Florida Chamber President Mark Wilson Tells Florida Cabinet 150,000 New Trade and Logistics Jobs Can Be Created

Florida Chamber President Mark Wilson Tells Florida Cabinet 150,000 New Trade and Logistics Jobs Can Be Created

May 13, 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (May 13, 2014) – As Florida celebrates World Trade Month, Florida Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mark Wilson today told members of the Florida Cabinet the Sunshine State has the potential to create 150,000 new trade and logistics-related jobs, which will pay 30 percent more than the statewide average throughout the next five years.

The new jobs can be realized by fully implementing recommendations from the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida: Made for Trade (Florida’s Trade & Logistics Study 2.0). The study builds on Florida’s once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the state’s economy to become a global hub for trade, logistics and export-oriented manufacturing activities.

“With the leadership of Governor Scott, the Florida Legislature and members of the Cabinet, Florida is on the right track,” said Florida Chamber President and CEO Mark Wilson. “The Florida Chamber Foundation’s study provides a roadmap to further invigorate private-sector job growth and economic activity.”

Florida is uniquely positioned in the center of the hemisphere, and the shift in the U.S. population to the south, the Panama Canal widening, the resurgence of Latin American and Caribbean trade, and the continued revolution in logistics practices create an opportunity for Florida to excel as a global hub.

Promoting Florida’s business-friendly climate and opportunities to trade, invest and create jobs in our state, Wilson emphasized the powerful impact of the Governor and Cabinet’s pro-business leadership on job creation and international trade.

Consider Florida’s assets:

  • 15 deepwater seaports
  • 19 commercial service airports, including the nation’s top hub for international air cargo
  • 2 spaceports with 9 active launch facilities
  • 2,475 miles of water routes
  • 2,786 miles of rail
  • 12,076 center line mile of state highways

In 2010, The Florida Chamber of Commerce put a stake in the ground by calling for the doubling of Florida-origin exports and achieving economic diversification. That same year, the Florida Chamber Foundation released its first Florida Trade & Logistics Study, which has resulted in:

  • 23,000 new trade and logistics jobs created from 2010-2012,
  • 9,000 new manufacturing jobs, and
  • A record $66 billion in goods exported by Florida companies (an increase of $11 billion).

The Florida Chamber thanks Governor Scott and the Cabinet for the honor of presenting its Florida: Made for Trade (Florida Trade & Logistics Study 2.0)today and for being champions of international trade and promoting Florida’s opportunities for trade, investments and jobs.


Maybe the news will eventually be received and hopefully moved on in respect of the port of Fort Pierce Fla. In support of Gov. Scott's vision of job creation I welcome the wisdom of Mr.Wilson and the Chamber keep fighting for all of Florida Cities large and small.