jack.   “These three companies exemplify the commitment that all CRT members have made to drive significant and permanent improvements to our nation’s air quality.”

Best Buy earned the 2012 SmartWay Excellence Award through demonstrating top environmental performance by effectively hauling all freight with environmentally and energy efficient SmartWay carriers.

In addition, Best Buy has implemented several initiatives in an effort to reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions including: Increasing our use of Clean Trucks for all drayage shipments from the ports in Los Angeles/Long Beach, the elimination of idle time at all Best Buy Distribution Centers and Stores; and reducing empty miles by implementing backhaul programs that result in more efficient truck movements.

To earn the 2012 SmartWay Excellence Award, Lowe’s implemented initiatives that resulted in reduced emissions and less overall highway congestion which led Lowe’s to become one of only two companies, and the only retailer, ever to receive four consecutive EPA SmartWay awards.

“These honors reflect the dedicated efforts of Lowe’s employees across the company as we continue to reduce our environmental impact while championing energy efficiency,” said Michael Chenard, Lowe’s director of corporate sustainability. “The recognition reinforces our long-standing partnership with the EPA to promote sustainable practices and programs.”