Norway Post Selects credit360 to Streamline Sustainability Data Management

Norway Post Selects credit360 to Streamline Sustainability Data Management

Oct 2, 2012

CAMBRIDGE, UK/CHICAGO credit360 will be used within Norway Post to drive environmental performance improvement throughout their expanding and increasingly complex operational structure. The system will help the organisation meet ambitious performance targets like a CO2 reduction target of 30% of 2008 levels by 2015.

In addition, credit360 will be used across the supplier relationship cycle. The system will manage the supplier on-boarding process, collect self-assessment questionnaires, automate risk profiles with associated follow-up actions, and provide supplier dashboards for ongoing communications. The system creates a portfolio view of the supply chain for group level managers and provides flexible analytics that help minimise risk and maximise supply chain alignment and sustainability performance.

credit360 was selected for its comprehensive functionality and its unmatched, user-friendly design at all user levels. credit360’s flexibility and end-user control provide scalability to expand with Norway Post’s ambitions over the coming years.

“credit360’s breadth of solutions has allowed Norway Post to select a single integrated system for environmental data and supply chain management. We firmly believe that systems only capable of handling single issues – solely carbon, for example – are becoming increasingly irrelevant for global businesses. We call it the 360 degree view, but it’s ultimately about working with a software provider that can incrementally help you address all of your sustainability data in an integrated solution.” Richard Kirby, Technical Director, credit360.