TWIG Network Partners with CargoWise

TWIG Network Partners with CargoWise

Jul 23, 2013

Sydney, Australia, July 23, 2013 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), announced the innovative and newly-minted TWIG Logistics Network has become a WiseIndustry Partner to ensure its members have ready access to the productivity-enhancing software offered by CargoWise.

Founded in March 2013, with 16 members throughout 15 countries, TWIG has already more than doubled in size in just three months, and now boasts 40 members in 35 countries. Ultimately, the group aims to have at least two members in every country it serves, offering an extensive global spread, rather than focussing on a single region or vertical market.

“Before we launched the network we spent about 12 months researching existing logistics networks in order to identify a way to combine innovations in communication technology with a network that focusses on quality not quantity,” explains TWIG Managing Director Guilherme Luz. “TWIG Logistics Network introduces an entirely new concept to the logistics industry; and is a partner network where existing members recommend new members from among their existing partners.”

Realizing the need to provide its members with excellent communication systems TWIG sought out a technology partner with the capacity to easily share data and business information globally, and entered into deliberations with CargoWise.

“The main objective of working with CargoWise is to bring good quality services to our members,” explains Luz. “Some of our founding agents were already using its software, and we realized it was the best option on the market for logistics software.”

In welcoming TWIG into the WiseIndustry Partner program, Vlad Bilanovsky, Vice President of Partner Management for CargoWise, says network members that took advantage of CargoWise software would significantly improve their internal productivity, and enhance the effectiveness of the network overall.

“CargoWise automates and accelerates communication so that data regarding a customer or shipment only needs to be entered once; and then can be shared between network members via sophisticated automated data interfaces,” says Bilanovsky. “The high level of industry integration and productivity-enhancing features of CargoWise software make it a powerful offering for networks such as TWIG.”


About CargoWise®

CargoWise is a global leader in logistics technology solutions that improve visibility, efficiency, quality of service and profitability.  CargoWise is renowned for its next-generation solutions, including ediEnterprise, the industry’s only integrated single platform supply chain logistics management system with truly global capability.

With clients holding more than 100,000 licenses across a customer community of 5,000 sites in 105 countries, CargoWise solutions are an integral part of the global supply chain.  The company operates worldwide from offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more information visit

CargoWise is a key product brand of WiseTech Global, an international technology development company dedicated to delivering innovative, market-specific software solutions worldwide.  For more information


About TWIG Logistics Network ®

Twig Logistics Network is the first Logistics Network located in Latin America built around social networking and web-based communications. An entirely new concept in the logistics field, Twig Logistics Network is an ‘invitation only’ network formed by a core group of global freight forwarding companies. Built around sophisticated communications systems, Twig Logistics Network has the capacity to connect members with perfectly matched business partners, from across the globe.