Easy Vehicle Mover for Long Distances

Easy Vehicle Mover for Long Distances

Nov 14, 2012

The Stringo 450 LD is designed to quickly and safely transport vehicles of up to three tonnes over long distances. The operator has full control over loading and faces forward while driving. The roll-over protection bar and a thick rubber plate protect the operator and vehicle in case of rapid deceleration.

The convenient and efficient Stringo 450 vehicle mover has been the international car industry’s first choice when it comes to transporting cars safely and cleanly in tight spaces. This spring a new, more effective model was launched, and now the special Stringo 450 LD model is being launched. Using the Stringo 450 LD, it is possible to securely transport three metric tonnes of cars farther than with the standard Stringo 450.

The biggest innovation in the Stringo 450 LD is the design of the operator platform. The operator now faces the car during loading and the direction of motion during transport.

“The new operator platform puts the driver in full control of loading as well as transport,” says Anders Bergkvist, marketing director at Famek AB, the designers and manufacturers of the Stringo product line. "In addition, the working position is ergonomically correct and comfortable. The steering handles are angled and can be individually customized to the driver with a simple one-handed adjustment."

In all other ways, the mover is as efficient and easy to use as the standard model.

"The mover can turn on its own axis, which makes it ideal for very tight spaces," says Bergkvist. "This means precious space can be used more efficiently."

Bergkvist explains that the Stringo 450 LD was developed based on feedback from customers.

“We see a clear need for a small, compact vehicle mover that also can safely transport cars over long distances,” says Bergkvist. "The motor operates at 1000W and the battery is sufficient for six full hours of continuous operation.”

Maximum security and ergonomics

There is a protective bar between the driver and the vehicle in transit. A thick, rubberised plate on the bar acts as roll protection. The bar and plate prevent driver injuries and vehicle damage in case of rapid deceleration.

The Stringo 450 LD has two pedals connected in parallel, which act as a dead man’s switch to activate the brakes if the operator were to fall off the mover.

“The machine cannot be moved without an operator stepping on one of the pedals,” explains Bergkvist. “Our vehicle mover is primarily designed to make it easy and efficient to transport cars. One key aspect is ensuring an optimal operating environment for the driver, in terms of ergonomics and safety.”

Like the other Stringo models, the Stringo 450 LD offers a range of options to further streamline vehicle handling.